Healthy Living with Chef AJ – S1 Ep 3 – Dr. Esselstyn Jr. & Dr. Campbell

hi I'm chef AJ and welcome to healthy living you know healthy living starts with healthy eating so I'm going to show you some healthy and delicious recipes that will help you to look and feel your best joining me in the kitchen today are two rockstars of the plant-based world dr. T Colin Campbell the author of the China Study and dr. Caldwell Esselstyn jr. the author of prevent reverse heart disease both of these plant-based heroes are the stars of the wildly popular documentary Forks Over knives so let's get cookin so I'm here today in the kitchen with dr. Campbell and dr. Esselstyn the star of the movie forks over knives thank you so much for coming gentlemen and honored to have you so the movie Forks Over knives was it was groundbreaking the information on nutritional science was incredible why isn't this information out in the masses that's the 60 million dollar question I think that's what we're really about there's information is so powerful we've got to be able to share this with the public I think that we're at the point now where this the science is so solid and the dream I think we all have is that we want to try to eliminate illness and the seismic revolution that's gonna happen is not gonna happen with a pill it's not gonna happen with a procedure it's not gonna happen with an operation but the seismic revolution in health that really is at our fingertips is when we really show the public what is the lifestyle and especially the nutritional literacy that will empower them on their own as the locus of control to eliminate these common chronic killing diseases and I'd like to start off with breakfast yeah all right you know it's funny when I ask you gentlemen to be on the show I called you up and I said what recipe would you like to make and well your wife actually said well he only knows how to make one thing so I'll be very easy now on the other hand dr. Campbell your wife said you didn't know how to make any choice right well that may be true but I actually have a clip proving that you do in fact know how to make one recipe let's take a look at it now but let's welcome him okay we're going to put this in and we're going to ask you to massage the kale this is this is like I was one of the kid you know playing the mud nice good massage we want to massage our greens good job you gotta get gotta get it mom makes everybody look at what a good job dr. Cameron doing you know what if this is this lecture author thing doesn't work out the problem is the first thing you know and my wife is going to have me in the kitchen well that was fantastic dr. Campbell I think you have great promise in the kitchen well thank you so much first time I've heard that in your long illustrious career so dr. Esselstyn you're gonna teach dr. Campbell it myself how to make breakfast and I hear this is what you actually eat almost every day it is because it's safe and I love it we're gonna start with something as simple as old-fashioned Quaker Oats rolled oats they've already been cooked they've been fed as they've been steamed so they're ready to go the next thing we do is I always like to have a little first banana on there right so that the banana adds a little bit of a little bit of sweetness and you can also have some raisins and the exciting thing about wow you're cutting towards you now that's because you were a surgeon oh no I don't write it right right at my thumb doing that exciting now once you've got the banana and of course you can always then go to the fruit I usually have raspberries blueberries and strawberries and the exciting thing about those they're that these fruits are very antioxidant mm-hmm all right raspberries blueberries and strawberries so I'm soda keen to have some antioxidants really and in every every meal and it makes it pretty and delicious oh yeah just you just can't believe how delicious is gonna be that's incredible that you keep cutting towards your know what what about the a little bit more about the oats what really is exciting about this breakfast is that the O supplies the oats are very high in what we call polyphenols polyphenolic compounds have a remarkable capacity to really lower inflammation and also to help lower cholesterol hmm and the nice thing about oats is it's dose responsive so that do you have a patient who's somewhat underweight I may have the problem with cholesterol and heart disease they have this a second time rarely even that's an evening snack it does wonders for helping to lower cholesterol so once we have the bananas and we put the fruit in then it's always key to have a little omega-3 so we go ahead with the flaxseed meal chia seeds would have been okay – yes they absolutely would then how we're gonna wet it down okay because with milk yes yeah but different kind of milk this is unsweetened almond milk right and just now look oat milk or rice milk any non-dairy milk why is it so here isn't it there is an absolute beast Wow so if you're gonna eat plant-based here's a very quick sensible easy extremely healthy breakfast there's gonna be tough to beat berries on top just to make it look pretty mister dr. Campbell what do you normally eat for breakfast actually that is just about one attached for the last 25 years then why can't you make it oh I'm just kidding but what why is it so important that we not use cow's milk well I got involved in that question early in my research career many many years ago I came from the farm I did my work initially trying to show how important protein really but in reality what we learned through a long career actually and the laboratory protein when fed in excess actually causes cancer Wow and most people are looking to get more protein right Wow well let me show you I want to garnish this before I let you taste it this is a really easy way to garnish your strawberry you just make little tiny slits like this and then we're gonna see if dr. Esselstyn cooks as good as your wife Karen would you like to try it first good to me we have extra spoons we have it's good isn't it pastor tell us all right dr. Campbell dr. Esselstyn thank you