Healthy Meals at County Jails – San Diego County Sheriff's Department

if you're incarcerated with us and you're a mainline inmate it will be a meaningless prey one of the important things in terms of health of any individual is lifestyle modification things like smoking diet exercise so some of the things that is most influential in creating those habits one of them is diet well you start with breakfast breakfast was kind of an easier one we have a hot cereal component here we have eggs and then we've got some hash brown potatoes then for dinner we have a we have four different options at dinner it's a bean burrito and a whole wheat tortilla Spanish rice we also serve a meatless chili so we have a tremendous opportunity to create healthy habits in the way they eat some of the important areas that are really beneficial from a health standpoint is a low sodium diet if we can teach individuals to eat healthier they these are people that for the most part are going to be released back into San Diego and into our communities their parents their sons their daughters they're our brothers or sisters and they are going to be able to you know encourage other individuals in the community to eat healthier you

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