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this is my breakfast lunch kind of thing it's 1223 and yeah I haven't had anything to eat yet I've just had one of these one of my water bottles full of water and I also had um a tea I'm about to refill this with some new water and so I was working and stuff oh I kind of skipped breakfast but this is gonna kind of satisfy both of those meals so I have about half a bag actually of these little baby Tomatoes and they're so good I love them I don't like to cook them I just like I'm totally playing nothing on them and then this is about 6 tablespoons of egg whites I get my from Trader Joe's i season em on the inside and then this is about 3 ounces of the rotisserie chicken from Trader Joe's it is so so so so good it's pre cooked tastes way better than any of the other chicken that they have there and then all of this is sitting on top of a bowl of its you know there's definitely some there's definitely some veggies down there um it's a bowl of broccoli snow pea pods mushrooms and onions and I just kind of cooked them all up with like an olive oil spray and i season them I even threw a little bit of nutritional yeast on them to kind of see how that would go it has like almost like a cheesy flavor but it's like a very it tastes like a fake cheese so I don't know how I like it yet but I needed to switch it up a little bit so this meal as you're looking at it right here is about 280 calories obviously lots of protein with the egg and the chicken really like the chicken has a ton and it's predominantly vegetables which I like I like to get full of my G's and then obviously have some of the other stuff with it so I'm gonna refill this and I'm gonna eat I'll catch you guys at my next having a little snack kinda thing because I don't want to make dinner yet but I'm hungry so this is just cucumbers and some tomatoes and I have some chili lime seasoning on it and then it also has some of this Green Goddess salad dressing from Trader Joe's this is a less than 100 calories what you're looking at right now so pretty substantial in terms of like how much food you're having and so I'm real hungry like I could add some of my chicken like just kind of chop it up on the side or even like smile cattle or something but this should hold me over for now because we have gymnastics in like 30 minutes and I don't feel like making dinner super early just because I'm hungry so this is good little images alright guys so this is my dinner it's about 8 o'clock so it's pretty late and I'm not crazy hungry but I wanted to have something like harder than what I've been having so basically not all vegetables so the bottom of this is some whole wheat pasta it's 3/4 cup or 56 grams I did measure it and then I have a bourbon apple chicken sausage which was like 120 calories or so and then um there's a quarter cup of Alfredo I had a little tiny bit about fatal sauce in the fridge and I didn't really wanted to go to waste so I used that it was about a quarter cup that was left which is the serving size anyway and then I made some mushrooms some onions some spinach mix it with you Alfredo along with some black olives which I used to just add black also everything but now I'm really conscious of them they're not bad for you or anything but I would eat them like a madwoman so then I just do a couple of these little tomatoes on top just what was left so I can pick up some fresh produce and stuff tomorrow and as you look at it this particular plate obviously it has like all the pasta and has you know protein everything else in it along with this sauce which is not exactly the best for you I'm sure there's a healthier alternative to like store-bought alfredo sauce but I didn't have it on hand as you're looking at it this is about 450 calories which is fine for me because with everything included today drinks and snacks and everything so far I'm still under 2,000 calories so I probably still will have something later like some kind of nut butter or something but whatever I have I'll bring you so this is my little bedtime treat it's 10:02 and you see my new background I'll show you it's 10:02 pretty late but I'm so hungry so this is just a Greek yogurt on the bottom there it's a zero percent the fat-free one and then there is some raspberries what's the left of the ones that we're not mouldy a banana and then these are some chocolate coconut chips about 1/4 cup of those and then a little bit of like sugar-free maple or sugar-free syrup just too sweet net um usually I just put Truvia or I'll just do honey what honey is a lot of calories so you're looking at about I didn't do the math basically 200 calories there about I got a in put it into my fitness bathtub but this is a good little bedtime you know treat or whatever so catch you guys know okay so I'm making my dinner right now and I decided to show you guys before I compiled it all together I actually made the exact same thing yesterday I haven't had much to eat today it's about eight o'clock at night um so I'm pretty hungry I really only had like maybe 300 calories we've been like out and about you know games and like Girl Scout cookies a outside of warmer and stuff like we've had a very long day so I made this rice yesterday so I'm gonna have a cup of this just plain white rice it actually was made with chicken bone broth so there is actually some protein in here like a fair amount of added protein and then I'm gonna use one of these smoked andouille chicken sausages these are from Trader Joe's which is 160 calories and it's really good since I had it yesterday or no it's good this is some very sad-looking eggplant that I thought a hub yesterday looks sad I'm gonna heat it up right now actually this is a look this is less than a cup a little less than a cup this just has some olive oil