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hey what's up thank you so much for subscribing to my channel I just came back from the gym today and I need to get some protein what I picked up at the store is some zero percent fat Greek yogurt for a snack later now this yoga is pretty good because it has 23 grams of protein per serving which means we have for serving / 24 container now they didn't have good steak so I pick up some chicken breast and we also need some some green stuff I'll make a nice out with green romaine lettuce also cabbage and and carrots I also got some organic golden apples which I'm just going to put right here okay now first we're gonna start with the chicken just want to put these aside a little bit we need to clean some some chicken breasts and we need a sharp knife so I'm just gonna go like this a little bed all right now just some good amount of chicken breast here just going to open it like this so we're going to clean some chicken breasts let's see what we have here these don't have the chicken tenders so it's gonna be easier to clean how are usually clean the chicken breast if you look at it it kind of has two parts it has this larger part in the small part and they have this connective tissue in the middle which I like to which I like to remove so the way I clean it is basically slice it right here and here we have this white kind of like tendon thing that I like to cut off and put aside which can be later used for some some chicken stock if you wanna if you want to make a good chicken soup or a good Italian dish like chicken piccata you might want to make your own chicken stock so just gonna cut these like this kerfol these fatty parts and later I'll show you how we're going to prepare these for cooking which are going to be cooked pretty fast ok once a friend of mine was looking at me how I was cleaning the chicken and she told me a you're throwing away a lot of a lot of meat I mean not that I'm throwing away a lot of feet meat it's just like I like it clean like here you can see on the breast I have they didn't cut it pretty well it has some tender and had some of the bone so I like it clean man i just don't like it to be freaking you know eating anything else besides for for the protein especially when i'm eating chicken I like to really like to be only meat no bones no tendons I don't know what happened to that individual piece that I'm cleaning right now it looks like they were playing tennis with it but this is what happens when you buy chicken rested the supermarket the best ways to buy the chicken and butcher and yourself now what we're gonna do to make it cook faster so I'm going to slice these in the middle right here like this and the way you do it you just put your knife on the side of the meat put one hand on top and slice this is how we're slicing the meat and thinner and thinner pieces that will cook faster alright just doing that No okay I won't be able to eat all that meat today so I'll cook 11 some or cook two servings one for now and one for later so this will say one serving and this will say my dinner serving and this I'm gonna save for tomorrow these pieces are I'll keep for some chicken stock because they have much chicken flavor in them just going to put this aside while cooking now we need to do something here i'm looking for something but i cannot find it and i'm using it every day now i want to pound the chicken aware of it so that way i'll break it and it's gonna become more tender so you just want to use one of these guys with the flat part and just found it a little bit makes them make much more okay the meat is ready the meat sounds so huh so scary the meat is ready and we need to season it now I'll share with you my super special seasoning for chicken breasts before I want a seasoned chicken I want to put my pan on the stove I'm just going to put it and I want to get it cook and I need like a big ball now i'm gonna use this big bow to to season the chicken okay chickens right before that I want to clean my cutting board and my knife because I cannot use this until I I clean it up and I'm just going to throw it in the same guys let's focus on the seasoning the chicken oh I'll just wash my hands with some with some salt before I proceed touch anything else now what we're going to put here let's start with some kosher salt I'm going to put some kosher salt on the chicken okay course your salt way you have your pen and paper black pepper this is kind of like ready to use but you can also grind your own garlic powder done now I usually use regular curry but I can't find it around so I found Jamaican curry in the store seems to be working fine we're gonna some courage okay some paprika I know we got a lot of things going on in this trip what we're not doing here what else do I need I'm trying to think now I recently got this on amazon com it's a hickory-smoked powder it's totally awesome it gives you the smoked flavor as if the chicken was smoked in a small car so I'm gonna take a little bit of this because it's very strong just want to put it like this and believe it or not we need two more tanks lemon juice okay the chicken will be very happy and excited to be cooked with some lemon juice and extra virgin for squeeze all the boil so we're gonna put this boom ready now what we need to do is mix it makes it real good make sure every piece of chicken gets get some of the seasoning so you gotta mix it really