Healthy Living LIVE with The McRae Family – PIZZA HUMMUS!

hey everybody thank you so much for being here welcome to healthy living live I'm chef AJ and my guest today is my dear friend Sharon McCray along with her son Evan McCray coming to you from Columbia Maryland where they run the meetup group the forks over knives Columbia meetup group Sharon is a PCRM cooking instructor she is the creator and co-producer of the one-day eat well stay well immersion taking place in Columbia November 4th where I am the privilege of speaking along with the likes of dr. joel Fuhrman and dr. Neal Barnard and Brenda Davis and today Sharon is here to demonstrate a recipe from my book the secrets to ultimate weight loss on page 248 which she contributed it's a fabulous recipe that she served at the immersion and that she serves all the time to her family and friends it's called pizza humus her son Evan is going to show you how easy it is to make they're going to tell you how they developed the recipe and they're going to talk a little bit about how they as a family of five with three teenagers eat not only a vegan diet but a whole food plant-based diet it's pretty much free of sugar oil and salt so please welcome the McCray family hi Sharon hi Evan I am a Maddie hi Tony hi so thank you so much for being here and thank you for showing us the fabulous recipe you contributed so why don't we start with the recipe show us how to make us make it and tell us a little bit how you created such a yummy recipe which if you want in its entirety you can get my book the secrets to ultimate weight loss and turn to page 248 or you can get it on Sharon's website which I'm gonna post on the screen right now which is eat well – today well so take it away the McRae's okay well hi everybody we're honoured to the under chef AJ's live broadcast this evening so this is my son Evan he's 15 he'll be 16 in October but I'm trying to ignore that and I came up with this recipe when my kids we have also a set of twin twin girls and you'll see them later but when they were about ten and six I learned about the powerful connection between dairy and cancer and we have a very strong family history of cancer my mom actually died of cancer a breast cancer in particular in 2009 and I lost two grandmothers to cancer Dave my husband has cancer on his side of the family both parents have survived cancer and his brother has survived cancer so there is strong family history I read the China Study and our kids have been raised vegetarian from birth with a very heavy reliance on dairy because our pediatrician was also vegetarian and told us as long as they got lots of protein and calcium they would be just fine so we were giving them lots of their favorite foods including pizza and when I read the China Study I sat the Gaul down and they were ten and ten and six at the time and I said no more dairy we had just lost my mom and I said I'm sorry but we're gonna have to change the way that you eat I had already been vegan at that time but I didn't know there was a connection when I did it and so they all cried hysterically like I took away their favorite toy and I knew I had to to make it easy and I told him I would I didn't know how I was going to do it but I thought the first step should be finding ways of recreating some of their favorite foods so I went to the supermarket we shopped already at some organic markets and I found a substitute for cheese called aya or de I'm not sure how you pronounce it but I started using that to make them their favorite pizza and we would use the prepared pizza crusts and put the tomato sauce on everything else just adding the diet cheese instead of the regular cheese when I read the book disease proof your child by dr. joel Fuhrman and I saw that it was not only important to take the meat and dairy out of their diet but also to get all the processed food out of their diet so that was when I realized I had to start getting creative and I should mention at this point in my life I was not someone who enjoyed being in the kitchen I had worked as I had a career as a lab technician in microbiology and I would work in the lab all day long weighing and measuring and mixing and the last thing I wanted to do when I came home was cook but I knew I had to get creative if I was going to make this transition easy for my kids so I thought and I thought and I thought well okay humus can be creamy and I wanted to have sort of a cheesy taste and maybe taste a little like pizza so that's when I developed this recipe called pizza humus and it's something that has just been with us for years we make it all the time we use it in a variety of ways the kids love it just on a sandwich we love it on vegetables and we'll show you a couple of different ways that we use it so we're starting off with three cups of chickpeas and you can either use fresh made chickpeas which you have in our Vitamix blender right now or you can use canned or we prefer it or not using fresh to use the ones that come in a bag or a box as opposed to cans because cans have this phenol and oh there are some cans that don't but we prefer to use bags and boxes instead so if you're using it bags or boxes and they're 15 ounces you want to use the two of those otherwise your three cups of fresh chickpeas ordinarily we would add water to this recipe but we just made these chickpeas and so we saved the aquafaba which is the liquid from cooking and I've been reading