hey y'all welcome back to my channel YT with Lauren if you're new here today we're doing another meal prep this is going to be quick it better be quick it is 9:30 5:00 p.m. on Sunday night I'm trying to get to bed early tonight I want to wake up early tomorrow so I'm gonna crank through this but hopefully this is gonna be a quick one so basically I'm doing a pasta dish we are going to cook some of the protein plus today pasta I'm gonna weigh this out two ounces into two ounces dry for four let's see yeah four servings oh that's whole do eight ounces dry of this go ahead and get that cooked up then I'm also going to use these idelle sausages these are Italian style smoked chicken sausage it has mozzarella cheese inside I've never had these but these are 160 calories per link I will put the smart points here on the screen because I don't know sorry I didn't scan them then I'm going to use the rouse or the Rao's homemade tomato basil sauce zero point baradar would be an awesome awesome option but you can use the edge I have a chair right here that would be an awesome option but this I don't have any weights this is what I'm gonna be using to say this has really clean ingredients and whole peeled Tomatoes olive oil onions basil sauce salt garlic black pepper and dried oregano and that's it so this stuff is really awesome it is 70 calories for half of a cup they are going to do I'm not going to do anything with this and I'm going to also serve it on the that I eat it with broccoli so I've got about half a bag with broccoli floret and then I bought chopped broccoli just because I'm gonna mix it in with the pasta yeah the sausage and that's gonna be meal prep this a week so let's get going as far as breakfast goes I'm gonna have these monies called English muffins I'm sure you're sick of these if you probably on Instagram does all I eat for breakfast is different kinds of English muffins last week I had a scimitar raisin I'll probably and I take one of those tomorrow most Sikhs have talked about three of those left last week was a weird week um Chi Chi yeah we'll ask me what I'm a weird week but I did buy these or a wheat extra crisp English muffins these are nice and big and they are 140 calories each which compared to these these are 150 if you like the Thomas brand these are the cinnamon raisin so 10 calorie difference but I bought these this week which I'm also going to have with the sugar-free Smuckers which is 10 calories per tablespoon so that is going to be oh wait are these yeah one before tea okay I don't know what I'm thinking but yeah it'll probably be another 150 calorie breakfast we're gonna have this for lunch and then I will also show you these snacks that I'm gonna have this week but let's get going because I'm trying to go to sleep so I started by getting some water boiling over the stove and then in the background there I thought you couldn't see this on camera but you definitely can't I measure out eight ounces of pasta dry that will be four servings of pasta total for my four days bill prep and then here I'm just I'm not really measuring out the broccoli but I have the florets so I'm kind of divvying that up between four baggies and then I do the chopped broccoli as far as um meal prep I did do these separately in baggies I'm keeping them in the fridge or in the freezer and then when I get to work in the morning I just put it in the fridge but I'm ready to heat everything up I dump it in there and mix it together and it seemed to work out perfectly today so I think I'm gonna do the same thing again tomorrow yeah next I'm heading up the sausage and I was careful to cut every single leek into 12 pieces that way when I was dividing it later at the meal prep I counted out exactly 12 pieces for each potato and I knew each container only had wood it frizzy oh don't be so cold this is getting old each time we get we're close that's how the story goes don't be afraid you just pull away pull so I have the sausage cookie load about medium heat and then here the background my water is dead boiling so I'm throwing in a little bit of salt and then adding the pasta into the water [Applause] [Applause] while the sausage and pasta is still cooking I went ahead and measured out by hummus I just did one ounce sector one oats little tubs and these are 28 grams 2 tablespoons and I'm gonna eat that with those trader Joe with the Trader Joe's multigrain crackers these are really good I decided to count out 10 which is 100 which is 100 calories super delicious I love this Sabra roasted red pepper hummus it is one of my absolute favorite things I just talked about in one of my videos about snacks so if you need some more snack ideas check out that video I will link it for you down below so once my pasta was finished I drained it and then I am evenly measured it throughout my four containers I actually forgot to hit record on that part but basically it came out to a cup and 1/4 of pasta per container and I ate it today and it was very filling the broccoli and the sausage everything all together is super filling so here you can see I've already got the pasta and the sausage in the containers and now I'm adding in one cup or not one cup 1/2 cup of the sauce and then I have left over a basically 1/2 cup left over so I added basically two tablespoons to each one so they're about half of a cup plus 2 tablespoons of the sauce okay I'm so sorry I didn't realize my phone was not recording when I measured everything out as far as the pasta and the sausage