hello everybody welcome to your vogue nice day six when I start my morning off by making a smoothie actually I might do a smoothie Bowl God look at you oh okay everybody so I'm making a smoothie Bowl I need 30 grams of protein powder I'm using women's birth salted caramel I'm gonna put 120 frames up and honoring I'm gonna do some pant bow I've got this one it's really good I'm gonna do about 25 about 15 20 doesn't matter just gonna put a tiny bit of salmon and I'm also gonna put a bit of rice malt syrup if I can open the lid just for some added sweetener and this isn't really bad for you so you can just use honey now I'm just gonna add a little bit of almond milk because we want it thick so then I'm just gonna pour the mixture into the bowl now I'm just gonna wait a serving size of this measly it's just a fruit and not serving size is 25 grams I'm actually just gonna do 30 grams with that because it's a lot and then I'm just gonna add chopped up banana and here we have it this is this morning's breakfast it looks really good and that's made a bit taste really good sorry I'm about to make my lunch I'm very excited for this meal because it's gonna be really good it's gonna be like samborose I'm gonna put some brown rice on I'm gonna do it about 60 grams of brown rice and then I've got this it's a mincing bean mix and I'm gonna probably do it like a hundred grams of this to get my protein in it's gonna pop this in the microwave I'm just gonna put a handful of lettuce on here and instead of like sour cream or other stuff I'm just gonna put on your again so I'm gonna do about 35 grams of grease here yet and this is my lunch it looks so good just about to head to my grandma's like I do every Thursday this is kinda just like a chill-out day for me really so you're not doing much I've got my gym clothes on my leggings our bombshell sportswear and obsessed with them because they're like socks with mum we're going to my mom's and then we're going to the gym little oh my mom's your mom my mom my grandma my mummy [Applause] Sana's ah okay say hi just realize just having it so fruit now Santa picks throughout the year this is when I lost all my weight by the way that's why I look really really skinny but that where I put my foot back on such a nice night here in Perth look at all the lawn though from the weather I'm gonna head to my friend Mikayla's house she's been in my videos a lot especially last vlog most but she's gonna get pizza and I'm gonna get samborose because I need to choose healthier options cuz I'm huge so um Michaela's going to get Domino's and I'm gonna get I'm thirsty everything for tomorrow this is all my cows right now she's gonna eat it all got my zombies now we're gonna go in a car so we quit and I think we're gonna get to touch it I kind of want more I don't wanna but now I'm gonna get Stace this vlog is really boring Christmas speak crystalline in pajamas huh you know that so yeah here again gonna get lolly why is it fun walking around spud ship that's the good one [Laughter] thank you so much for watching today's video I'm about to edit it and get it up I love you oh and I'll see you tomorrow bye


  1. nice!

  2. Do you count calories?

  3. Hey shanice just a quick question what size are you in the bombshell leggings?

  4. I've been loving these lately id love to see you do more makeup tho

  5. Shanice I like you vídeos everything about yuo re The best in The World 😘❤

  6. 😍❤️❤️

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