lately that aqua fava makes hummus really really creamy and fluffy so we've decided to try that tonight so my name's Sharon when Evan was little and first transitioning over to a more whole food plant-based diet didn't he say something funny about cheeks peas or he didn't want to eat them or something like that yeah so I was always a bit skeptical chickpeas and I call them and say your mom's you're eating chickpea that's disgusting know it miss so we have fans at fence fans of Evan or watching Linda says hi Evan a couple of people like let's say you're saying they love sharing McRae's so people know who you guys are I actually their last name is McCray but I actually call them them a crazies and you know why but don't tell our secrets aging right well I will though the next ingredient we're gonna add is an onion and we used about half a medium onion and then we've got two cloves of garlic that we've already peeled and then you want to add the sun-dried tomato so we the recipe calls for sun-dried tomatoes that's what we use but most sun-dried tomatoes are loaded with salts and we need to use extra salt so we buy the ones that are just organic unsalted sun-dried tomatoes and these are from a company I think I got them on Amazon called the raw food let's see raw food world I think there's a company called Jaffe Brothers and they sell the pieces of dried tomato and I had never tried it AJ but I'm guessing you could use the dried tomato powder ex-work about half as much as as Tomatoes so this is about 3/4 of a cup of tomatoes and then the next ingredients are basil and oregano and nutritional yeast which gives it the cheesy flavor so I learned a long time ago from dr. joel Fuhrman that it's best to use the unfortified nutritional yeast because the fortified contains folic acid which is linked to cancer and so we buy the unfortified brand on Amazon it's called sorry they are eye foods I know dr. Fuhrman sells his own brand that one that we use and what we've done is a trick we learned from chef AJ and I do this in all my classes so when you have a recipe that you really love and you use that recipe over and over again and most of us do that we have a number of recipes that we keep in our rotation it's easier if you just pre measure out the spices in advance and keep them all in one jar and we recycle these jars with the dishwasher cleaning out dry them and then we use the recipes so this one is labeled pizza humus and what we can turn here is our nutritional yeast and our basil and our oregano so we're just so it's just one jar that you have to dump in instead of measuring all the different jars do you ever use fresh basil in this not in this but I'm sure it would be delicious we used to have an herb garden and we would have it very accessible but we don't anymore so we should try again I'm gonna add a little bit more aquafaba just cuz I think it needs it you might add a little bit more as we go if it needs to be a little thinner all right so that's it that's all we do is add these ingredients to the Vitamix put the lid on to blend all right all right let Evan Joe it's gonna be very loud so you might want to mute your computer for this one yeah all right Oh guys you're asking for the recipe it's on page 248 of the secrets to ultimate weight loss or on Sharon's website which I'm posting in the notes as well as it's on the screen right now eat well – stay well calm all right so nothing's gonna give it a taste you feed him anymore yeah that's the P Thomas good yeah all right really good so just to show you a couple of things we do sometimes with it one of the things is the kids love this these are the Ezekiel sprouted grain English muffins and they'll just put Pizza hummus and tomato sauce on top maybe some cooked mushroom and onion or spinach and maybe a little bit more nutritional yeast and we just bake that and that's pizza YUM that's kind of fun is we take a Collard leaf and we'll do a rollup with it so we'll put a paper towel over it to crush that really thick stem and we'll use a roll you don't know if you can see this we use a rolling pin and just push the stems the rolling pin because I learned that at true north I learned and I think – roof did a talk one time a video on YouTube and I learned it from that I used to cut the the stem or just shade it with a vegetable peeler but this way you're getting all the benefits of the whole thing in Michael Taylor's watching hello Michael all right so you went and spread it so let me just take a spreader knife and keep sharing this broadcast guys people need to see how easy it is to make healthy delicious food for families yeah then the important thing here I want to show you is that the kids can pitch in granted Evan is 15 but there's no reason that a five-year-old couldn't do this part you know or or maybe help to mix or add things to the blender so it's important to get kids involved because when they have a hand in preparing the food they're more likely to eat it and enjoy it absolutely good so he's just spread the hummus on the leaf on if you can see and then if we had it ready Myron wants to know how long does aquafaba last in the fridge and do you just get it for longer than a week so I'm not sure I just I feel like after a week that probably shouldn't use it anymore and I haven't to be honest I haven't played that much with it I know there are recipes out there for making chocolate mousse and for making all kinds of things fluffier