Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life

studies certainly show a correlation between dental health and vascular health and so there is a relationship there we're not sure if it's a direct relationship at this point but the risk factors for both of those problems include obesity cigarette smoking and diabetes so those are risk factors for vascular disease but they're also risk factors for periodontal disease it's over a hundred and thirty I think different systemic diseases that have some sort of oral sign or symptom and it can be dry mouth red spots white spots lumps bumps things like that so dentists are really kind of a first line oftentimes have seen the results of something bigger going on in the rest of your body when we talk about vascular disease part of the aging process is that the body forms plaque in the arteries and as we get older we form more plaque some of the risk factors that cause people to form plaque diabetes cigarette smoking obesity as plaque forms it developed it's blockages in the arteries so you can get a blockage in the artery of your neck you get a blockage in there to your leg we can blockage in your heart arteries and those plaques can cause the devastating problems as we get older it's interesting the old every six months comes from an old Pepsodent commercial there's no scientific basis in that at all so your dentist may recommend that you'd be seen once a year or you may be sure he or she may recommend that you be seen four times a year on a regular basis so it's it's it's more customized now

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