spray in it I'll get that in a second and then the piece that really brings it all together is this Lowcountry gumbo I got this from the Fresh Market if you guys have that near you but you can probably look up this exact you know love Lowcountry produce you can probably look that up and see where they sell it but it's really just a bunch of vegetables it's just a bunch of vegetables and it's just like tomatoes okra onions bell peppers and basil lemon juice like pepper salt parsley it's really just good stuff for the most part um so I'm gonna have to serving to this which is 8 ounces total which is about a hundred calories so I will show you what it looks like when it's all done but it's basically like a quick and easy very tasty super super tasty gumbo guys so this is the final product it's not much to look but it's really really good I ended up putting a little bit less than one and a half cups of white rice which is a lot but I didn't want to leave like 1/3 of a cup of rice since that's all that was in there and like I said I really haven't had much today so this still keeps knife still below a thousand calories right now and it's like eight o'clock at night so I'm gonna eat this it's crazy filling but I love that there's so many like vegetables and stuff in that freaking gumbo mix so I found it like by the soup actually so maybe check it like local kind of um like fresh market type stores like Trader Joe's but like the more expensive version basically you can probably find something like this there so I would just be careful like how much sugar and stuff it has in it this one is predominantly vegetables and then just spices so anyway this is my dinner for tonight I totally forgot that I was filming this style of video for you guys so I actually been a couple of days but to you it's only been a few seconds I'm gonna pick back up today so I just remembered and I obviously already have started on my breakfast but I'm gonna have this grapefruit which I picked up at Trader Joe's I only get one because I'm really not a fan of grapefruit generally I put a little bit of Truvia on it and then this one has cinnamon cinnamon was actually pretty good so I think it might pop some cinnamon out to this side so this is only about like 60 calories I think well that's what my Fitness Pal says and um I'm about to head to the gym and I've been having an apple before the gym everyday and so I think I'm gonna do that too so this is I think it's called a Kanzi apple it's like 70 calories or so I've been trying to fit more fruit into my meals just because I feel like I'm Matt I felt like I wasn't quite having enough just fresh fruit so you know something besides berries because I always have berries but I wanted to make sure to kind of switch it up and get some other stuff in there so I'm also drinking eleven water as usual I try to finish one entire one before we leave that way I can refill it and have as soon as I'm done working out but yeah so this is what I don't have for breakfast and then I will show you the bar that I have for after my workout so in case I need to run around and I can't like come home to have a proper lunch then I have this really yummy like kind Barb but I'll show you that later heading to the grocery store I'm trying to draw this probably but I just got on my workout you can't tell by my very red face and I'm gonna eat my Apple that grapefruit made me so so so full that that with the water almost when we want to like throw up I was so far it was pretty uncomfortable when I actually got to the gym but so you know I didn't eat the apple I saved it and it eventually went away but not sure I'll be doing a grapefruit before the gym I might say that for the days where I'm staying home and working but yeah I'm gonna eat this and then we wanted to head to the grocery store so I can buy more food and say I can make more food to show you guys all right it's about two o'clock and I still haven't had lunch but I had some fruit that was threatening to go bad and I just bought some pineapple and so the pears the bananas were like ripe so I decided to chop them up measure them out and I did um and I made some smoothie bags basically so this is like a quarter of a bag of spinach and then I did a hundred grams of fresh pineapple 2.1 ounces of banana and then three ounces of a pear and I've never had this particular combination and so I'm gonna mix it up I think with about a cup maybe less of this we'll see how much of it some little thing I'm of this unsweetened vanilla almond milk and I'm gonna have a little smoothie and this will be about 200 calories I did save it as like a meal on my fitness plan maybe at some point I open that up so you guys can see the actual meals so that if you ever make anything that I actually make it's easy to edit if you happen to use my fitness pal did I say my fitness plan earlier not sure I'll show you what this looks like my mistake here she is what I always show you over the sink I think as the lighting is better but this is her it was actually more than this it's pretty watery I did throw ice in there but obviously none of my stuff was frozen yet since I just chopped it up but um tastes pretty good I threw a little bit of Truvia in there you can see it back there I did get some liquid stevia today so I think I'm just going to use that for smoothies enough sure if I feel a need to be a little bit sweeter taste like bananas but leaves kind of like a spinachy– residue in your mouth so not bad but you know this is one of my hands my snacks so yeah I'm gonna have this and then just hop in the shower probably cuz I still I'm stinky from the gym and then I will meet you guys for dinner probably or maybe a snack cuz I haven't had a proper meal all day okay this is uh this is lunch or dinner or no this is lunch is lunch I