but I thought I'd try it today so does it does it seem fluffier than usual yeah today's no just kidding systems yes there may be substitute that for the water the next time you make this recipe so we would normally put some shredded vegetables on top of this maybe some shredded carrot and onion and red pepper and then just roll it up like a burrito and eat it so that's another healthy way of getting in your greens delicious so Evan how long have you been eating this extreme diet okay so I don't I don't think that I was too extreme when I was six which was like nine years ago now kind of hard to believe I wasn't eating as extreme at the beginning because we were just easing into it as mom said we were using transition foods like daya so I think that I've been like really extreme vegan for I'd say like seven years maybe maybe six I don't know but I enjoy the benefits of it more I feel a lot healthier than I used to me and a lot healthier than I was on that tell them what used to happen to you yes so uh when I you see dairy I would often throw up and I didn't really know what was wrong with me I thought like I don't know it's just it just happens randomly and mom and dad were thinking like it's some kind of stomach infection or something but I was lactose intolerant I haven't grown up like that ever since I had dairy I gave up oh sorry yeah yeah so I'm enjoying the benefits of being vegan so don't you get teased a lot at school don't you feel like a social outcast cuz you're not I'm being facetious by the way the Thames the time people say but-but-but I want my kids to be normal yeah so I think that that used to be more of a problem when I was in Middle School which was like a year to go now but I haven't really been struggling that much with it and even though like someone does occasionally ask thing wait are you being or like what's that you're eating like they're they're not being as negative about it really I've observed and also it's fun to instruct them and like inform them about this so you have a friend right now yes I have a friend right now who is actually interested in becoming vegan himself and he's acting me he's asking me for tips and tricks and recipes and stuff so I'm I'm trying to support him along the way yeah you know you don't miss anything from the earth day you don't miss anything from the old days I really have anything to miss at this point like I was I was on when when I transitioned this way to this way of eating so I don't really like have any recollections any like sentiments for food that I had before I just adapt to this and I'm eating this way so long that like this is all I want so you're deprived and I will tell you he can eat like nobody I've ever seen and you can see how thin he is what you eat I mean he sits down with these gigantic salads and he takes this fulls of cashew nut and fistfuls of chunk of Nappanee sweet potatoes and I just sit there and shake my head and say you know and I come back in my next life I want to be a teenage boy oh my god so lucky Leslie has set a good chip is to freeze the aquafaba into an ice cube tray and use them as needed that's a great great suggestion yeah so so so Sharon you know I hear this all the time I don't have kids so I have no authority over these people but you know and you're in our ultimate weight-loss program even though you're not overweight or a food addict you just happen to eat the diet that we recommend which is the diet that dr. Goldhammer eats but she goes well you know my kids won't eat healthy you know my kids they you know they have to have dairy they have to have sugar happy I mean you're a food coach people can hire you to coach them and help them transition families but what do you say to them they just they give up so easily you know what I say is if that's what you feed your kids that's what they'll eat you know you're the one who introduced them to junk most likely so just be the one to take it out especially the younger they are the easier it is to change their palate and I mean what I don't I guess I have a hard time understanding about a lot of people is if you personally are struggling with food addiction right now why do you think it's okay to continue giving your foods the very that your kids the very foods that irritated you do because you know that you're gonna perpetuate the same addiction in them I really think it's sort of infused for the parents to just keep that food around quite honestly but once once they work past that I think it's important to understand that we set the example for our kids and if all we have in the house is healthy food that's all they will eat now granted they get to a certain age they have social lives and more independence when they start to drive and they can do what they want on the outside and you can't necessarily control all of that but certainly while they're young I mean my kids like I said they're six and ten and I had 100% control over what they ate if they would go to parties or they would go to someone else's home I would prepare food for them to take and I would prepare enough for them to share and when we had playdates here when you have friends here I would make healthy food you know I would make kind of decadent healthy food like blackberry brownies and kale smoothies and the kids would enjoy them for the most part there was one um one girl who's a friend of my daughter's who wouldn't try my food at all it was very frustrating