Healthy Menstrual Cup

I don’t know if you’ve ever even heard
of a menstrual cup, but instead of a tampon or using a pad you can actually
put this up inside your vaginal canal. It pops right up there and its suctions itself to your cervix and as you have your period, as you
menstruate, it collects in this cup. You can just pull it right out, wash it off
and it’s all clean and you don’t have to put a big heavy thing up inside your
vagina, which is basically sucking all the juice out of your vagina with a
tampon, and the most tampons are bleached material. They’re not good for you and so
this is one of the newest things to come on the market. I mean they’ve been around for ages. We’ve changed it a little bit. Tell us what you’ve
done as process improvements. There’s a larger one and a smaller one depending
on the size and I know you have a sampler kit where you sell them
both or you can get two of one size. So the difference of this menstrual cup to others is that we don’t have the stem
which sometimes was a bit confusing to people using a menstrual
cup. Sometimes, it was too long so it was like looking out of the vagina, peeking out, poking out. Also we made it not straight, but a
little curvy because the vaginal canal is not straight but usually a
little curved. Also, this is medical-grade silicone. All our products are made of medical grade silicon that is body-friendly,
and the rim is not that strong and hard.
It’s soft so it doesn’t hurt. Because we’ve learned from
many people using menstrual cups that a really strong rim could hurt when it
pops. So when you insert that one, it pops but it feels still soft and smooth. So you do it like that. Put it right up
and then it pops open and sticks on there. I love it. I recommend these so highly to women. It’s a life-changer. It really is and
it’s healthy which I love. It’s healthy, its eco-friendly. You don’t have any waste anymore and the only thing
you have to do is to clean it regularly and boil it in hot
water every cycle. Yeah, make sense. Perfect, I love it.


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