know it doesn't look like much it looks a little crazy right so but if you kind of use your eyes to separate things there are little lettuce leaves here and then I put a little bit of chicken inside of it so I had some slice like Dulli chicken and I didn't want it to go bad so I used what was left which was three ounces and then I put these these honey and vinegar golden beets I've never actually had beets before but today when I saw these one I bought regular ones and then I also bought these I decided I would try it out not so bad for you there are 45 calories per serving and then you know they have obviously some carbs in there and then some sugar some fiber I mean overall they seem pretty good and they're really tasty I don't know what regular means tastes like but because ones are good I have they look like pineapple and then I also put this green got a salad dressing and this is the Trader Joe's one I got this from the Fresh Market which is just I don't know if it's nationwide or not I was hungry while I was doing it so I was eating a pickle and then I just have the leftover cucumber and tomato over here with a little bit of that dressing on it also but yeah I just put cucumber the beets and a little bit of chicken and then a little bit of the dressing and there's probably about five of these around here they're just kind of squished up this is about 230 calories and it's pretty substantial like this is a pretty big plate guys it is a new day here and I just made breakfast I just kind of like logged everything so that I could tell you guys how much everything is you know calorically so I ended up making this little like egg scramble right here which ended up not being so little I use more than I normally do so I did three servings of the liquid egg whites which is about nine tablespoons which is about 75 calories total so I used part of that my intention was to make a burrito so I have yellow onions shitake mushrooms some of that rotisserie chicken from Trader Joe's and then the egg whites and I made that into a scramble and then I fit what I could into the actual burrito which is made out of one of these smart and delicious flour tortillas from Thor theá– Factory you know it's just like a healthier spin on regular flour tortillas they have some that a really low carb they have a lot of different types but this worked for me so the tortilla itself is only 80 calories and then I wanted to add some more vegetables because I felt like I didn't have quite enough what are you little thing so I added some little tomatoes and a serving of sugar snap peas so all together sugar snap peas are 18 calories flour tortilla was 80 the chicken was 90 the tomatoes are 25 liquid egg whites the 75 the mushrooms were 21 the onion was 20 I measured everything down to the gram on this one which I don't always do this is such a pain in the butt but you are looking at I think just shy of 300 calories or now 335 calories I forgot to add the tomatoes so yeah not too bad and I'm having my second lemon water after this it's about 9:00 it's 10:00 basically it's 9:59 after this I'm gonna go ahead and do it some work so trying to actually have ma'am I was not prepared for the camera trying to have more of my food earlier in the day and see how that goes because I had reversed it and I was kind of fasting through the morning of it and then starting up on eating and seeing how my body reacted to that and now I see and so now I'm gonna flip it and try to eat more morning and then afternoon and then you know slowly eat less throughout the day so we're gonna see how this works for us I'll let you know once I've completed my experiments and analyze the data back for lunch are you ready I'm really I wasn't gonna eat lunch lunch I wanted just a snack but I thought you know what I should have a real lunch the kids have like Jay has basketball practice tonight and I'll girls go so it's gonna be a weird night so I wanted to have real food so that's what I came up with because I'm just you know trying to work through what's in my fridge so I had two of these little everything bagels left these are the little skinny ones so I took one of those and I also use the Greek cream cheese that I got but it's super super super super good and then I have 2 ounces of salmon and bought a tablespoon of capers which I normally fall into the salmon but I wanted you to be able to see him and then for my veggie here I just have some broccoli with about 2 tablespoons actually with exactly 2 tablespoons of the Green Goddess salad dressing from Trader Joe's and my total here is 283 calories there's 9 grams of fat 33 carbs 22.2 grams of protein though so not a bad little meal so I'm gonna eat this from so hungry or if I feel like I need anything at all I'll probably just eat a pickle or like a little pack of those pickle chip things the ones that you'd like it to go or whatever I now show them on the channel before I but yeah I have some work to do I just films so I have to edit and then post and still drinking my water from earlier I haven't finished the second one yet definitely got to get one more of those down before I have to leave later because I want a full bottle of water before I leave so that's it let me know hey so I'm running the kids around right now we have basketball and Girl Scouts Nala ray we forgot your frickin smock that's ok anyway um so I am really really hungry but there was just I am in a rush dinner there was I felt like I could come back and be hungry later so I got myself a little coffee I didn't get it I made it at home this is just like black coffee with um a little bit of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a couple of drops of stevia the liquid and then so it's it was what like I don't even think it was thirty calories I'm for the whole thing and then I