but I just gave up but Evans friends you know the one you came here in particular lives loved my food just absolutely loved it he didn't eat that way at home when we came here he left my food and you know the moms would come to pick up the kids and I'd say oh by the way your son had black beans and collards today you know and they wouldn't believe me and I tell them all about it so I think it's just a question of us setting a good example and us also enjoying those foods at home you know if we're eating something and we're making a face then our kids are gonna say that that must not be good I don't know about you AJ but my mom hated lima beans my whole life I remember my mom hating one of these into this day I don't gravitate to them they're not my first choice of beans because I still have that association in my head so if you see your parents enjoying food it has opposite effect you start to enjoy it too yeah absolutely well you develop taste preferences from what you have Italy eat and what you eat today you'll crave tomorrow so I mean there's a question for you what do you eat for snacks snacks okay that's an interesting question so what I usually like to do nowadays is to cut up Japanese sweet potatoes maybe in advance and I cut them up into chunks like bite-sized pieces and then I airfryer them for like 20 25 minutes or so and then they're really good I like just snacks to eat like I'm hungry for something I just take like take a plate put on some mustard they're really good with mustard or like hummus or something and just dip them in and eat them oh yeah Sharon Faith Scott is saying amen to what you said I interviewed the wonderful Scott family who's also raising three healthy children but I really see you and faith are very strong confident independent women and so many of the women in our group they just they're such people pleasers and they just you know like the husband won't go along see you were very lucky that your husband Dave was on board yes I was very lucky and I will say this even if you're a people pleaser I think most parents will agree that they will do anything to protect their children right they would anything if they think something is going too hard our child you know there are scores of people who can lift cars when when their children are in danger but the bottom line is once you get the association between these processed foods and your child's health once you really get that if you read the book disease proof your child enough house fast food genocide by dr. joel Fuhrman if you really get that connection you have no choice but to be that authoritarian in your home because to be a people pleaser you're harming your kids so I think it's important to educate yourself about that powerful connection so that you can make those decisions and stick to them well people get upset when dr. Fuhrman or myself or other people say that it's really child abuse it is I I absolutely do and in fact I feel very guilty I mean I know I can't turn back the clock but I'm sad that I gave my kids and one of the best dinners that we gave our kids that we thought was such a healthy meal and if you remember this was Amy's organic juice out and frozen peas and you've got that so quick and easy complete healthy meal it was a nice organic so it was all natural and that was a typical meal in our house and I gave them lots of the yogurt squeezy tubes and you know the cereals that were numa no new Neumann type cereals I thought I was doing the right thing and in retrospect obviously I wasn't but I didn't know any better once you know better you do better yep so let's see Jody has a question what did you feed your kids when they were young and went on a vacation in a hotel with a fridge and a microwave you're young well I can tell you what we do now when they were young I mean I probably the same thing with you now which is we travel when we travel north and we do that once or twice a year to see my husband's family in New England we pack up our vans so that it looks like the Beverly Hillbillies man and we have our Vitamix and we have our salad master pod and we have the it's the pod horse and we also get recipes that we know that will make and we measure out the spices in advance like we showed you and we'll measure out the beans or legumes in advance and then all we have to do when we get to our location is buy the vegetables and we'll have that dish and we'll bring some potatoes with us some sweet potatoes with us and we'll make those wherever we are so we pretty much eat the same way that we do at home when we're on vacation and we also in advance scout out you know where the local organic markets are there any restaurants and maybe we'll call ahead and they'll do an SOS free meal for us we found one in LA I think it was la San Francisco Royale that was sure the Ethiopian rushed in they completely SOS free meal for us that was amazing so we'll try to find one and we usually do just one meal out if we're doing any the other thing we do a lot is we find the local Whole Foods Markets and we tend to eat there with salad lots of salad from the salad bar like faith says that her kids have a choice kale or collards Eureka that Leah's parents her husband and her are the examples of what we want our children to be rock on faith was her birthday yesterday happy birthday another beautiful lady who'll be at the ultimate weight-loss conference with her whole family as well Sharon as well