Healthy (Nutrient) Wealthy and Wise: Diet for Healthy Aging – Research on Aging


  1. Vegan crappy propaganda on the march. 50% of what she is saying is untrue and illogocal.

  2. Rats are not carnivores

  3. Would be interested if she’s a global warmer and think cow gas is going to bring the world to an end. I’m thinking yes.

  4. Simply great presentation.

  5. Fantastic. Very informative. Well done.

  6. caffeine is okay with you?

  7. Keep your disgusting nutritionless veggies mothefuckers pieces of of human waste. Vegetables make YOU weak ,sick,prone to illness,pale,skinny fad.MEAT IS THE BEST FOOD.MEAT IS PROTEIN ,AND THE BODY USES PROTEIN TO REGENERATE ITSELF.

  8. Of course the meat and dairy industry bots showed up to promote death. Don't be a Death Eater. Every word this doctor says is absolutely right. Go vegan. Cruelty free living is healthier for everyone.

  9. This lady is the real MVP!

  10. How about the science without the sanctimonious vegan bashing everyone else's diet?

  11. What a biased and stupid “presentation”. This woman is just a biring preacher of the vegan sect.

  12. I met a rancher Paul Iverson in 1978 at an SDA church in Great Falls , M.T. We became friends he never had an egg, or a glass of milk or meat in his entire life, was raised by SDA parents, and his wife Ethel said he was never so sick that he could not work. Last time I called him he was 105! Now if you don't believe me, the Wiegans and the elders, or the Pastor can confirm this if you call the SDA Church. I am not a member though. One day Paul challenged us to a weight lifting contest, my friend and I were carnivores, and I lifted weights often. Not one of the carnivores could lift with two hands what he could lift with one, and he was much, much older than us! I met one other friend in MT, Franciska H. Roberts, she let me live in her trailer. She was SDA and a strict vegan, and lived well over 100. None of the SDA people who I met back then who ate dairy products lived that long.

  13. i have an aunt who is plant based and is diabetic

  14. Homocysteine is often high in vegan, especially due to B12 deficiency. Take the advice from the video with caution, leave fish and small amount of meat in the diet.

  15. I thought Ucsf was scientific faculty this is cleary a take presentation

  16. That European war era chart of heart attacks is suspect at best. Plaque substantial enough to be unstable takes decades to cause a heart attack. How can eliminating animal products for a few years cause a massive drop in heart attacks ? I doubt anyone was reporting during the war and likely many people died from other causes ( like bullets) and could not report. I agree a plant based diet stops heart disease , I just doubt it can do it so substantially and universally in a year or two. I highly doubt these people were eating tons of fresh veggies and berries as these were virtually non existent during WWII especially in the winter. My parents went through the war and a super special treat for Christmas was an orange. One orange a year !

  17. Everyone elde disagrees with you. Bone broth and coconut oil?

  18. What a Awesome, Video, Awesome, Knowledge to have and share and Absorb 👍

  19. Good,

  20. This is simply vegan propaganda. Junk science in other words.

    Search for Frank Tufano.

  21. This advice is ridiculous. The studies do not hold up. Do your research. My god. Humans are hyper-carnivores. Plants are for short term use, like "treatments" but cannot be successfully lived on. Dr. Salisbury did experiments on human diets and published in 1888. He was quite thorough. Start there. The Germans led the world in dietary research from 1860s to WW2. Anyone making diet recommendations need to have absorbed this research.

    Quickly, 1) carbohydrates are completely unnecessary and short-circuit the signals to stop eating. 2) Humans evolved to feast then fast. 3) We're leaving out the fasting part. 4) With a plant based diet, must eat constantly. 5) Low cholesterol means nothing. 6) The only meaningful test is the CAC coronary artery calcium test. 7) The right way to get well is to get a glucometer and test your blood sugar. Eat to keep that low. If it stays high, can't burn fat. Do your research. Forget veganism.

  22. 104 Dislikes. WTF people?????

  23. I would replace the high oxalate greens and nuts she recommends with low oxalate choices, since oxalates are toxic. I think pasture based meats at 5% are better than artificial sources of B12. A little over simplified since many people cannot tolerate a vegan diet because they do not have the right genetics. And getting adequate calcium / magnesium without dairy is hard for many people for the same reason. I agree with the sentiment of the video and gave it a thumbs up, but everyone needs to figure what their own body type prefers. Plus, things change as we age and enzyme levels naturally decrease, so then it gets even more complex. Just be careful.


  25. Each single person who lived over 100 years wasn't vegan, vegans shut the fuck up!!

  26. BLAH BLAH BLAH…. go vegan and DIE

  27. 3:58 Oh here we go with the Vegan thing.
    28:26 Can anyone find that quote, I can't find anything even remotely similar.

  28. Excellent information. Another great resource to help answer seniors' questions related to eating healthy can be found here:

  29. blabla, the truth is those marathon & tri-athletes never gets OLD…. die younger than everybody else…it is simply not healthy

  30. but, seems a big vegan propaganda… soy is super bad, aflatoxin is in GRAINS & peanuts, the industry began to spray everything with CANCER CAUSING chemicals, people started to eat junk food & BIG AMOUNTS OF SUGAR, which feeds cancer cells …. so this whole thing is…

  31. milk is for cows, it makes things grow fast… like cancer…

  32. Japanese eat a lot of fish and they look young and healthy. I am not buying that fish is bad.

  33. The thing about commercials here is that the Liberals cram their lies down your throat and you are not allowed to respond, but I’m going to anyway. The Libs who destroyed Ontario’s economy to the ground are already trashing Doug Ford before he even had a chance to do anything.

  34. Where is the relationship with carbs???? Carbs were not discussed here. In such research, how much carbs these people ate?

  35. People who don’t want to give up their meat just don’t watch this type of video.

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