Healthy Meals & Working Out VLOG | Getting to 100lbs ep.5

so I'm in the car I'm on my way to do some errands it's about 9:30 a.m. I've been up for a couple hours already I already had my latte and my two hard-boiled eggs which I eat every morning and yeah I'm gonna head to CVS because I need this brow product that I got a few days ago but I got her in the wrong color so I need a darker color so I can mix it with the lighter color and I gotta get gasp of the car and we recycle some plastic bags meal prep some salads for later and then start working out I started doing insanity I've been doing it for a week and a half now and I have this little calendar which I mark off today that I completed so I'll show you guys that I'm not going to the gym anymore I got a month worship thing that you can just pay month by month in my last vlog and that was good for that month the weather's getting nicer and I'm just feeling like I should do more cardio outside and just start taking lots of walks and hikes because I live in a beautiful area and I'll show you guys right here like there's literally mountains and everything around me or Hills I hope I can find this Wonderbra thing yes oh my god yes they have it it is the common room yeah so I'm happy I found the gel it's not in the color I wanted but it's jet black which is good because I can mix it with the color I currently have at home and as you guys can tell I'm wearing no makeup right now but this brow gel is waterproof and I'm looking for like waterproof makeup stuff to like work out and and just for summer so I think I will do a YouTube video review on it let me know if you want to see one so yeah but I'm really excited the most amazing thing happens so they actually had the Wonder to brow gel in the color black brown which I wanted but this was just like propped on some random thing you know yeah I'm just so excited that I got the color actually one it's now I'm off to get gas I spent a little bit too long at the CVS and I expected yesö I have my snack up all made just six ounces of strawberries and 2 ounces of blueberries it's basically like no calories and it's like so much food for a snack which is awesome so I just washed the romaine and put it in a giant salad bowl thing like it's so big and I have some leftover legalise so I'm just gonna mix all that in with this romaine right here just hand tossing it so I had some red cabbage that I shredded along with some carrot in this little shred thingy isn't this so cool like it's really saved me so much time but yeah I'm just gonna dump this into the salad and I also have some onion that I will chop into here actually this is gonna be it for the salad because I don't have any tomatoes and I don't have any cucumbers yeah this is just plain salad but this is just a nice thing that you can put underneath other food so now I literally have salad for a while mostly I'll eat like a salad a meal so hopefully it will last a few meals if not till tomorrow which is awesome and then the rest that didn't fit into my containers I put in a big white ball to have for my lunch today I'll most likely top down some chicken or chicken yeah I don't have anything else so just check-in all right I'm gonna put these away and clean up a little bit I'm gonna try to work out try before I eat but I'm getting hungry again like my snack was now almost an hour ago which is crazy because I didn't realize that I've been just hanging in the kitchen like doing all this stuff for like an hour hi so oh here's a better view of me in my room so yeah the workout floor as Matt on the floor here and open up my insanity workout on my iPad and start working out and this is why I love insanity I literally can burn double the calories in just 30 minutes I just finished up insanity 30 minutes of just hit total strength bodyweight hit you can burn like 250 calories just in 30 minutes depending on how hard you go and actually today I think go as hard as some days cuz like I don't know my knee is just kind of tender from just the past week of workouts good workout to start a Monday you know and as you can see like I'm so sweaty saying guys seriously this is a lifesaver just get the rotisserie pre-made and I like Costco or Whole Foods or anywhere and then literally shred it up and then you have basically meal prep chicken already ready for you know your salads I'm gonna do four ounces of chicken yeah yep no I'm just gonna pop this into the microwave and add it to my salad oh yeah and I'm also gonna add some of this seaweed salad to my salad it's really delicious I mean if you never had seaweed before you definitely got to try it because it's not for everyone but I absolutely love seaweed salad and all my skills being weird and two ounces of this only fifty calories and it makes your salads so tasty and I'm just gonna mix that all in together obviously mmm don't look in the microwave it's so dirty so I literally just plop the chicken on top I'll add some like sriracha sauce and then I'll just mix this all together and then eat it you guys should try this though seriously here's my salad sorry it looks so weird now I just really mix it all up but it's such a simple meal precooked chicken pre-made salad and then just add some seaweed salad and it's literally my go-to meal and it's like so little calories it's like 150 calories for this entire meal or maybe like on during 75 but still like awesome and you can dress it with whatever you want but for me Missy weed is enough of a flavor and whole food sriracha is enough to like give it flavor in act essentially hey guys good morning so I'm on my way to have coffee with a friend hey guys I'm on the trail now and you saw my dogs anyway the trail is super nice I'm so exhausted already and it's just the first leg of the climb yeah I almost had to talk just a bit more to go around the bend as you can see those are the trails that have come up so I'm pretty much 3/4 of the way and yeah just the last leg and we'd already but we're almost there come on pups Oh mommy that's a good core let's go so we're on the way down now I hope you enjoy just seeing what I'm up to what I'm eating and the new kind of workouts I've been doing which is mostly insanity and yeah thank you for watching and I'll see you in my next video


  1. Your videos are the BEST. I wish you made more 🙁 you are so fun to watch, such great tips, super motivating and you’re so down to earth! Your channel should be huge!

  2. Try OMAD diet you won’t be hungry all the time.

  3. What was the name of the vegetable slicer you got? Totally love your videos and insta! ❤️💕🌻

  4. it would be a waste to not go for hikes in this beautiful area 🙂

  5. Did you manage to get to your pre weight

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