Leslie and if you guys can't make the conference consider getting the live stream so Evan at the beginning didn't you cry though like when you were six when mommy took Gary away yes that was because even though I was lactose intolerant I was still pretty attached to the foods that I was eating back then all the dairy and stuff the cheese pieces the yogurts whatever because dairy is an addictive thing and I I was I was addicted I didn't really realize it I just thought it was normal food to me but it I was really upset when mom came it was like the end of my world like what am I gonna eat anymore so I was upset Marcia test sisters were upset so but I think that it's been well worth it in the end of things and my eyes have definitely been open far more than they were back then yeah and I have a plug chef AJ one of the pivotal things that happened to make this transition easier was that I met you at vegetarian Summerfest in 2011 and attended your cooking demonstration and fell in love with all the food I was eating so I bought your book and I brought it home and I started making I think I first made all the truffles and the brownies out of it so the desserts and then I started making some of the savory dishes I remember easy cheesy peas and the mushroom stroganoff which coincidentally we had this evening but the enlightened version of it and the kids started to love everything I was making and that made it a lot easier to make the transition to healthier food so thank you sure so Cheryl wants to know about what you pack to take to school for lunch so Evan maybe you can talk about because I know you're old enough now you pack your own lunch and I'm sure the girls do as well okay so for lunch is what I usually do is I make myself a sandwich so we just made hummus right now but we have all these different kinds of hummuses a time so I just spread it on a pea bread I like the Ezekiel seven grain sprouted bread so I spread them on there put on some leaves maybe some kale or some spinach or something – another piece of bread on top and that's a good sandwich to have at lunch sometimes I bring up cut up cut up fruit like apple slices sometimes I bring little oranges and also my diet every morning makes me a nice green smoothie that I always finish at lunch so it fills me up terrific and you you have some pretty good culinary skills don't you haven't cuz I've been with mommy where she's like called you guys and barked the orders of ya together so yeah so you guys make stuff – right you know how to use the instant pot oh yeah and some of the salad master Michelle's yeah and they made me for my birthday last year I'll never forget this what best gift they ever gave me wasn't last year's if this past year yeah I had to go to a movie career movie premiere for eating you alive on my birthday and when I came home they had made me waffles from start to finish from scratch using the waffle iron all by themselves they made me chocolate waffles and it was totally amazing yeah I was so into that so evident what you know a lot of mothers are watching this with their sons so what can you say that I'm sure there's like some kids out there and maybe they think it's not manly to not eat me or I'm not gonna be strong enough I'm not gonna be able to run around the block or lift weights so do you have any strength or energy or hi how you doing well I mean I feel a lot energetic then I think I was back then um and I know that there are lots of vegan athletes out there who are like really succeeding really feeling a lot more energized there's lots of people who have converted to a vegan style who a vegan lifestyle who have felt more energetic more like have more stamina so I think that is definitely a good choice to make if you want to feel more energetic I don't think that eating meat makes you manly or stronger or anything it just all comes down to what you eat and how you look absolutely what's your favorite meal that mommy makes or mom I don't know what you call or Sharon like oh sure so we have a couple staple meals for sure in our house one of them is actually your recipe it's the red lentil chili which you know forks over knives calm we actually just had that one yesterday so that was really good we also have a Middle Eastern red lentil soup sometimes it's on my website yes it was an adapted recipe from that creepy games afternoon we call it Indian red lentil soup because I had a lot of vegetables so we always like that recipe and we're selling to add a couple more to our records heart there's a there's an autumn chili recipe we like to have that's out of the ultimate late last night yep Rock and lunches – yep that one's a good one my mom has a recipe for a nutritious black bean mexican bowl so that one is on it's really on key not yeah so there's a lot of good choices we have our house yeah the Evan do you miss sugary type desserts ah really not really no you have sweet desserts but ya betta things yes i I preferred a sweetening honestly I think that a lot of the time when I use that like cakes and ice creams and stuff like it was it was very oversaturated and uh I know Marcis used to complain about this a lot she would say like it's too sweet and I was thinking like not really but like deep down it really was it was it was way too sweet for anyone to so um I liked a sweet night now and raisin season rated reason sweetening – that's always good so I don't really miss any of the sugary sweets that