Healthy Meal Prep + Workout (GROCERY HAUL)

my kitchen is a mess I haven’t even done
the dishes but good morning everyone I am back with another video and today i’m
going to meal prep so i decided to film the process and show you guys what about
from Whole Foods and how I’m going to be meal prepping now I am someone who likes
flavor in my food I hate bland food like most of the meal prep videos that I see
on YouTube are like brown rice boy chicken and broccoli and I just I can’t
I can’t do that so I’m gonna show you guys how I will be meal prepping my food
and what I picked up in the grocery store so here we go
I got some I’m still getting over a cold so I got samus ie
I absolutely love acai I think it’s a great snack I just blend it in with half
a banana and a little bit of coconut water and it tastes so good and then you
just put your toppings on it I make it all the time I got some mango chunks
some blueberries for smoothies this is just part of this is not part of the
groceries but it’s part of what I’m gonna be cooking today so I bought these
little containers from Amazon they arrived yesterday they have three
compartments which I think it’s great because I don’t like mixing my food all
the time I got some quinoa I got some chicken broth for the quinoa on the rice
coconut water lactose free milk because I am lactose intolerant ground turkey
I haven’t had Turkey in like two years or beef or pork or anything on my own
eat chicken but I decided to try ground turkey
I got wheatgrass I bought the little one because I want to try it and see how it
tastes in my smoothie I was drinking a green smoothie a few days ago and had
wheatgrass in and it tastes so really good so I popped a little pack just so I
can try it out and see if I like it before I purchased like the big
container I got some brown rice baby kale for my smoothies I wanted to get
like three sweet potatoes I ordered all of this through instacart
because I just didn’t have time to go to the grocery store so I put in three
sweet potatoes which I thought were like three individual ones and they brought
me like two huge like packs of sweet potato I don’t know if I’m gonna get
through all this but I love sweet potatoes I got bananas I got green
onions I got some apples I got green cabbage I got purple cabbage over there
because I’m gonna make a ginger slaw baby spinach I love spinach and so does
my son these are some of my sons I’m school snacks he loves these Oreo or
cookies and cream classic creams chocolate cereal which is not the
healthiest but I buy it for him every once in a while school snacks I got some
pasta this is ginger I think right no this is garlic this is ginger for the
slaw dressing that I’m gonna make I wanted to try out this yogurt it’s I
think it’s it has dairy in it I usually buy the one from the so delicious brand
cuz it’s dairy-free this one has dairy in it but I love
blueberry so I just wanted to give it a shot hopefully doesn’t upset my stomach
I got rice vinegar for the slaw dressing that I’m gonna be making I got some
oatmeal I was watching some vloggers from the UK that I really liked and they
caught me a porridge which I thought was kind of funny so I got some porridge and
then I got some sugar-free syrup I got some shredded carrots my favorite fruits
um I got some watermelon and pineapples this is the purple slaw that I’m gonna
be chopping up oh look here’s a picture of last week we went to Mexico how cute
is that photo right there he goes we’re weighing our sambar oh this was an a
tequila nut shop I guess I don’t know this wasn’t a place where they make
tequila and they sell tequila like fresh off arm it was really cool was a good
experience and then here this is no part of this is definitely a part of the haul
but this is some kettle corn popcorn this is like the only popcorn that I
like you guys it’s so good I don’t like movie theater popcorn but I’m getting
off topic so yeah so this is I halt and now I’m gonna get everything
organized put away chopped up and then I will show you guys the process of how
I’m going to cook I’m also gonna make chicken which is like one of the main
things so I’ll show you guys how I do all of that okay so I already have my white rice
going I have my brown rice going when one of these are done I will go ahead
and start on the quinoa and then I have already chopped up and seasoned my
chicken for this I just use a little bit of olive oil some garlic onion powder
and complete seasoning this is my favorite seasoning I use it on
everything it’s so so good so I mix everything together I’m gonna put it in
the fridge now and just let it marinate and then I cook this I mean I sautee it
on the pan with a little bit of coconut oil I let it brown up and it’s done and
it tastes really really good but I do like to eat it fresh so although I’m
gonna meal prep everything else this is the only thing that I’m going to cook as
I’m eating it because I like fresh chicken so that’s what I got so far I
will show you guys what everything looks like when I’m done work out for the day
completed so after I got back home from working out I grabbed a meal prep and
this one had the corn a sweet potato and sauteed chicken I guess I would call it
and it was really really good here I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys the
rest of the meal preps I started prepping all of them but I didn’t finish
so I don’t have to finish that up I made some roasted potatoes and these
are so good and so easy to make and then I did turkey meatballs and these turned
out was so good the only thing with these is that they do dry up on second
day when you reheat them so just add a little bit of lemon and you’re good to
go I also made my quinoa and right rice for
the week and very last minute I decided to keep everything in bigger containers
and get rid of the individualised containers for the meal prep because it
was taken up way too much room in my fridge so I moved everything so like
individual Baker Bowls and that worked out a lot better for me but that is it
for this video I hope you guys really enjoyed it
give me a thumbs up if you did and I will see you in the next video


  1. You’re absolutely awesome. Do you ever coupon for your groceries? What stores do you usually shop at? Hopefully you can do some in store grocery videos showing how you shop

  2. Couldn’t keep my eyes of your nailpolish. Beautiful and sexy. Whats the brand and the colour? ☺️

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