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hey guys welcome to week two of our meal prep made easy series and really excited about this series because every week this month I'm going to be sharing a brand new menu that you can prep on Sunday so you're eating well all week long today's menu is really exciting because it's full of beautiful bright fresh flavors and a ton of nutrients all of these incredible recipes are available in my meal prep made easy eBook it contains all of the recipes shopping lists and lots of tips and tricks for simplifying your Sunday meal prep all the details are in the description box below now let's get started with our coconut curry soup I love this soup because it can all be made in your slow cooker basically it's just a dump and stir for this yummy soup we are starting with some coconut milk now I'm using full fat coconut milk you could definitely use light coconut milk here if you wanted to and to that I'm going to add some vegetable broth next I've got some red curry paste you don't want red curry cooking sauce that is a different thing and does not have the same amount of flavor so I'm going to add that to my slow cooker with a little sprinkle of brown sugar and some peanut butter if you have a peanut allergy in your house no problem at all you can either leave it out or sub in some tahini sauce which is actually made of ground sesame seeds we're also going to add some fish sauce if you wanted to keep this completely vegetarian you could leave the fish sauce out but it definitely adds a nice savory flavor to the soup and of course nothing packs a punch quite like the combination of garlic and ginger so we're going to add a whole lot of both we're going to whisk all of this yumminess together until it's nice and smooth and then we're going to add our veg so I'm adding some finely sliced onion some beautiful red bell pepper and some mushrooms that I've just sliced really thinly doing this with cremini mushrooms that you can feel free to do this with white button mushrooms instead finally I'm going to add some firm tofu that I've just cut into cubes if you didn't want to use tofu in this recipe you could definitely add some cooked chicken or some shrimp instead those would both work but I highly recommend adding them at the end of cooking as opposed to at the beginning so we're going to stir all of this awesomeness together and it's this simple you can either do this low over six to eight hours or on high for say two or three hours your house is gonna smell amazing trust me and after about two and a half hours on high you have this gorgeous concoction we're just gonna finish this off really simply with some fresh lime juice this is just gonna brighten up all of those flavors and some freshly chopped cilantro I know some of you are cilantro haters but trust me all these flavors together you won't even taste it this soup can be served over rice or vermicelli noodles or eaten completely on its own it will last in your refrigerator for four or five days or in your freezer for up to three months next up we've got some beautiful sesame ginger salmon and I'm real excited about this because take a look at these salmon fillets they are spectacular and we're just gonna whip up a really simple marinade I'm starting with a little bit of sesame oil into that I'm going to add some rice wine vinegar next I'm going to add soy sauce some honey and some sriracha if you like the heat you can definitely leave it out if you don't but trust me it takes this salmon to a whole other level I'm going to finish this yumminess off with some minced garlic and some freshly grated ginger and then I'm going to whisk it all together I'm going to transfer my salmon pieces into a zipper bag and pour my marinade over and make sure it's well covered once your marinade is evenly distributed you're going to put your salmon in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes and let it soak up all that tasty flavor once the salmon has soaked up all of this beautiful flavor it's time to transfer it to a baking sheet lie with parchment paper trust me when I tell you parchment paper is a really good idea with this recipe because the honey and that marinade loves to caramelize and is a real pain to get off your pan afterwards and then we're just going to finish these with some sesame seeds sesame seeds actually are loaded with nutrients they also give salmon a beautiful crunch into the oven it goes at 375 degrees until the salmon is cooked through this gorgeous salmon can be stored in your refrigerator for two to three days I like it best when served with rice over salad or with these amazing roasted veggies I'm about to show you for my roasted veggies this week I'm starting with some beautiful mushrooms that I've just cut into quarters to that I'm adding some fresh green beans that have been trimmed and some sliced red bell pepper I'm going to season them simply with a little bit of sesame oil some soy sauce some salt and some pepper I'm gonna talk these all together well pour them onto my baking sheet and into the oven they go at 375 degrees for about 15 and 20 minutes or until all the veggies are cooked to your liking so good just get yourself a fork man no big deal these veggies can be stored in your fridge for four to five days and they are delicious eaten hot or cold with pretty much anything next on today's menu we've got some awesome veggie fried rice it's really easy to make and can be made with leftover rice or you could swap out the rice and actually use quinoa instead so we're getting started by cooking our rice I'm using vegetable broth