Colleen wants to know if you have different breakfast on the weekends you guys like to do any waffles or pancakes or anything like that we don't really do waffles for breakfast really we could do that but we've been usually having them for desserts from time to time like we started up this thing called waffle Friday really sure so we would just make waffles for dessert and just eat those after dinner I usually for breakfast make myself another sandwich this time with nut butter which I make myself in a food processor that has almonds and walnuts and pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in it and then I just put on banana slices and that's that's my meal Elvis sandwich you notice Evan at the I guess you're in high school now or maybe a medical medical school I said I already have a middle school like do you notice like that the children that don't eat as healthy as you maybe they're suffering from maybe skin problems or weight problems or attention problems do you notice any of that can either your friends or peers yeah definitely I've seen some people who have like really bad acne other people who like could they're kind of struggling with weight could lose some weight a lot of people who struggle with energy a lot of people who struggle with attention so I'm definitely seeing stuff like that and I'm happy to say that I don't really struggle with any of that myself I know it's amazing well you're such an awesome spokesperson you think we can be hearing more from you either through a YouTube channel or Toastmasters or so I just really think you're such a terrific orator and spokesperson for the young people that I feel like you maybe should have a blog or a channel because especially as a male you know you could I think be reaching a lot of people with this message something you definitely consider I don't really have any like YouTube channel or any social media for like me specifically like it's something that I could do the future I think it'd be a great idea now sherry wants to know if you'll find a vegan girlfriend but sherry I can tell you that Sharon will never allow him to date or marry so you can just count on that right now he's partying and so I it's pretty much not going to happen so I they're saying you're diplomatic and a kind kid and so Sharon or ed or Evan tell us about the immersion program that you founded and created and why you do that and what it's like and not tell how people can watch it and things like that okay so actually I co-founded it with my business partner dr. Dana simpler whoo awesome and who ever interviewed a few months about plant-based physician in this area so in the Columbia Baltimore area and so we decided we wanted to try to bring some of these phenomenal speakers that we were seeing when we travel to conferences to our area and I think this will be our fourth or fifth thing if this this annual event and this year we're super super excited we've got a great lineup we actually have dr. joel Fuhrman here as our keynote speaker and then we have dr. Neal Barnard and we have Brenda Davis the amazing registered dietitian and of course the best chef in the world chef AJ and we're just super super excited we have a new location this year we're partnering with Howard Community College so it's a beautiful theater and we have catering by Green Fair organic cafe in Herndon Virginia they're doing a completely plant-based SOS free meal for us they do delicious food and then we have exercise rates throughout the day with our friend the bootcamp girl who runs a local program and we have door prizes and book sales and it's going to be a really really fun and inspiring day people who've come in the past have told me that it really is life-changing so you know I think it's one thing to watch the videos and read the books and maybe even talk to people but when you actually sit in an audience and you're watching these speakers live it really is very impactful and inspiring so we're super excited it's on November 4th and you can find tickets on my website eat well – stay well calm under upcoming in this so we hope that you'll join us we still have early bird ticket prices available through mid-september thank you so Sheree how do you coach people when one spouse is just not on board or maybe even like against this making the change for the family and that must be very difficult it is challenging and some of my clients are in that situation and the first thing that I suggest is sharing the information that they're learning with their stuffs usually it's the wife I'm talking to so I will say husband encouraging them to lead or at least listen on audible to disease proof your child or watch a video of dr. Fuhrman's interview you did a great interview with him that I think is really really worth watching and just exposing them to the same information that you're hearing to try to get them on board I honestly haven't had a situation where the spouse was completely opposed to it and quite frankly I'm not sure what you can do in those situations I find that very very challenging and I'm very fortunate I wasn't in that situation but I suppose I would try bartering with them and saying look I'm fine with you eating whatever you want on the outside you can do whatever you want when you're not home but when you're at home I would prefer that you follow along and feed our kids and eat yourself a healthy meal when you're home with us and if I would have