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so welcome to healthy living live I'm chef AJ and my guest today is the best-selling author the New York Times bestselling author of the book you to live and we're here today to discuss his new book which is called fast food genocide I'm pretty sure he needs no introduction but in case you just crawled out from under a rock he is dr. joel Fuhrman his web site is his name WWE Fuhrman FQ HRM am calm and please welcome dr. joel Fuhrman I am so excited to talk to you about this book thank you and I'm really excited to talk about it too because I kind of feel that this is my most important book in my life if people America really read this that it could change it have massive change of the way people act and behave and could change society I would I might have to agree with you dr. Fuhrman because while all your books are wonderful my favorite book up until this book was disease proof your child I first heard of you about ten years ago with your book fasting and eating for health which led me on my journey into true north where I now have the privilege of working occasionally but like you say this book this is for everybody it's not just for vegans it's this book is gonna have mass appeal as far as I'm concerned and while you guys are watching go to WWE and calm and pre-order the book because if you preorder the book it will not only help dr. Fuhrman get on the best-selling list New York Times bestselling list but he'll give you a chapter in advance the book comes out next week so let's all do a solid for dr. Fuhrman pre-order the book and why you're watching this broadcast you can actually be sharing it right now with everybody on your pages so fast food genocide genocide is a pretty strong word wouldn't you say I do I think it's a strong word and I think that you know people have to have a complete different idea of what food is doing to our country they have no idea what's going on you know I think a lot of people out there understand that fast food processed food junk food candy soda leads to obesity diabetes heart attacks strokes but I don't think they recognize what's going on that it decreases intelligence that it causes criminal behavior drug abuse drug use that leads to mental illness that it's destructive to people's futures and prevents them from coming out of poverty I don't think they realize how much it fuels bigotry and racism I don't think they see the food inequality and the poisoning going on of segments of our population vulnerable people that our lives are damaged I don't think they recognize just give me one example I don't think people recognize that people who live in urban areas of this country that eat more most of their calories from fast food and processed foods have seven times the risk of developing a stroke before the age of forty five and so many hundreds of thousands of people are having strokes early in life putting them at nursing homes ruining their lives so I don't think they see the full destruction that's really going on and the fact that it affects the human genes so that if further damaging damages your unborn offspring even when you're not pregnant in other words the junk food you eat damages your genes to the point where now you have an abnormal baby with autism or Burt or heart defects or decreased intelligence or brain cancer and you didn't know it was the junk food and fast food you ate when you were a kid that caused your baby to have these outcomes so people who are just seeing the tip of the iceberg and they don't see the incredible negative effects that this junk food diet has on of the American population and we're living in a society at a time today where the majority of food eaten in America is processed food advanced food do you know the numbers dr. Fuhrman about how much processed food do people eat approximately yes it's close its close to 60% of its other diet now so it's more than eating regular food is processed foods and animal products is about 33% so it's double the amount of animal products people are eating processed foods and so what know which is worse and that's like saying why argue which is worse when things that are continually when you're not getting the phytochemicals the antioxidants the micronutrients we need when we eating all animal products and processed foods we know most likely that the sugars and the chemicals and the fried foods and these artificial sweeteners are likely the most brain damaging foods we can eat and they're creating a and occurring a vicious cycle of disease and poverty in our country you know it's interesting because about 10 years ago I wrote a book called unprocessed which I had the honour of you actually endorsing and of course I'm not a doctor so it was not a scientific book but I made the case that humans are not designed to eat processed food but in your book you gave the medical credence to everything I said in my book scientifically that it's not just that it makes us fat sick it's that it actually causes brain damage and I love that you're you're saying those words because people need to hear this especially now with Halloween coming up and people are just gonna start feeding their kids crap and they're gonna continue to eat crap on Thanksgiving and Christmas and and it's just gonna be one big crap fest right now I'm very clear in saying the strong link between processed foods fast food junk food and candy and mental illness let's make this clear it causes mental illness and mental illness is a horrible thing and let me give you one statistics one statistic people who eat cross commercial baked goods like bagels and croissants and cookies or fast food like french fries two servings a week two servings a week 51% increase risk of developing depression and it goes up from there in a dose-dependent manner three servings four servings five servings increases from 51% on up one more statistic that's critical here children who eat candy and accept that candy eating in childhood is linked to later life violence drug use and drug abuse more than any other parameter more than not having a parent more than having bad parenting more than living in poverty more than living in and you know so in other words more than any other feature looked at the link between later life drug use is anything as candy and sweets eating it in childhood and the number and the people that are incarcerated in federal prisons the majority of