have this in the car so this is what I'm gonna have I mentioned this to you guys I think the other day I don't know if I'm really mentioned it to you or not I can't remember okay but this is pressed by kind and it's a jog chocolate banana bar and it has like banana and apples and chocolate obviously it's not bad it's about 100 it is 130 calories and it has like some sugar in it and stuff obviously because it's got fruit but that's what I'm gonna have hopefully the sugar will give me a little pick-me-up because between basketball and Girl Scouts and just traffic we're not gonna get home for like three hours so I'm gonna have a really late dinner but only this headache will go away if I eat this little bar so that's what we're having for our blogging and I'm on my cell phone camera because I left my real camera not here but this is what dinner looks like today so this is some brown rice that I cooked the other day my two days ago and then these are a couple of tricky me blogs that were leftover from last night along with a few Brussels sprouts and some onions those for Brussels sprouts and then some little cherry tomatoes and then some French ratatouille that I had bought at the store and I think what 100 100 200 plus 160 360 plus 40 this is 400 calories that you're looking at right now so nice little dinner and it's it was quick and easy because it's so late we got back so late but uh yeah this isn't dinner I probably won't eat anything else after this but if I do you know I like hey it's the next day getting ready I'm not gonna go to the gym today I'm actually gonna go there money it takes forever I just like wait I need to duel it my nails are trying to chip and break and I'm trying to have them grow out a little bit longer so if I like leave the snow chip on there they're gonna keep breaking funky like real funky then they're not gonna grow so I gotta go cut them I'm packing up my bag and I'm having some feet best pretty early for me actually it's cuz it's 9 I don't always eat it really but I need to more often this is usually a bedtime thing for me but I'm having my overnight oats with some blueberries some cinnamon in there and of course Oh water no coffee or tea or anything today about just keeping us it's a whole different day I was editing this video though and I realized that I never really finished it off properly thing is it's the first one I'm not sure how I should do this let me just going to set myself for a second since I have some things to say right ya know the lighting so we'll just work with whatever um I I realize that some of the days I only have like breakfast sometimes I only have dinner some days I have everything my skin is really it's not it's not loving me right now um sometimes I have everything and so I'm just gonna include whatever I have sometimes I just eat boring stuff like a banana and a bard you know and so I don't show it but um I'm doing my best to include whatever you know calories and macros and stuff that I can basically whatever's been logging into My Fitness Pal so um what was I gonna say oh so I guess tell me if you wanna see me making some of the food like should I spend more time doing that and maybe only include like three days or do you are you happy the way that I have it now where I'm basically showing you the food and telling you what's in it but I realize sometimes it can be kind of hard to really process everything that went into it you know so I I gave you guys some where you saw the ingredients and then some where you just saw it made so just tell me what you prefer and I will see kind of what suits everyone best because really I'm just here to share some different ideas it's actually really interesting because I found this up a little over a week ago so I've already like oh I forgot I did that way that was a good me I should try that one again so I am going to share my dinner tonight I will show you when I'm done I'm basically just gonna heat it up so maybe I won't because I made this yesterday it's basically albondigas which is just like a Mexican soup it's just at a meatball soup but instead of using beef like I normally would i used turkey meatballs and then i just make sure the broth and the actual trick meatball is super flavorful instead of putting the rice inside of the sue which is typically what you do i put it on the side and i made it on the side that where the kids need it and then this is portioned out this is a 3 or this is three-quarters of a cup of white rice right here and it was made with bone broth so it has added protein and not too much iron calories and then so the broth itself just has or rather the soup has some golden potatoes celery colorful carrots these purpley looking things are onions and then you got four meatballs that were pretty substantial size in one serving and I just did all of it together I measured everything together and then I just thought I was having a quarter of the entire thing because it ended up being like 1,100 calories or something – the rice I gave a bunch of it to my parents but definitely a little crowd-pleaser so I don't know if I can share the recipes and stuff with you guys from MyFitnessPal I don't know otherwise I would give me the exact recipe maybe I can link it if I can figure that out to that but anyway I hope that you enjoyed this entire video of stuff and give me a thumbs up if you want to see more of like what I eat a week kind of things like I said I can do more in-depth stuff and show you you know how I make the meals for three days or whatever or I can just show you meals for five days of my life we weren't to focus this whole time you guys just weren't gonna say anything it's cool all right so yeah that's all I got let me know what are we gonna say don't come on Spike

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