Healthy Meals: Chicken Over Mixed Greens

what's going on guys welcome back to my channel and thank you for watching hope everybody had a great Christmas I'm back with another cooking video for you guys like I always do I cook chicken and as you know Carly and I love chicken it's one of our favorite sources of protein so you're going to see me make is grilled chicken over mixed greens with my favorite dressing olive oil with spices and a little bit of grated Parmesan cheese you guys could use this for your diet you could use this for a New Year's Eve type meal if you're going to a house party whatever you guys want to do it's a great lunch and dinner option as well and it's very quick and easy to make I use some different ingredients than you guys are used to be using I'm excited to show you guys that so I know I'm hungry Carly hungry you guys are ready to see the video and you're hungry too please keep watching you turn the stove on I'm going to be using avocado oil to cook the chicken today because this is great at high heat and it's stored with monounsaturated fat which is great and it's just a healthy thing to cook with better than olive oil as something being Carly I've been using recently and it's been great makes the food taste great this is a whole garlic that I chopped myself and peeled I just like it better than minced garlic it's more fresh and when you cut it really thin it caramelize in the oil and really provides for an awesome flavor to the chicken a little bit of chopped onion I'm going to let caramelize with the garlic throw it right in make sure you cook it on low to medium heat just so the garlic doesn't burn right away want to make sure you're letting it saute nicely I'm going to throw our chicken on right after so for each fillet a chicken I used a meat tenderizer just so they absorb the flavors once I hit the pot and sauté and sizzle nicely and the spices I use I use Italian herb seasonings I use garlic sea salt I use some mist – chicken grilling blend and I also use some fresh ground black pepper I brush the chicken down with avocado oil so the seasonings would stick easier as well throwing the chicken on now make sure you wash your hands after handling any raw chicken or meat you want to prevent cross-contamination in the kitchen always keep a clean and sanitary kitchen it's very important throw the rest of my fresh-cut garlic right on top and you're going to cover it up and let that simmer in there for about five to ten minutes because all that heat gets trapped in there is going to cook and so I'll take that fresh garlic and all the flavor that comes out of it is just going to be absorbed by all that chicken so it's just a great thing to add to the end if you really like garlic and we definitely do in this house and moving on I'm going to show you guys the two types of mixed greens that I'm going to be using one in my right hand to your left is baby arugula and the one in my left to your right is spring mixed with herbs I don't try to focus on using any certain type of brand I like the Olivia's organics because proceeds go to her children's foundation it's always a good thing throw them right into the bowl and then what I have here some onion I'm going to be using throwing around the salad I like to keep them in a full ring so you can really eat it easier you know sometimes at the end of your salad you and all that chopped vegetables still left at the bottom and your fork just can't pick it up so I keep my vegetables bigger so it's easier to grab then throw it on sure your hands are clean from handling any type of chicken or raw meat like I said a sanitary kitchen is the best kitchen I'm going to throw on some roasted red pepper because Carly loves red pepper little extra for a star on the top and I got left over about my dressing that is what the sales going to look like before the chicken goes on for my dressing I'm gonna be using extra virgin olive oil but I'm going to using a drizzle let the liqueur one to count one two there you go we're after that I'm gonna go with more seasonings this is my Italian herb seasoning all right over the top this is my favorite out of black pepper so we're getting a lot of it you're ready baby holy pepper I got some store brand parmesan and Romano cheese just going to throw a little bit over the top goes really well with the olive oil let's check on that chicken guys what do you say that's what I said let's put that over there you now that I have my silent season dressed I got my cheese on top then take little pieces of chicken and just lay it over the top of it the great thing about this dish is that if you pick too much chicken you could always put it in the fridge and save some for later and then this is it guys this is my chicken salad this is great for a quick meal something for lunch dinner anybody who's on a diet this is a great healthy meal and you saw I use the avocado oil it's awesome what the chicken really makes it taste good and it really cooked well high heat with the avocado oil so so you guys go that was my grilled chicken over mixed greens cooking video one of Carly's favorite meals for all the ingredients and all the spices and things I use for the chicken and the salad just revert back to the video or the bio description for any details and you guys can check out and use them for yourselves but I hope you guys enjoyed the video this is a very quick and easy meal to make and very very healthy and you saw I use the avocado oil this is a great meal for those of you trying to stay on track with your health fitness goals but thank you guys so much for watching hope everybody had a great Christmas until my next video you guys are awesome thank you so much my name is Brett Kap see you next time you


  1. This is literally the Best chicken recipe only way I've been cooking my chicken for the past 3 years. 🙌🏼


  3. can you pleas talk aboy the tipe of oils we should use, because i thought that cooking with oliv oil was good and now i know that oliv oil is good to use could like in saleds you know what i mean write know i do not know wat oils to use for cooking or frying xD pleas!! it would be so helpfull i am trying to lose weighit

  4. i watch almost all your video's..u have always good iedeas but only one probleem u always burn the food…..when is burned is not anymore healthy and plus i think u should usd coconut oil better than avocado oil..thank u

  5. Can you fuck the shit outta me then make me some bomb ass food afterwards ? Thanks daddy 😉

  6. Am I the only one who heard that BEEP-BEEP-BEEPat 1:00 and thought something was wrong with my computer? XD

  7. The garlic is burned

  8. Maaan! This is the first channel that I am watching and…. just leaving home to buy food! Amazing, healthy, easy! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  9. Thanks for the video!! I used a Dole salad kit for my greens a dressing, it was delicious!!