people incarcerated in federal prisons today are people who were there for nonviolent way to drug use drug abuse and drug drug use offenses so the people get they get addicted to drugs they get put in prison yet families destroyed and their and their mentality and their intellect and their ability to pull themselves out of their bad circumstances life is diminished because of the exposure to fast food processed foods so a vicious cycle going on and people have no idea and then we have Halloween and people are celebrating creating damage to our children's brains and for predisposing them to addictions in later life assistance in insane society you know I once volunteered in a woman's prison doing a pet program and in the crack that they feed it's funny that the people that could benefit most from good nutrition children the elderly incarcerated they seem to get the absolute worst food possible and somebody on the feed dr. Furman fab says do you include processed vegan foods of course crap is crap whether it's you know from an animal or not that the vegan that the vegan foods are probably the most dangerous foods more than the animal products are in other words we're saying is french fries in a commercial food establishment you're cooking a potato in oil that's been reheated over and over again for hours and it forms rancidity and carcinogenic mutagenic and compounds so we're talking here about date very very dangerous the link between one serving of french fries a week and breast cancer is one serving a week increases risk of breast cancer later on life by 27% so we're talking here about tremendous ability of these foods to cause cancer it's because the way the foods are prepared they're grilled they're fried they're deep-fried they're sweetened so it's a lot of there's a lot of chemicals involved a lot of factors involved with what makes these foods exceedingly dangerous you know it's interesting because in your book and right now you're talking about the link between these foods of cancer and once a week I volunteer at a cancer hospital and all the doctors there say that the people's diets have nothing to do with their cancer and while they're getting their infusions they come around with their lunch card it's usually either a ham and cheese sandwich or a turkey sandwich on white bread with Mayo chips in a soda but you know they said well if my diet had anything to do with this my doctor would have told me well you know it's unfortunate but obviously we can't rely on doctors to be nutritional experts they don't learn it but and we don't wish we shouldn't expect it you know I was in I was giving a lecture two days ago the day before yesterday and one of the questions from the audience was how can we get the medical profession to learn more about nutrition or how can we get them to do this and my answer was why do we want that why do we expect that why are people so focused on doctors being nutritional experts that's not what their specialty is it's not what their knowledge base is in and doctors just aren't nutrition it doesn't matter if the nutritional experts or not it should be taught and so that my point of this book in my point of my message is that this should be reading writing arithmetic and nutritional science court and grade school to every order population not just physicians you can't go to a 10-minute minute doctor visit and expect him to teach you what if taking you years and years of study to learn because the one most critical thing that affects your health your destiny your intelligence your dementia your happiness your mental attitude everything is affected by the food you put in your life and you expect your doctor to transmit that in a five or ten minute visit therefore Mac allow ecology experts they're not nutritional experts that wouldn't expect them to be a nutritional expert it's not what doctors do people are loving what you say he just joined us I'm interviewing dr. joel Fuhrman the New York Times bestselling author of e to live on his new book fast food genocide you can pre-order it right now at and get a preview chapter and if you're watching this life you please share it right now so dr. Fuhrman in your book at the chapter on the brain you say the brain is a living organ that is exquisitely dependent on nutrients and even small amounts of unnatural foods early in life can wreak havoc on this nutrient sensitive organ the damage becomes incremental II worse as we consume these foods and greater amounts so a little bits okay right now I know we're talking here about the fact that moderation is whatever a person chooses to do and that a little bit could lead to problems I just mentioned earlier that one serving of commercial french fries a week increase breast cancer risks by 27 by 26% and two servings of commercial baked goods even a why even a bagel or cookie increases risk of depression by 51% so we're talking about when these foods are exceedingly dangerous that you have almost all Americans taking high risk to develop mental illness cancer depression and heart disease and strokes and dementia so the the brain saying the brain is a sensitive organ meaning that the loss of brain cells the loss of intelligence begins when were very young in life the allowability concentrate in school the last of mathematical skills the last of reasoning skills the logical skills of creativity and all this is lost when we're exposed to these foods as childhood and we're dumbing down our population and what makes this so how should I say it's makes us even worse is because we have a very unfair food distribution system and we we put people in certain areas of the country I go through the history of this in the book of how this happens of how through they have to work after the Civil War when black Americans were freed how they had more centenarians that means more black Americans newly freed slaves lived to be a hundred years old than the white Americans did white Americans they didn't have bad health there's no this is the bigot the bigotry that's going on seeing that we're as doctors we learn oh and the black population they have so much more heart attack and diabetes and obesity and dementia and prostate cancer but that didn't know that wasn't always the case it's not they're not genetically defective or inferior that's all I'm showing them in the book that there's no inferiority medically medical or inferiority or intellectual inferiority and that that