to cook my rice because I think it adds some nice flavor I'm going to bring it to a boil put it on the lid turn my heat down to low and let it simmer for 10 minutes after 10 minutes I'm going to turn my heat off completely and let it sit for another 5 minutes so it absorbs all that beautiful vegetable broth then I'm going to get started on frying up my veggies so I've got a frying pan on the stove and to that I'm going to add some oil once my oil is heated up I'm going to add some finely diced onion and saute it for three or four minutes or until it becomes soft and translucent next I'm going to add my peas and carrots I'm cheating with frozen peas and carrots here if you want to go ahead and use fresh by all means totally cool well all of that is getting hot and bothered I'm just going to whisk up choo egg now that my veggies are nice and soft it's time to add my garlic I'm going to cook the garlic for about 30 seconds before mixing all the veggies and then tossing them over to one side on the other side of the pan I'm going to scramble a few eggs if you want to keep this recipe vegan eggs oh not a problem at all we're simply going to scramble our eggs mix them with our veggies and then it's time to add our rice my race is freshly cooked it is ready to rock we're going to season this simply with some soy sauce and some sriracha if you love the heat and then we're just gonna fry it up for two or three minutes it's as easy as that you have veggie fried rice that your whole family will love you're welcome for lunch this week I'm making tangle tie salad in a jar and it all starts with a really beautiful peanut dressing we are going to be combining some sesame oil some soy sauce some lime juice and then I've got some peanut butter some minced garlic some grated ginger and then a nice drizzle of honey then we are going to put our big muscles to work to build my salads I'm going to add a few tablespoons of this delicious dressing to the bottom of each jar then I'm going to layer in my veggies as you can see I've cut my veggies really finely to create that tangled look for my red cabbage and red peppers I used a sharp knife but for my carrots and cucumbers I actually use this really cool tool I have that Julie ends your veggies if you don't have a tool like this it's totally fine you can use a vegetable peeler to create little ribbons look how great these cucumbers look they're so fun I'm going to start with my red cabbage the hardiest vegetables when it comes to salad in a jar should always be on the bottom because they are the ones that will stay in contact with that dressing the longest then my carrots my red bell pepper and finally all of this beautiful cucumber I'm going to finish these off with some green onion for flavor and then for some crunch I'm adding some crushed cashews these are optional but they add crunch and of course compliment that peanut butter dressing really nicely on goggle is and there you go lunch is served when you're ready to eat these all you need to do is give them a good shake and you can pour them into a bowl or eat them directly out of the jar for breakfast this week I'm pre packaging some mango Mandarin smoothies now I love pre-packaging my smoothie fruit because come morning all I need to do is dump it into the blender with a little bit of almond milk and breakfast is served it's as simple as that in this case I've got three mangos that I've diced up and I'm simply going to divide them into five jars if you don't have hundreds of mason jars like I do you can definitely do this with zipper bags instead that will totally work then I've got some peeled mandarin we're going to finish these off with a little bit of fresh ginger I like to pre grate my ginger because my blender can honestly just not handle the stress of going through an entire nub of ginger if yours can by all means just put a little piece in there and call it a day and that's it you can put these in the fridge and come morning just jump on into your blender with a splash of almond milk and there you go butter pingu breakfast baby finally on today's menu I have an awesome snack idea for you guys it's my wasabi edamame hummus and of course it's made with edamame beans now for this recipe I like to use frozen edamame beans that have already been shelled and all I do is cook them really quickly and then they are ready to use so I've got my cooked edamame beans in the bowl of my food processor and to that I'm going to add some lime juice some soy sauce some minced garlic and some wasabi paste now when it comes to wasabi you can add a little or a lot like me the choice is really yours we're going to top this all off with some freshly chopped cilantro and then give it a good blend then it's time to add our oil we're going to add our oil a few tablespoons at a time until the dip reaches the consistency we want we're going to season this liberally with salt give it another few pulses and it's ready to serve I like to put these in individual jars and then serve them with fresh veggies for dipping I really hope you guys loved today's menu and if you give any of these recipes a try a be sure to tweet or Instagram me a photo because you know I love seeing what you're coming up with in your very own kitchen and don't forget that this menu and lots of others are available in my meal prep made easy eBook it's got tons of recipes all the shopping list and lots of tips and tricks for making your meal prep super simple and finally if you haven't already be sure to subscribe because there is lots more meal prep where this came from


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