Healthy Meals in Minutes!

hi guys this is Debra from Watertown Ontario I am here sharing a quick breakfast or even actually a healthy snack on the go so if you're like me and you're always looking for something well for me my kids are always always always hungry so a friend of mine shared this great recipe with me so we're gonna give it a shot and if you're looking for something that's healthy keeps you keeps you going keep you full and want to you want to give it a try take a peek so I've already gone ahead and measured half a cup of oats through a little bit of chia seeds just a tablespoon of chia seeds and a little bit of cinnamon so stir that around and that's just gonna sit in your mason jars then we're going to do some now any sort of nut milk whatever type of milk you use we're using some almond unsweetened almond milk so I heard these are fantastic we can leave them in the fridge overnight and then you can either eat them cold or warm so we're gonna try them out we run a little bit of a a little bit of a journey to find some some healthy snacks and change our eating up a little bit around here I'd love to incorporate just a more variety like I said we're always really in a hurry and so we kind of go to the same things a lot of protein shakes around here you know bars fruits and fresh fruits and vegetables but I would like to make it a little bit more interesting for everybody so now that we've put the milk in there you can add any sort of extract I don't know if you guys have kids like me but my daughter likes to put them back empty so we're not gonna put any all French strip you can put an almond or maple but I do have some just a little bit about in for sweetness but not too much just a tiny little bit and then you're just going to top it up with any kind of fruit you can use fresh fruit but I thought I would try the frozen fruit because when it melts juices in there and so here we got some cherries and then I just I just picked up a bag of mangoes and peach and strawberry mixture but you know blueberries will be really lovely strawberries and then like so you could use I didn't have a smaller mason jar so we just went with this it's all works so maybe we'll make smaller ones there you go if you is my first video this is my first youtube video challenge so but this is my goal I'm looking to you know looking for more ways to make life healthy just and great little ways to do it on the go so I hope you're having a fabulous day and if you are interested in following along with me and you know checking out any of the cool things that I come across you know make sure to subscribe click the subscribe button and there's a little bell there click the bell and that will let you know if I upload any videos and you can check them out and join me on my journey so I hope you're having a great day bye for now


  1. OMG I love quick simple meals! So much so that I was always cooking Rachel Ray recipes my family called me Kati Ray 🤣 Subscribed!!! 😍 Thank you Deborah!

  2. Great video thank you for sharing.

  3. Eating healthy is not that hard and you showed some great examples. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Deborah I just hit that subscribe button great video

  5. I love this!

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