wasn't occurring it's really the it's the Jim Crow laws that came in the segregating of blacks in the inner cities in the north the lack of food distributions the convenience stores the fast-food industry but we took foods that were made during the sister in the war times of World War one in World War two the Tang the spam the Twinkies the concentrated calories of sodas we put them into the inner cities that we made these clothes cheap we made them addictive and we feeding whole populations on them and we destroyed populations and then we blame those populations on the effects of the foods that have been in their better place in their environment so it's really it's a very sad situation and that's why I'm on such a mission that I think that this information is so important it's so important for equality because don't don't we all as Americans believe in an equal how should I say a full opportunity for everybody to realize to be happy and realize the Americans to have equality and equal opportunity means we have to have equal food opportunity an equal food exposure so we have to combine the education about how important this is to eat right with the availability of food to make it so people can have it in their environment and it's affordable and they know how important is to eat it we put those things together we can lift our population and we could lift the most vulnerable members of our population to achieve to have to be able to have a happy and successful life unfair disadvantage is the way these foods are skewed and they can use food stamps to buy you know Twinkies and Ho Hos but God forbid they should buy a potato that's not allowed you know with food stamps you know Heather is asking a great question online she says if we've already damaged ourselves with these poisons can we undo the damage or are we doomed you talk about in that book that your goose is never fully cooked I loved your sense of humor shining through yeah well you know it's unfortunate but the body is a miraculous self-healing machine is where amazingly things the body has to repair itself and we can't fix so much of the damage but we can't fix all of the damage you know so just think about this if you smoked cigarettes for thirty years and then you quit smoking with all the damage we smoking began no but your but every year you're off cigarettes that goes by your risk of developing lung cancer or dad or something serious from that cigarette smoking will be reduced it will never go down to zero because you still smoke for thirty years but if you slope for only five years the risk will be much less and he's not only one tack a day for five years not three packs a day five is the damage will be even less so of course it's proportional to the amount of years and to the extent of that the level of bad foods you ate but it's never too late if you're live in and you're still alive why not have a better mental attitude why not feel better why not increase your lifespan increase your health and life expectancy you know with the what this information gives people it gives them an unprecedented opportunity in human history because we know so much about modern nutritional science it gives people the power to control their health destiny and now they we can be centenarians we can live to be a hundred years old in great health and we have to put on the oxygen mask on our self first be living examples of great health and then being able to have impactful messaging to other people because we've taken great care of ourselves and we can have so much of an effect that you know the healthcare crisis the mental illness the people the growing industry of people going into nursing homes and able to care for themselves if all ages we're talking about the growth most growing industry in America is nursing homes caring for people under the age of 65 you know younger people having strokes I'm seeing we're seeing teenagers having strokes today because of the influence of fast food and I should say because I haven't said it yet that fast food is not just the food purchased at fast food restaurants it's anything out of a bag or a box or you know with wrapper on it it's anything that can be eaten fast that's already pre-made and cleep designed it can be digested fast its absorbed into the bloodstream fast it's overly seasoned in spice it has chemical and it has top that has contaminations ingredients in it and of course it's soda it's cookies it's foods made with white flour it's you know it's it's anything that uses these sweeteners and I even consider honey and maple syrup damaging foods as well yeah well you say in your book right here you say fast food has six characteristics it is digested and absorbed rapidly it contains multiple synthetic ingredients it is calorically dense it is nutritionally barren it is highly flavored it contains excess salt and sugar and one thing you said that I didn't know that I found it escaped me without dying you said some I knew about dopamine because I learned it true north from dr. Goldhamer that the more calorically concentrated the calories in the food we eat the more dopamine is released this pleasurable neurotransmitter but one thing you said here that I didn't know and I found fascinating was it the faster the calories of a food enter the bloodstream the higher the release of fat storage hormones and the greater the increase in dopamine a driver of addiction in the brain I did not know that that was that was really interesting actually that's right and that's where I noticed some people listening to us or putting up on their message board they're saying what about raw honey what about minerals here up to those comes from a tree but it's the same reason when when these concentrated calories rush into the bloodstream in three to five minutes it's just the amount of glucose that flooded the blood at the ends of the bloodstream so quickly when so much sugar enters the bloodstream in such a short period of time the body has to respond with a huge amount of insulin and insulin is a fat storage hormone insulin as that drives sale replication it drives cancer its Rives fat deposition and it's Pro angiogenesis means promotes the growth of blood vessel that fuels cancer so that we're talking here about it's just one alternative myth after another where people consider so there's the most dangerous foods they consider them health foods you know and in the ones we're feeding to our