Healthy non allergic super fast easy children's meals

all right so look now you saw what I was doing for the little girl the chicken tenders we sauteed the mushrooms now and we could agendas it now we're taking this taking all this do two cups okay two cups of the broccoli creamy soup shake it shake it so Gannett creamy soup will do two cups in with the mushrooms that I just sauteed ain't got just two cups okay so we got squeezed by some thick one and one more and two good now this little girl who's the luckiest little girl for world okay cuz she's got it from these hands right here one of the healthy top meals you could give a little girl to take the school with her or whatever you want to do with it okay just mix it in these were already sauteing you didn't have to heat it up too much more okay what am I gonna do now okay should be about three cups of mushrooms and liquid here three to four okay so that's all heated up you can see what's that measuring cup okay now this is her little lunch oh this is a little six-year-old girl right now seven I'm sorry seven okay now we're taking her okay a mushroom cream broccoli soup okay what are we doing okay Lela look at the little girl's lunch what she's having for lunch okay who's having a better lunch than this girl who no one got it

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