Healthy New Year’s Resolutions – Life Hacks and Tips

Today I’m gonna show you a selection of tips to get a healthy start to a New Year. We all know you should drink lots of water and keep hydrated but you can make it easier for yourself by filling up a plastic drinking bottle so you can track exactly how much you’re consuming. You can prepare it the night before and keep it on your bedside the moment you get up. Find out the recommended amount of water you should be drinking and give yourself targets like make sure you drink a liter of water before midday. Regular exercise is important for staying healthy and if you like going for a jog or a workout but haven’t got a pocket to put your house key. in you can own unthread the top of one of your shoelaces take your key,thread it through the keyring hole,tuck it in and rethread your shoelaces. Tie them as normal and your key is nicely secured and you’re not gonna lose it. If you like having butter or margarine on your toast,we all know it’s not that good for you. So as an alternative you can try using extra virgin organic coconut oil it’s a lot harder than marjorine but when you get used to it,it’s okay. It gives your toast a delicious coconut flavor and it even works well with jam. Make sure you get enough fresh fruit veg everyday,one of the easiest ways is to make a quick soup,just chop everything up and put it in a pan. I’m adding some boiling water straight from the cattle and putting in a load more veg, season it with some salt and herbs and leave it to simmer,when it’s ready if you like you could blend it for serving as it is. It’s really tasty to have with your lunch everyday or before your dinner. You can also add some fresh goodness to achieve carton of fruit juice. Just tip it into the blender then then add some fruit or veg.I’m adding a pallet of raspberries and giving it a blend. I’m also gonna throw a banana and a role carrot. And you can experiment with kale or other veg too.It’s another great way to get some fresh fruit and veg in your diet a delicious smoothie. And if you’ve got any leftovers you can fill up an empty bottle and store it in the fridge for tomorrow. If you’re a new subscriber to my YouTube channel,you can make sure you get notified everytime I’m launching a new video a new video by clicking the little notification bell by my subscribe button and taking the box. If you want to see more of my videos you can click on the links or take a look at my YouTube channel page. Stay safe, have fun, And as always, thanks for watching!


  1. You forgot to say pretty cool huh.

  2. Dave: I know a life hack, make a smoothie!

    Me: That’s not a hack…

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  5. One question WHAT ARE THOSE?

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  8. Yo nunca ate con una llave con el cordón de una zapatilla

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  26. My new year resolution for 2018 is to eat more fruit and veg and less sugar.

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  36. Butter is not bad for us idiot

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  40. Unsubbed. Your Tips are either retarded or unhealthy/dangerous. Please don't spread so much misinformation and half-truths.

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  61. Hi I love your vids and I’m so happy that my mom let me watch you again

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    True, margarine is bad for you but butter isnt just google it
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