Healthy Living OPPRESSES Us All!


  1. People of size

  2. it takes some hardcore denial of reality to suggest that weight has nothing to do with health

  3. I really hate the fat acceptance movement, I am not a small guy I am 6' 2" and almost 400 lbs, but the difference for me is that I normally spend about 6 hours a week going to the gym working out because I want to be a strongman/powerlifter, these people are just fat…

  4. s/o Bang Energy

  5. tbh weightloss is profiting on the weaks of other. but so is dealing drugs

  6. This is off topic but nice stache bro

  7. I live in India and I am glad most of the colleges here don't offer courses like gender studies. However journalism isn't a useless degree, atleast here in india you need a degree in either English, mass communication or journalism to get a job in the journalism sector.

  8. Am I the only one who lost it at his reaction to hitting his mic?

  9. Eat less, move more! It is THAT simple, but unfortunately we live in a society where everything is designed to make our lives as easy (read lazy) as possible. We can order our food straight from our couch, we can order any video straight from our couch and we can play any piece of music with just the click of a button straight from our couch, even cycling has become an activity that doesn't require energy anymore with all these e-bikes. This generation is becoming the laziest (and fattiest) generation in history.

  10. No, you CAN be fat and laugh at fatness at the same time.

  11. My body My wig

  12. 6'2 and skinny at 57 and yes I watch and mock fat body acceptance vids. I don't feel bad about that at all.
    Edit: I'm also an asshole who gets a laugh out people who die from stupidity or self inflicted harm. If you get what you deserve, hey, that's hilarious.

  13. I live in Switzerland and I‘ve not seen a overweight person in a few months at all. All my friends are not even close to being fat and rather, like me, have problems with GAINING weight, not losing any. It‘s crazy how bad society is doing in America..

  14. Switzerland: Free education. Better education based on science. Way more possbilities, not only „college“ and everyone is able to go his personal way and help society. America: What the fuck.

  15. I wasted my scholarship in Washington state….don't go to WA it is indeed the land of stupid

  16. I was actually born as an octagon

  17. Middle class baby boomer parents (greedy, selfish forsaken generation) taught their gen X children that if they only would go to college they "would have it made" , especially if the shitboomer parents didnt go to college themselves. Of course, many of the pig bboomers didnt actually help their kids financially or otherwise in this mostly vain persuit. That would cut into their vaca cash or it would of prevented the construction of that den they never used. Instead, they insisted those gen x children take out student loans…. a generation of people got scamned financially (big time) the day they turned 18. Dont tell me social engineering isnt extremly effective.

  18. we live in a society where weight is genetics and gender is a choice and ignorance is bliss

  19. studying fitness and nutrition, there are actually only 3 body types…endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph…these form the catalyst for body types…bullshit saying all shapes and sizes

  20. Yeah there is pear, triangle, hourglas and apple etc body shapes and there all good in there own way but…when did fat become a body shape?

  21. It’s those damn gators

  22. The sugar free rockstar mainly the sour apple flavor are the best my dude and keto friendly too! Also 300 mg of caffine if you don't like coffee

  23. 7:10
    I've seen dozens of videos that attack obesity, by citing correlative studies, which don't control for other relevant factors adequately, or by citing a standard established by some governing body, but without the practical evidence that allegedly caused them to adopt it, but most often, no evidence at all is cited except the "everybody knows" defense, which is quite likely to be unreliable. If you don't plan to introduce any relevant facts, there's nothing here to respond to.

    However, I do agree with you that over-indulgence in anything can cause serious health problems; and the connection between diabetes and refined sugar consumption in particular is quite strong.

  24. So, In American college Maggots learn to use their tiny punny brains for hatred? Love that, we need that in Germany!

  25. This hasn't really changed in 40 years. Businesses demand s college degree to drive a forklift and it pushes people into a path that doesn't make sense for them.
    Someone needs to tell stupid management that you don't need a college degree for any job that pays by the hour.

  26. I love my body. Fast metabolism, natural athletic

  27. Didn't know you were a Cougar. Technically we're rivals, since I'm a Husky…still appreciate your content though.

  28. June of 2016 I was 220 pounds. I was not in shape and at 6' 4" I felt a little fat because of the little spare tire I was carrying. Enter medication. Literally yesterday I went in to a first appointment with a new general practitioner as I had recently moved. I almost broke 320 pounds. The first 80 pounds were rather quickly added and some medications were discontinued. I have NO IDEA why anyone would shrug their shoulders and say they are happy with being overweight. This sucks. The medication that did most of the trouble adds fat directly on the belly. I have to do crunches to bend over to tie my shoes WITH gravity assisting me. It feels like my head is going to pop. Life is a physical struggle just to get up, get in and out of a car, go up stairs. I know that my legs were not accustom to this weight and people that have always been heavy might have it "easier" than I do. Nobody could possibly be happy when you drop something and think "damnit, I have to reach all the way down to the floor to pick that up" with the possibility of having to do a second or third bob if you miss it the first time. Politically I am center right. I have political views that would be left of center and some further left than others. The fringe is pushing western society into a shithole. Fat acceptance should be one of the banings youtube "purgoligists" should think about (sarcasm). The idea that a fat person is healthy ranks up there with the earth being flat. Being morbidly obese sucks. It is difficult to even move, so you eventually move less.

  29. Does anyone know anything about the “bang” drinks he mentioned? Are they healthy?


  31. No shade but in this video, I only noticed people of color being portrayed in a negative light. The business people you showed were all white. The ones successful people were white. The "disillusioned activist"s were black. Obviously there are blacks doing this and whites being successful but the opposite is just as much true. Think about it

  32. why in america are these useless degrees regarding equally useless topics?

  33. I just started back on keto, too. I miss bread. 😭

  34. Some people like me have to eat high calorie meals because I usually loose weight at an unhealthy amount of weight super quickly if I try to diet and I'm a pretty decent weight and I used to be 185 lbs what's your excuse for being over weight fat acceptance people

  35. 13:55 I CAN do that because there's a difference between those bloggers and me. I'm not obese, but I'm not skinny. I'm working my ass off trying to better myself while those people sit and bitch.

  36. I plan to go to school for biologic, this is the kind of thing you need to go to school in order to get

  37. >weight has been falsely linked to health

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