to say if that doesn't work I guess maybe some counseling is in order to figure out there's got to be some underlying reason for it and I suspect it's not just food-related so I would say counseling of some sort would be in order like I said I think it's really challenging it's definitely much easier when you have spouse who's willing to go along even if he or she is not willing to make the change themselves Wow hey your friend Tabitha swatching Tabitha yeah it doesn't she live near me supposedly habit my eyes watching us Tabitha we watch you incessantly we love you I hope it's the right Tabitha because I can't see the picture what's her last name um Tabitha brim oh no wrong Tabitha sorry all right but Tabitha's watching I have that Tabitha so Jamie wants to know what do you use for laundry detergent and soap uh-huh we use for soap we use the dr. Bronner's peppermint and we just dilute it for pretty much everything we have a laundry district so if I can't remember what the new the company is in hey it's no it's not seventh generation it's I'm talking about dish soap no it's in there go ago if you want to get it they just said that we I think it's called the honest company and it's completely so it doesn't have any color or fragrance yes to be honest companies we use that for dishes for dishwashing the Church of what's the brand am i hearing Dave not hold on let me get everybody in here family what the heck mercy test Dave why don't you use the megaphone I got you AJ got me this megaphone you got tired of hearing me scream through the house come on don't mind you guys so this is the in this is the entire McRae or crazy family depending on how yes why test month hi guys how is it having a high gay I I purposely came late because I believe in truthful advertising and I didn't want anybody to be under the misimpression that I come would call theory so in in changing before or pallets here was one of the for bigger holdout than the other was more point was one of their pallets the most stubborn or were they all pretty much easygoing I'm gonna guess it was me because the other the the kids didn't have a choice right in the matter you know Sharon and I often kind of laugh about the notion about well we don't want to turn food into a battle zone well you know it's it's not a battle zone if you take all the ammunition I love it's not a battle zone if you take away all the ammunition that's brilliant people ask how did you get your kids to eat so healthy and we say that's all we feed them that's right and that's what faith Scott says to and well Scott says to the people that do it that's what they say that it's not it's like kind of a no-brainer but you know you're an attorney what do you do when they say but buddy doesn't like you're healthy food he doesn't like it I'll go back to the same that's all we feed them yeah so you say look at some point or another you're not going to like the kids aren't gonna starve themselves at some point bill they'll say I'm just so hungry I could eat anything and say perfect this foods been here for you all along and that's really good yes good and it helped it helped there was never bad tasting food it was always delicious yeah he was a holdout for the salmon yeah but yeah I was gonna say I would have been the holdout for two reasons one of them being that I like many people believe what you hear even though you don't go out and investigate it yourself well everybody knows salmon is really healthy so I I believe that maybe I was doing myself some favors by still eating that but also the key was that I had a car and you know I could leave the house and if I felt like oh I think I want to have something I could do it whereas the kids didn't have that salmon packets in your trunk well I didn't hide them I just you know that's I buy them and I didn't I didn't like waving them under your face I would find them and then the movie forks over knives came out and dr. Barnard was at the premier and I took Dave up to him and said can you please talk to my husband about salmon and that was the end of the salmon nice nice well you guys are an incredible family I the only thing I think is missing is a book because we really don't have a book out there and we have we have a forks over knives family book which is wonderful of course by pulled a letterman and recipes by darshana but we don't really have a book from the point of view of how to make this work and how to raise healthy kids and transition families so I'm gonna put a request in for a book from Sharon a youtube channel from the kids and I don't know maybe some legal action for Dave against these parents their kids unhealthy the title aging the Makri my two transitioning families to a plant-based diet I love it I love it I love it well if you guys have any more let me know if you have any more questions otherwise I'll let this family I guess have you guys eaten dinner yet it's pretty late there huh I did and Evan did but rest haven't rest haven't so I'm gonna put myself back on screen for a minute to say goodbye to you all so hopes when I do that I miss a few of you so so thanks you guys so much for watching another episode of healthy living please try Sharon's delicious recipes on her website eat well stay well calm and come see us all when we're gonna be in Baltimore on November 4 so thank you guys so much thank you I hope to talk to y'all soon okay


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