so much for being here and showing us how to make a delicious easy breakfast don't go away because next up we're gonna show you an easy and delicious recipe for red lentil chili but first we're gonna show you a clip featuring these two plant-based rock stars from forks over knives dr. Campbell came across a scientific paper published in a little-known indian medical journal it detailed work that had been done on a population of experimental rats that were first exposed to a carcinogen called aflatoxin then fed a diet of casein the main protein found in milk they were testing the effect of protein on the development liver cancer they used two different levels of protein they used 20% of total calories and then they use a much lower level 5 percent 20% turned on cancer 5% turns at all this Indian paper together with what dr. Campbell had learned about increased liver cancers and children eating animal-based foods combined to create a decisive moment in his work and his life because we learned that animal protein was really good in turning on cancer despite the apparent success of the dietary approach some critics say eating this way is extreme now we're the Western diet this guarantees they're going to be what a half a million people in this country this year who will have to have the front half of their body divided their heart exposed then veins will be taken from their leg and sewed on their heart some people would call that extreme dr. Esselstyn has now successfully treated over 250 patients with heart disease using almost exclusively a Whole Foods plant-based diet heart disease as far as I'm concerned is an absolutely toothless paper tiger that need never ever exist and if it does exist if need never ever progressed it was such a pleasure learning how to make a healthy and delicious breakfast with my two favorite doctors now I'm going to show you how to make a healthy delicious and really easy dinner if actually my family's favorite chili it's one of my most popular recipes and it's called red lentil chili we're gonna make it in the instant pot electric pressure cooker I like to top it with what I call a faux Parmesan topping I'm actually allergic to it but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy things like milk and cheese as long as I make the healthy versions that I'm gonna show you on this show I'm gonna make the topping first because anytime you use nuts or seeds in a blender you want to make sure the blade is dry so I'm using my Vitamix blender and then we put in 1 cup of raw almonds now if you were allergic to elements you could use walnuts you could even use pumpkin seeds which are delicious in here I have half a cup of nutritional yeast and that's what I use to give things a really cheesy flavor it's delicious nutty tasting really high in B vitamins and 2 tablespoons of my very favorite salt free seasoning put the top on the blender that literally took seconds and this will keep for weeks in your refrigerator it's delicious on all kinds of soups stews chilies salads even delicious on air pop popcorn now I'm going to show you how to make red lentil chili what I like to do is puree some of my ingredients so it gives it a nice smooth texture but you certainly can leave them whole if you want that was two cans of salt free fire roasted tomatoes each can is about fourteen point five ounces I've got two red bell peppers again if you'd rather use them chopped you can eight cloves of garlic you know how I feel about garlic if a little bit as good more is better for sweetening I'm putting in two ounces of pitted dates it's very important you put dates in after they've been pitted that's not good for your blade if you don't and four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar so I have a little bit of a sweet sour thing going here with the dates and with the apple cider vinegar I personally don't use sugar I get all my sweetness from the fruit the whole fruit and nothing but the whole fruit put my blender top back on always make sure it's nice and tight you don't know what it's like when you get tomato all over the ceiling you're the one who's going to I always like to keep my hand on top of the blender just in case after you've cleaned enough ceilings you've learned the hard way so I puree those ingredients until smooth hi I'm chef AJ the host of healthy living you know is a professional chef I have just about every kitchen appliance known to man but my all-time favorite the one that I absolutely could not live without is the instant pot electric pressure cooker one of the things that I particularly love about the instant pot electric pressure cooker it really comes with a stainless steel insert many other electric pressure cookers come with nonstick inserts so if you want to avoid the dangers associated with nonstick linings the instant pot is the way to go the instant pot not only saves me time but it saves me money because instead of eating out at restaurants from eating processed food I'm cooking old foods like whole grains and legumes in no time things that take a really long time to cook on the stove like beans we could take two and a half hours can take as little as 10 minutes in the instant hot electric pressure cooker steel cut oats for example which take about an hour to cook on the stove take only 5 minutes the instant pot electric pressure cooker and you can make delicious soups stews and Chili's in less than 10 minutes and many of these recipes are available free on my website and process com when I get home from work late the last thing I want to do is cook but we think it's too fat all I have to do is throw everything in press a button and walk away I use that time to take a bubble bath take my dog for a walk wants to slave over a hot stove push of a button you can add healthy delicious meals in no time I know what a lot of you are thinking the last thing I need is another appliance to sit on my counter but first of all this is not just another appliance because this will replace its these four eyes is that you might already have in addition to being the world's finest electric pressure cooker it's also a slow cooker that's one tool