really good since we put some olive oil and the whole and the whole mixture we don't need to put any olive oil in the pan and that's that just like mix it massage it dolliver will make the chicken extra tender don't know if we forgot something we put a lot of spices in this chicken it should be good now it looks to me like chicken is ready to be thrown on the pan now if you have a barbecue outside this will be so good that you can't even imagine but I happen to live in a development where we're not allowed to have BBQ so I see my pan is smoking and ready to cook I'm just going to reduce it a little bit and chicken is ready to be thrown I think I should have used the bigger pan because we have a lot of chicken going on and throw be able to to fit it the meat is falling apart because I talented way too hard his okay just going to like this that you can sit both the chicken cooking and what we're going to do next now we're going to make some salad I'm going to show you a typical Bulgarian salad since some from Bulgaria and hear people consider this as cole slaw which is not it's pretty close so I'm gonna make a Bulgarian cabbage salad and we're going to use one quarter of a cabbage which will give me like two servings because cabbage is very filling and it's pretty good to have it because it's very rich on fiber it spilling and it's gonna suppress your appetite I'm just gonna cut it thin like this I just can't wait to have some of this cabbage oh my god I got it so much no I'm just going to cut it like three times and I see that you see how some of the chicken is turning white it managed it means it's almost cooked you're just going to keep it like this I shall go for it like these bigger thicker pieces need a little bit more time you see that beautiful golden-brown color that we're getting from the Korean give the other spices it looks absolutely amazing and also it takes so good I can really describe you what a good meal death will be ok with literature now I just need to transfer the cabbage in this bowl I'm just going to take it like this ok what I had here is some organic celery you don't need to use organic of course I'm just using organic so what are we gonna do with the celery just like remove this part and remove this part cause it's kind of like tasteless cut it like this and just I want to cut it into these little pieces and then turn it around Wow look at all this just that came off from the chicken is just on the bottom it's kind of like bubbling and boiling this is awesome if I right now add some white wine and some chicken stock to that it's going to make a killer sauce not to mention if we drop in some mushrooms and regular garlic now let's go back to the celery just gonna cut the celery okay celery is ready to join the cabbage ticket letters boom and the couch now we need to introduce some carrots to the whole party okay looking so I'm just gonna grate the carrots closer unlike a food processor this one's going on flip the chicken oh man I wish you could smell it it's awesome chicken's lip now I'm going to make a little modification to the Bulgarian cabbage salad and we're going to add some romaine lettuce just a couple of leaves you're going to give us a lot of volume just cut this you ready throw it in oh boy this is going to be awesome I have a throne believe that the chicken is ready and our beautiful post-workout meal is ready so I want to mix the salad before I add what I'm going to add to it okay now I'm gonna before I add the oil and vinegar I'm gonna take it off on the side because I'm gonna take it to my work I'm just going to flip the chicken one last time before before I turn it all because it looks so ready I'm just gonna turn it off the pan has much heat in it so need one on one of the bowl you take some of the salad ok I'm going to take this aside i'm going to eat then imagine now for the salad kosher salt red wine vinegar you can also use lemon juice instead it's much better for you I'm just going that today I'm going to use vanilla extra virgin olive oil boom ready mix mix mix oh my god oh my god ladies and gentlemen lunch is ready now to be sure that our chicken is ready before we even attempt to eat it we need to cut it and look inside so it should be white on the inside if we have a little pink here it means it's not cook which not which is not the case here so my chicken is fully cooked I'm gonna get some chicken I wish you could taste this this is really the best chicken I've ever had oh my god now what I found in the fridge is something that i left for myself yesterday but i forgot which is black whole grain rice it's same thing like like brown rice but it's black and I'm just gonna throw it in right here just a little bit on the side black organic rice I'm gonna live some for later and let's not forget we have a self now this is what I call a post-workout meal for kings ladies and gentlemen thank you for watching I hope you work out hard and you eat very clean because the summer is coming and we need to show those six packs and nice bodies at the beach thank you very much again train hard eat hard


  1. you didn't clean the chicken!!! LOL!!!

  2. Postworkout nutrition is so important. I'm always curious to see what others eat afterwards. Thanks for sharing!

    Going to check out some of your videos, looks like you have some really good recipes. Hope you'll check us out too!

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