  10. its really healthy recepieee….. today im going to prepare this to my boyfriend…. from now on-words im gonna flow u….. thanku for sharing healthy recepie.. and plzzzzzzzz keep sharing more and more….

  11. Ur awesome, so many cooks do nt talk. about hand washing, and keep things clean , when cooking, ( u do) and that s important. Brett keep doing what u do. Do you have a cookbook out, if not pls. put one out for all ur followers. Ur awesome, once again. Thanks!

  12. I could watch you cook all day lol oh gosh I sound like one those girls haha

  13. I love to cook with Avocado Oil it's the best. Great salad, definitely going to make it, thank you👍✨

  14. Me gustan los platillos de este mandilon

  15. I'm glad you have a channel so informative !😆😆😆

  16. The garlic and onions are too burnt for me.

  17. thank you for sharing your diet meals and great tips….if I may suggest to you , next time sautee the onions first and once they are soft add your garlic and be careful Not to burn. Not healthy at all. Otherwise you're doing a fab job 🙂

  18. what does someone have to do to get a boyfriend like you who is sweet and cooks for his partner?


  20. can u tell mi which specie (with name) ?…bec. its not shown properly in video…..pllllsssss

  21. thanks bro…

  22. Men that cook ❤️

  23. Yes! Finally people who love garlic as much as I do! Good job!

  24. Awesome video! I have a question. I'm assuming this food is all organic? And if so, how much did these ingredient cost in comparison to conventional food?

  25. Tried this and loved it!

  26. He is not a gourmet chef and he is not looking for a job as one either. He is putting healthy TIPS for cooking healthy meals out there for people that want to change their eating habits and lifestyle. If you know a better way to cook garlic, then take his tip for an awesome healthy meal and be the best garlic cooker in the world. This video was great and I am actually excited about eating a salad, so his goal was accomplished. Some people only see the negative, that is the problem with this world and also what sets this couple apart from so many….their positivity. Thank you for taking the time to put yourself out there Brett to help those looking to change their lifestyle.

  27. Yum! Nice I will be trying this as well..

  28. oh dear be careful not to burn your garlic :((

  29. Yikes! That garlic is burn to a crisp! That could not have tasted good.

  30. Can you tell us how much calories are in your meals? Thanks!

  31. LOL, Carlie is the camera man, what your girl don't cook or buy groceries. Wow, I know that's right. Brett you just keep Carlie in the gym. Cause sounds like all she do is EAT..LMAO!

  32. Also, when you guys first started you would share your recipes in measurements, I guess your camera man got too busy at the gym for that, right. Love your pimping Carlie 

  33. +brettcap Try not to burn onions and garlic, it changes their form for bad and in the long run to eat burned causes cancer. Just give them gold colour, caramalizing is ok but this one looks little bit burned and not healthy. Just for your information and your considering the details. You cook really clean. Thank you for this delicous recipe..

  34. I love all of your recipes. I'm inspired. I forgot how make home cook meals; healthy. I worked full-time, we ate out a lot . Now that I'm home being a full time mom I get to cook more, but I'm clueless as to what to cook. Your videos have been a big help.

  35. you are making a huge mistake because it is forbidden to eat fried garlic!!! if you love the flavour, you can put one piece of garlic, fry it for maximum 30 seconds and then take it out from the pan… seriously, read about this, I'm not kidding!

  36. i hope you do not have a girlfriend…so much garlic.. hahahhaha

  37. OMGGG you're amazing !!! Thanks for all the help !!!!!!

  38. Nothing healthy about burnt garlic 🙁

  39. I love your videos, you inspire me to eat healthy 

  40. you cook your chicken way to long talk about dry!

  41. +m72324, i learned a trick.  if you have lemons or lemon juice, pour/squeeze (not too much) lemon juice over the onions while cutting the onions.  the lemon juice helps cut the acidity from the onions. 

  42. how do u keep your eyes not to tearing when dealing with onions? cuz we always having trouble with chopping onions.

  43. While watching this video I was so concentrated on what he was saying and doing. And in the middle I started smelling cooked food, a really good smell, so I subconsciously started thinking "Whoa, his cooking is so good I can smell it from here!" and it turns out my neighbours were having a barbecue…

  44. looks very tasty. nice video

  45. love the recipe! cant wait to try it out. I have a few questions: did you use thinly sliced chicken breast? and what kind of pan do you use? my chicken always burns in my pan :/

  46. Thank you so much! 

  47. Looks yummy…..oh and the chicken looks good too! 😉

  48. Wow love all the cooking videos I will try the avocado oil I've never had it before thank you so much for sharing all of your tips it's like having my own personal trainer at home can't get any better than this 😉 I added you on Instagram and of course I already had Carli love her

  49. I do not understand how one person can be so perfect I just don't get it

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