hi hello welcome this is my channel I am currently doing a bikini prep I am sixteen weeks out and this video is going to be a grocery haul slash meal prep video so if you're interested in seeing that please keep watching I wanted to show you guys a bit of a grocery haul I finished the gym and I went straight to the grocery store and I'm just gonna show you a couple of the things that I think that I'm just gonna like show you as I unpack it straight number one spinach and lettuce is a random iceberg lettuce blend I've been using these in my lunch and wilting down some spinach in my black beans you know i've nutrients volume whatnot I'm really bad at eating my vegetables I don't like vegetables very much except for like potato and sweet potato and pumpkin and carrot and you know all the ones you're not really supposed to have to excessive amounts of them because they're quite kind carbs I also picked up some zucchini noodles which I put into my edamame pasta to kind of add more volume again and nutrients and whatnot whatever we have some extra lean beef mince some free-range chicken breasts which I have in my breakfast every morning I also so good wasteful and really bad when people would buy you know packets of vegetables but I've become that person so I also got some pre-cut up carrot sticks and I know it's better for the environment and it's better if I just buy my own carrots and peel them and chop them up and put them in the fridge but I just can't be bothered right now and I thought this would be a good little snack to kind of keep in the fridge just in case organic canned black beans and crushed to mothers these are for my mid-morning meal I eat black beans and kind of like this curry sort of thing this next thing is my addiction I am Sophie and I have a problem I'm addicted to white monster I can't help it I sometimes use this as a pre-workout I don't like coffee I really wish I did I just don't so sometimes when I just need that little boost of caffeine and energy maybe first thing morning because I work out at like five o'clock in the morning so sometimes you just need that little thing to pick you up I will drink a monster before my workout or drink my workout even and the white monsters are just they're just so good I just love the taste of them I just try and limit to myself to one source of caffeine a day maxximum I would never have liked a pre-workout or a monster or anything that multiple times a day that's just bad for you bad for your close eye level so I do try not to have caffeine every single day but sometimes you just get real tired and you need that little pick-me-up I just have some tomorrow for my salad I have some onion for more black beans to give it some flavor flav sweet potatoes in a packet again I hate this but see anything they had this morning they didn't have the ones that were like loose by themselves we're all like this big I also really confused so this was actually the biggest whimpers I could find and I was a bit disappointed because either even these are like pretty tiny so that's like I get for shopping at 7 o'clock in the morning I bought some sugar-free gum I'm not really a gum person I've been watching a lot of people on YouTube who do bikini prep and they say that something like sugar-free gum can be a massive like craving satisfier I suppose so I figured it doesn't hurt if I just have a little bit it's in the cupboard just in case I've ever just having like a real hankering sweet tooth or something I can like eat some gum I don't know that's the watermelon flavor but I've never tried it before we'll see if I even have any of it possibly not don't know I still have a bunch of stuff in the fridge and pantry that I didn't need to rebuy but I thought I would just share some of the things that I have been picking up as kind of my grocery staples to keep me going on my meal prep for what the week yeah how do you use this brow by the way its massive Drew's it's adorable I really really like it it has a really nice open back and I'm also wearing matching leggings and they have a scrunch butt which I am obsessed with anyway let me know what you guys love from the supermarket what are your favorite kind of diet tricks and zero calorie food hacks I would love to hear what you guys use and any tips that you would recommend as well hello welcome me in the kitchen again and I'm going to prep some of my food didn't have anything else better to do and I've also run on wheels sorry time to prep I have a Kent pumpkin that I'm going to cut up and start steaming I already have some rice I've got some jasmine rice cooking and I'm going to be making my black bean curry I suppose it's a super super simple easy recipe and I kind of just make it up every time so it's a little bit different every time but the first step is usually cooking some kind of vegetable and today I'm going to be using some of this pumpkin okay I've just cubed up on my Falcon and I'm going to start steaming this so that way I can add it in at the end with my cooked black beans I think I've shown you this before Mini's for my alligator this is the best invention in the entire world if you'd like to chop up onions all you have to do is put it on the little thingy and push down oh and it chops your onion into tiny tiny little pieces and they're perfect and it's so quick and so easy and I think everyone who cooks needs this thing yeah and it's so quick and so easy to just shove this in the pan which is exactly what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put this into a nice medium saucepan and I don't actually use any oil when I cook onions I just put a bit of water in the pan and let them soften and absorb all the water and they get really sweet and really nice and there's no oil necessary and just because I had some leaks in the fridge I'm going to add them to the pan as well as a bit of garlic I say a bit I mean like two tablespoons of garlic because I love garlic I just transferred this into a different pan because it's too hard to film like on top of my microwave so I thought you'll be easy if you could see it in a more open pan the things I did it so now the onion leek and garlic has all softened and slightly caramelized I'm going to add in two cans of black beans which I'm just gonna drain and then add strains and pans and now I'm just gonna add in the tin of crushed Tomatoes and then to season I'm just gonna use a little bit of Italian herb mix it's just plain herbs some cumin seeds this is what gives it that really nice rich kind of curry ish flavor and that's honestly my favorite part of this recipe and a little bit of pink salt and to amp up the color and the flavor a little bit I'm going to add some sweet smoked paprika I'm just gonna let this cook out until the black beans have softened and then I'm going to add my pumpkin in at the end and that is it super easy and really really flavorful and tasty so those two cans of black beans actually equal eight hundred and forty grams of black beans and I'm only meant to have 100 grams per meal so that means I'm going to weigh out however much this thing weighs divide that by 8.4 and that's how many grams I get to have for each meal so I just take my calculator and I can go one thousand three hundred and fifty eight divided by eight point four which equals one hundred and sixty one so I know I need to have 161 grams of this per meal and that's how I work out how much Shh three goes into each meal I also have my big rice cooker Oh which is super hot and I'm gonna weigh out a hundred grams of rice much blush and 160 grams of my beans so that is how I make my mid-morning snack rice and black beans hope you enjoyed the recipe let me know if you try it at all stop it for vegetarians especially because it is high in protein it's actually a vegan as well and it's really really tasty so let me know if you try it thank you so much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed the recipe the next video will be a bit more workout stuff as well as a body update so stay tuned for that and other than that I hope you all are having a really great day and I'll see you next time bye

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