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hi everybody welcome back today we are talking all about how we can make healthy habits stick so today we're going to talk about some of the science behind the strategies of making healthy habits in the UK billions of pounds are spent every year on ways to improve health and well-being and lifestyle so there is a lot of people who are interested in making healthy changes so today we're gonna talk about key strategies that can really help to make your healthy lifestyle and your healthy habits much more sustainable in the long term firstly I think it's really important to establish are we actually really ready to commit to this change because let's face it changing our lifestyle up and being healthier sometimes it's really not that easy and sometimes it's really not that comfortable if you're trying to quit smoking or if you're trying to break a really bad habit you can guarantee that you're probably not going to enjoy that process so you need to be honest with yourself about where you're at in terms of your journey and your readiness to change now theoretically and scientifically there's lots of different models like the stages of change model the theory of reasoned action model exchange principles in terms of improving health there are lots of actual scientific models and examples that illustrate that sometimes not everybody is ready or at the same stage and readiness to change as another person so identifying what your level of readiness is and where you're at in your personal journey is gonna really help if we just pick one of those models stages of change there are five different stages and it's a cyclic or process the first stage is pre contemplation that just means that it's kind of on the horizon not really sort of planning anything to do with that then you've got your contemplation stage which is where you're thinking actually you know what I need to be a bit more decisive and start thinking about actually you know what what is this gonna look like then you've got your pepper and this is where you're actively doing something taking some action steps towards final action which brings us to the next step which is the action and that is going to the class quitting smoking or stopping drinking or whatever it is and then there's the maintenance so once we've actually started doing it and that goes around in a cycle because people can enter and leave that cycle it's important to know that that's ok there is so much research evidence that shows every time a person who's trying to quit smoking enters that cycle they learn something the same for me every time I'm like trying to sign up to a new healthy routine or a new healthy eating plan I learn something even if I learn something about what doesn't work it's still useful because I'm not gonna repeat that again it's important that you're honest with yourself about where you're at and what you're willing to do and even if you decide actually you know what my life is too stressful I've got too much going on right now I can't fully commit to this and you're still in that pre contemplated by that contemplative stage it is a good idea and the evidence suggests that you should make cognitive calls and all that means is get a journal you know I love my journal and write it down and you make a goal and you say I will at X point give yourself a date or a deadline have a bit of a goal and some focus about what it is that you want to achieve so making a cognitive goal even if you're not in a place where you want to actually take some action at this point being aware of your own internal dialogue so what you don't want to be doing is saying I'm never gonna lose weight oh I'm just not the sort of person that can quit drinking all of this internal dialogue starts to become reality and there is so many scientific and psychological studies that sure that people believe what they tell themselves on a repeated basis and positive self-talk is one of the most refreshing things that you can do to help you build a healthy lifestyle being kind to yourself and saying you know what it's okay I'm still gonna do this I've had a little setback I've learned something I'll have an internal representation of ourselves and this is modeled by what we say to our self and how we speak to ourselves and our or an internal representation it's actually the most powerful thing to help us create our reality so if you're saying really negative and nasty things to yourself that's what you're gonna start believing that's what you're gonna see in the mirror that's what you're gonna achieve the third thing to consider is about being long-term when you change your mindset a little bit and you think okay healthy lifestyle choices are exactly that a lifestyle so even if it takes me a couple of months to build them up it's worth investing in because that's a couple of months for the rest of my life another aspect of accepting the long term is also to implement some strategy into design some plan building your lifestyle goal your health goal into your weekly routine if you say for example want to do more exercise then map out your week or month identify actually where can i realistically fit a physical activity session in here and build it in as an appointment so that you have to attend it as if it was a meeting or a dentist appointment or something that you have to attend you make that commitment to it you build it into your routine so by thinking long term and by planning you're more likely to achieve your health goals and improve your health and well-being probably one of the most important things to remember when trying to build strategies for healthy lifestyle is to try and enjoy it if you're trying to force yourself to do something that you really don't like try and see if there's an alternative so if you're trying to get fitter and do more exercise and you hate running don't schedule running sign up to a Zumba class or a dance class or a trampoline aerobics class whatever it is that you find enjoyable choose the enjoyable version of whatever it is you're trying to do and I know that some things I'm not gonna have an enjoyable version like giving up on a negative habit that is probably going to give you some discomfort it's probably not gonna have less than till turn ative focus on the exchange principle of what you will get from undertaking that healthy lifestyle decision and this brings us to the final part of this the last strategy really which is routine psychologically and scientifically we respond really well to routines and this is due to something called decision fatigue we often get just sick of making too many decisions so if you get to the end of the day and you are suddenly having to decide what you want to eat what shall we eat I don't know sure we just want a pizza let's do it maybe that's with me but the point is that decision fatigue impacts our ability to be able to make healthy and conscious decisions that will improve our health and long term so if you can take some of that decision-making out of your day you're going to experience a much lower level of decision fatigue you've probably heard the fact that Zuckerberg and Obama wear the same clothes I mean Obama was known for having a Wardrobe full of the exact same suits and it's for that reason decision fatigue if you don't have to decide what you want to wear in the morning that's one less decision to make and that's conserving processing power to make more important decisions throughout the day decision fatigue is a thing so if you can build into your routine healthy lifestyle choices like exercising or like what you're going to eat and you make them more routine so that your brain doesn't have to think about them as much then that is gonna help lower your decision fatigue and it's gonna help make your lifestyle choices and changes much more sustainable so I hope these strategies are a little bit useful to you thank you so much for watching and if you 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