goes but my fifth scale decided to dime it video it needs new batteries so badly so I ended up having to kind of guesstimate with the pasta so I did each of them I gave each of them a cup and then there was about a leftover half cup and I know there was about one cup left over and I just divvy that up evenly throughout all of them so they each have about a cup and 1/4 of pasta which is roughly 190 calories it should be pretty precise because I did exactly 4 servings and then did exactly you know cup measuring cup wise because I was able to measure the pasta before I boiled it and so there's that and then each link I purposely cut into 12 pieces and that way each of them got 12 pieces so I know that each one of them has one link of the sausage it's dark outside so I know the shadows are not very good and then I just put the sauce right on top and there's a 1/2 of a cup of the sauce basically a half of a cup plus like a tablespoon because there was just barely any less that I just felt stupid not using it so I went ahead and used it but maybe a cup plus the tablespoon or two so this is my lunch I'll go ahead and put all the calories and stuff on the screen because I just don't know at the moment but if I had to guess it's gonna be somewhere on the 450 mark including the broccoli so once I heat this up in the microwave I'll also throw in the frozen broccoli and heat it up at the same time mix it all together and this will be a delicious meal prep and then as far as snacks so I divvied out four packages of the Trader Joe's multigrain crackers I do meal prep for four days I don't know if I if you're new here but I usually eat out one day throughout the week I get sushi or I'm just something that fits into my day but it's sort of you know it's from a restaurant and that just kind of keeps meal prep from for me cuz I always get like a freebie day but anyways I did do for our packages of these molds Green crackers I did ten crackers which is 107 calories and then I didn't I'm out of my little throwaway cup so I had to use tiny Tupperware that I have and these are the only two that I have so I did at 28 grams or one ounce of these Sabra hummus which doesn't look like a lot but this stuff is so flavorful it packs a punch this stuff and it's not spicy I didn't mean the that it's spicy I don't know it's like it has a lot of flavor these are 70 calories so that'll be 170 calories snack I think I'll also have a baby Bell cheese which is 50 calories and then I might have like a sugar-free pudding or an apple sauce and that will be the rest of my snacks and then I already talked about breakfast so this is gonna be the meal prep for this week I mean you guys I'm so excited I couldn't even tell you if these didn't have exactly 12 pieces I would be eating this sausage right now but thank God I'm going to sleep it is now 10 22 so it took me about 50 minutes total to do everything but keep in mind I move around the camera a lot I did the dishes in between then and what else did I do I guess that's all yeah I'm honestly kind of surprised it took this long but it does take me longer filming moving the camera around so just keep that in mind you could probably knock this out in about thirty minutes um if you're focused right okay I figured I'd close out this vlog like a normal person or this video but yeah thank you guys so much for watching I hope you like this meal prep video I know a short and sweet and I'm sorry that I missed like a whole chunk of it was measuring out the pasta so hurry but this looks delicious I'm super excited to eat it this week it's kind of something different than I've done in the past or like so far recently so that's exciting and my snacks are gonna be the crackers the hummus the cheese and then possibly either an apple sauce or a sugar-free pudding so that will be good and that will roughly leave me between 4 and 500 calories for dinner so that should be easy-peasy usually my dinners are right around the 400 calorie mark so that should be easy and I'm also doing a dinners video I'm filming some of my dinners so stay tuned for that they take a long time to film obviously if you want five dinners it takes at least five days to film that I do have some or another one of those videos coming out so stay tuned if you like that give this video a thumbs up if you like meal prep videos sometimes they're a little more organized and prepared sometimes it's nine o'clock and this is what I have you know going on it's kind of rushed and all over the place but I got it done and I'm happy about it it's gonna be a really good week I hope you guys have a good week and I'll see you in my next video bye all [Applause]


  1. I made this tonight for dinner & meal prep….🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    I had Hunt no salt added sauce at home, so I used it and added my own seasonings. So, so good and didn’t take long to make AT ALL!

  2. Looks so good. I love the aidells patties, I've tried the meatballs (not a fan) not sure Ive tried the sausages but they look good.

  3. Good video. Thanks for sharing. Hutch was checking to see what you have for him…..

  4. I made your potato soup…OMG! It was soooo delish….I could have eaten the whole pan…lol…thank you for all your recipes …you are a great help…I enjoy your channel so much

  5. I have noticed that you seem to have problems with your sinuses. I highly recommend Flonase, you can get the genetic for a lot less than the brand.

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