Healthy Meals for the Week | May 2-6

it's Monday and we are having white beans a salad some rice pasta with a little bit of olive oil nutritional yeast onion powder garlic powder and some Italian herbs with sauteed veggies on top today we are having a split pea soup with corn and zucchini carrots celery and green beans and broccoli yummy hey guys it's me laura i'm so excited um today i came up with this idea first movie and I'm making it and i'm going to show you what i put in it and tell you what it tastes like so ago i am adding about 20 pistachios and i'm going to put in a banana and vegan chocolate Shakeology and i'm going to do about 6 ounces of milk and four ounces of water and then I don't know six or eight X cubes and yeah I think it'll be yummy so little i finished my shake here is and i'm gonna try it kept jumping on me so i'll tell you hot it's not as good as I was hoping that's not bad it's really not bad so I might do it again but I'm not as slightly disappointed i think i need to blend the pistachios better with just a little bit of liquid before I add everything else but the ring ago today we are having massive salad bar style salad with the two different with lettuce and a baby greens mix and some pasta and peas and chickpeas and kidney beans and green beans and tomatoes cucumber and I think the boys have some olives and avocados and I might throw some pepper on there and you could add in carrots and I am going to get some sprouts out and throw them on top and I'm putting just a little eminent oil dressing on top and it's gonna be you know today we are having black beams and healthy take on spanish rice we'll see how that piece and zucchini side salad and peas I have like and I'm guessing on my flavor look all your favorite if you like it yeah Emma what are you eating today peach and some squash baby price and be yummy yes today we are having lentil patty these were supposed to be veggie chips but I got impatient waiting for them to cook so they're just kind of like listed then he does geez quinoa salad and cow chips


  1. I'm loving all the color

  2. beautiful dishes!

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