already you can get rid of it's also a rice cooker so you no longer need your rice cooker and it even makes yogurt you can even bake a cake in the instant pot I always joke with my husband that if there was a fire I would grab my dog Sparky under one arm my hotter than the other run that's how much I love my instant hot you know ever since my book on process came out four years ago I've been on the road 50 weeks a year and I can honestly tell you that I travel with my instant hot electric pressure cooker so that I can cook healthy things like potatoes and greens in my hotel room instant pot has agreed to offer a discount to all the viewers of healthy living simply go to their website and put in the code my name age a for $50 off your instant pot I know that you will love it as much as I do in the instant pot I've got eight cups of boiling water and I'm gonna add one pound of red lentils I love red lentils because they're creamy and they cook up very quickly one large onion chopped puree then I made up the red bell pepper the tomato the garlic of the dates and the apple cider vinegar one six ounce can of tomato paste and then my spices let me show you a great trick I have all these spices here there's about six different spices we found that people don't eat seven distinct breakfasts seven distinct lunches seven different dinners every single day of the week and a month people tend to repeat their family's favorites I repeat red lentil chili every week so instead of having to measure out all these spices every time I make it what I do is every time a spice jar gets empty I measure out the ingredients in advance so the recipes that I make every week the split pea soup the mushroom chili the red lentil chili all I have to do when I get home from work late just take my spice jar open it up and it's pre measured but just make sure you label what it is because last thing you want to split pea slices in your red lentil chili spices I'm using our dried parsley oregano salt-free chili powder I've got some smoked paprika I love the smoked chipotle powder for a little bit of heat you can always add more and some red pepper flakes and put my time I use the manual button for everything it's just so easy we're gonna put ten minutes time on and we come back I'm gonna show you how to make a delicious salad that I call hail to the kale that I promise you're going to love so welcome back I'm now gonna make for you one of my very favorite and most popular recipes it's actually served in several restaurants in Los Angeles where I live and it's called hail to the kale I'm going to show you how to make the dressing so we're gonna start with 1 cup of water which I have in my Vitamix blender then I'm going to add one cup of unsweetened unsalted almond butter I like to use raw but if you prefer roasted you could and you know what if you were allergic to almonds or didn't like that you could certainly use unsweetened peanut butter you could use tahini which is just sesame seed base you could use cashew butter so any nut butter or seed butter will work great in this recipe and actually if you want it to lower the amount of fat in this recipe because you were following a low-fat diet you could actually substitute one can of rinsed and drained cannellini beans for almost all of the nut butter and it will still taste delicious we're also using lime juice I have here 1/2 a cup of lime juice but I also included the zest it's so great whenever you have a recipe with lemons or limes or oranges to include the zest it just imparts a little bit more flavor and it's delicious it's important to use organic though if you are using the zest if for some reason you couldn't get limes you could certainly use lemon juice but you know lines are a little bit sweeter if you were going to use lemons I would suggest the Meyer lemon because they're much sweeter 2 tablespoons of something that's called raw coconut aminos basically all this is is a very low sodium soy sauce that's not only wheat free and gluten free but also soy free I happen to be allergic to soy so all of my recipes use the raw coconut aminos instead of soy sauce or tamari two tablespoons we have an ounce of fresh ginger which is about a one-inch piece you don't have to peel if it's organic and two cloves of garlic and if you're like me only if the little garlic's good more is better so always feel free to add more garlic 1/2 a teaspoon of red pepper flakes if you like it really hot and spicy and you can certainly add more red pepper flakes and you can also add more ginger the next ingredient our dates I am using four pitted medjool dates and I use this for sweetness because I do not need any sugar not real sugar not fake sugar I was a pastry chef in Los Angeles for many years none of my desserts had sugar I use the fruit the whole fruit and nothing but the whole fruit I like using fruit for all my sweetening needs and dates while they are high in sugar are still a whole natural food found in nature which means that they not only have water and fiber but vitamins and minerals and phytochemicals and antioxidants and micronutrients you know my mom used to say if you have nothing good to say about somebody don't say anything and I have nothing good to say about sugar I don't know if you've seen the new documentary fed up but they're proving now with scientific research that sugar is even more addictive than cocaine or heroin you may not believe this but Americans eat over 150 pounds of sugar per person per year well I haven't had any sugar since July 6 2003 so I know somebody out there is eating my share so is it you are you the one eating 300 pounds of sugar a year you don't need to eat fruit when you stop eating sugar fruit tastes amazing nature's candy I've got everything in my blender I love the Vitamix because it is so quick to make that was really easy you know when you buy commercial bottle dressings they may taste good they're really not that healthy they're full of sugar oil salt artificial preservatives stabilizers it's so easy to make a delicious dressing like this from scratch it will last several weeks in your refrigerator and it's not only good on this