healthy meals + hood eggplant = Ratatouille

guys it feels really early out here I can hear the trains right now look my lips felt ashy but anyway guys today I'm making something healthy for lunch yeah you heard me something healthy it's gonna be something like some chicken breast and some zucchini squash hmm I don't know some kind of crazy veggie I guess veggies aren't crazy but either way i'ma show you what it look like oh my way to work somebody was telling eggplant at the back of their car so I bought some and I'm making some fake ratatouille I made some notes of April yeah and it would look on your mushroom and cheese I'm gonna top it with some more cheese – I'll tell you I turn out this is what I'm having for lunch is healthy a little bit help so did you see that health email I made for lunch yeah that bad boy was so good with the chicken and the eggplant bro hey on top of it I feel like I'm really doing this healthy thing now yeah cuz this is day 2 yeah they told me being healthy and stuff like that but later on today I'm gonna eat me some um desserts because I'm planning something for Saturday sorry about that and I gotta have a whole bunch of different desserts but you know you got a tres up to make sure it tastes good before you give it to anybody else well that's gonna be a thing okay and on top of that guess what yeah tomorrow I'm making something so healthy I mean it might not even taste good that's healthy is gonna be cracking mighty weight well yeah I feel pretty proud of myself so far even though it's only been two days please so thanks for all the support and guess what I'm getting on the scale later on today no I'm gonna scale in the morning so I can get a real laugh wait you feel me because I hope you got to know how much I weigh and breath if it's more than 205 pounds cuz ya'll the last time I got on the scale I was 205 pounds and that was me picking up weight and since it's been like two months since I got on the scale which I know that sounds horrible but at least I'm back only now so yeah we see that man oh that person car that blue car is ugly because the PT Cruiser bro they don't even make PT Cruisers anymore but anyway that's none of my business hey have a great night and thanks so much for watching this video okay oh yeah let me show you what else I have made to like yeah


  1. I already watched this and commented just watched again. Lol!!

  2. I gotta remember to always eat before watching your videos….good to see ya on that healthy kick…i finally stop eating pork that was so hard for me to do.

  3. Looks good. I may just try some eggplant .

  4. I am already hooked much love to you dear.

  5. So happy I found your channel, I definitely need some weight loss tips!

  6. The food looks yummy it is nice for weight loss I am going to do that thanks

  7. Chicken and Eggplant looking really good Mmmm. You doing great with them healthy meal.

  8. Hi! That food looked so yum! Back on it! Good! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hey sis. Looking good as always. Good to see you. You so crazy😀

  10. So glad you are back!

  11. Good morning good for you

  12. Hey Costello hru? Nice video omg the eggplant looks delicious. Take care!!

  13. Omg that eggplant looks so bomb my mouth is watering no joke🤤

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