salad the hail to the kale but this is great on sweet potatoes regular potatoes steamed broccoli you're gonna love it let me show you how you finish off the salad I like to use some food service gloves because that way I don't have to get my hands dirty I always make sure that if you are serving food to other people when you're using gloves get latex free because if somebody eating your food has a latex allergy that's not a good idea look how thick and creamy this is sort of reminiscent of a peanut dressing that you might find in an Asian restaurant or not or as much as you like and then you massage the kale into it this is finely chopped kale you can chop it by hand you can even buy kale already stemmed and chopped and washed now in most stores you can actually also chop it in your food processor fitted with the s plate as long as you do it very quickly and don't turn it into a puree so so get the kids involved they like doing things like this as you massage the kale it's actually going to shrink down a little bit in size what's great about kale is its sturdy so when you have salad and if you haven't leftover it generally doesn't taste good the next day but kale does because this really stands up to the dressing and you know it's really fun to do is if you have a food dehydrator you take this recipe and you put this in your food dehydrator and you have kale chips camp chips can cost 24 dollars a pound you can make them so inexpensively at home I think the reason people love this recipe so much is because it hits all the flavors that we love sweet sour salty bitter and pungent you know we have taste buds on our tongues for these things and all the ingredients hit those notes so for example we've got the bitter from the kale we've got the sweet from the dates we've got the salty from the raw coconut aminos we have the pungent from the ginger and we have the sour from the lime you know kales becoming very popular they're even saying that kale is the new beef so I know you can find this I travel all around the United States speaking in a different city every week and even in the smallest towns I've been able to find kale you can even grow it yourself it's one of the sturdiest hardiest vegetables that you can imagine this is plain but it's also delicious if you would put in some shredded raw beets shredded raw carrots you can even make a kale Waldorf salad out of this by putting in some apples it's very versatile if you don't like it raw and steamed your kale and then put the sauce on but it's really what you want is a delicious dressing like this and making a delicious dressing homemade putting it on kale what could be healthier when we come back I'm gonna have all three dishes that we made plate it up and I am gonna get to taste it hi I'm chef AJ the host of healthy living you know there's more to healthy living than just healthy eating to live a healthy life you also need to live a compassionate life did you know that in the United States almost 3 million healthy dogs and cats are put to death every single year that's one adoptable pet every 11 seconds please don't breed or buy while homeless animals die albert schweitzer once said that until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things man himself will not find peace I urge you to extend your circle of compassion to include our furry and feathered friends who share this precious planet so please adopt before you shop go to your local animal shelter where your new best friend is waiting for you and please always remember to spay and neuter your pets thank you so this is my favorite part of the show where I actually get to taste everything we made today and you know when you think about it this would be perfect for a day's worth of food we have breakfast lunch and dinner first we have dr. esselstyn's favorite breakfast these are Essie's oats and these are so easy to make they don't have to be cooked they're delicious raw you could set them up in your fridge if you like them a little bit chilled you can eat them the next day and you can vary the fruit this has bananas and blueberries and blackberries and raspberries and you know this is not just breakfast you could eat this any time for dessert hmm it gets its sweetness from the fruit and when the oats soak in the plant milk they have a nice bite just a nice chewy texture mmm delicious and please bury the fruit bananas are always craved sometimes I'll put apples in sometimes pears for lunch how about some hail to the kale salad I dressed it with a little bit more of the delicious homemade dressing and sprinkled some almonds on top you know even people who don't like hail or say they don't like hail or never had kale they love this recipe for dinner we have our red lentil chili you know all soups stews and Chili's generally taste better the next day because they thicken up and the flavors have time to marinate sprinkling a little bit of the faux parmesan topping on top you could also garnish it with a few scallions one of the ways I love to serve this is over a baked potato especially a Yukon Gold and if you mix it with an equal amount of cooked brown rice you actually get a creamy red lentil risotto it's hot sure you blow that's really really good and if you like it a little spicier put a little hot sauce on it all this delicious food which was easy to prepare it's nature's bounty it's delicious healthy whole food that's unprocessed it came from a plant instead of being manufactured in a plant and nothing came from a can a box for bottle or bad you know Americans eat over 92% of their calories from animal products and processed food and less than 10% from fruits and vegetables so I'm asking you to consider making the flip and eating more of your calories from fruits and vegetables whole grains and legumes unprocessed plant food good for your health good for the animals and good for the environment thank you so much for watching another episode of healthy living I'm chef AJ and I make healthy tastes delicious love and kale today we really do have kale I've got such a bounty here I just don't know what to eat first


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