children amanda says it's hard to stay away from these foods they're everywhere yeah that's true they're readily available easily affordable socially acceptable do you think the processed food industry will ever be held accountable for the disease they are creating and have created much in the same way that the tobacco industry finally was held accountable I don't know what you mean by held accountable getting greedy but we're able to sue the tobacco industry for their London because people for a long yeah because they didn't know at least at the beginning you know at a certain point the Surgeon General will put a warning package on cigarettes but when cigarettes first became very popular the movie stars of the 40s were smoking no one knew that smoking was dangerous even people's doctors smoked and often recommended it to their patients so a lot of people were able to file lawsuits that got lung cancer so the tobacco industry and I'm just wondering if we could just you and me start a class-action lawsuit against the processed food industry for creating all this disease well I don't know about that but you know the the ennis NAACP and some of these of people came to me and I was lecturing in churches in the inner cities and I was and and contrary to the ivory towers of America that says these people aren't gonna change what they do or aren't you why've they're not let's accept this message is not true they see the terrible tragedies happening all around they're hungry for this message but the point I'm making right now is I was commissioned there I was I asked put a book together and I put this book together to include a lot of information maybe and I want to be a textbook to include information people in half and then other people can do things they can write a smaller version they could write one for little kids they can they can sue people out of it they can take information to do something else with it in other words this book houses a lot of information people need to know to get the ball rolling and then whatever you want to do to take it further and I'm advocating that the teachers teach it in school and that educators and celebrities and politicians and lastly athletes and oil across America PTA groups we take that we use this book as the starting point so for discussions for meetings and in my local area or I live in New Jersey parents are not allowed to bring sweets and candy and cupcakes and donuts to school when the kids birthday they're not allowed to bring junk food to the soccer games but across America this is going on all over the place we have to start somewhere and the point is when you have the right information it becomes easier for people to make the right start wherever they start they're doing something that's the change to help change facilitate change so many people I know have kids with ADHD hyperactivity they're on medicine autism you say that any junk food eaten during the formative preschool years is associated with these conditions right and we also making this clear that that I'm not writing my own personal feelings or opinions here I'm a reporter and I'm collecting the evidence from the scientific literature and having it all in one place so people can access this information and be able to understand what's going on and also showing it a historical viewpoint historically the food the history of food occurred in America and how damaging this has been on our world's population because we've spread our this message of fast food to other countries and then we spread diabetes and we spread breast cancer and we spread the mention and we spread strokes and now we have a whole world that's addicted to that's where we're destroying our population we're destroying our environment we're destroying our climate where did everything and people have we have to change our society and food is a great place to start and the Janice these change that have to occur you're right about spreading it to other countries they like in Asia they never were overweight they used to have the lowest obesity rate when I was in Japan it was 1994 and everything I saw was McDonald's KFC baskin-robbins and I think the more other countries want to emulate us the fatter and sicker they'll be like us you know so it's crazy on page 60 you say the fact that early childhood nutrition can have lifelong consequences indicates that nutrients affect the expression of genes that govern brain development so is it is it true that it's more dangerous to feed these foods to children than it is saying if you and I were to eat a cupcake well when you and I eat a cupcake it on Chrissa risk of depression but when a child eats a cupcake it not only decreases their intelligence but it damages their genes because in the child lives the eggs of their children where are you and I already had our children or we you know we're past the age we're gonna have more kids this point so when we eat something bad we're not damaging the sperm of our eggs that we're gonna feed as future generations when you eat unhealthy foods when your childhood you're damaging your future children when you eat deep eat these foods before you give birth that means when you're five years old your eggs for your future children are they're already being damaged and you could have a kid with autism or with a brain tumor you go to a junk food you ate in the first five years of your life so you've actually done it so and we know that the excess animal protein fed to children consortin their own lifespan but it can also shorten the life span of their children and their grandchildren did you know what I just said that what you eat in the first five years of life is shortened lifespan of your grandchildren as well this is why it's called fast food genocide you're talking about restricting if your generations to come you know when you have people this is a very interesting concept may not be so much relevant to most people but when you overeat on animal protein because then you're a predator not prey animal you're a predator like a lion or a tiger now because if you're a cat that is eating rabbits if the if the cat eats all the rabbits they rabbits die out there's no more rabbits to the cat to eat so the cats to the cats die out to the Lynx don't live if there's no Marta cares so nature built a system whereas when the cats ovary calories especially animal protein muscle it drives up hormones the short in their lives but that's not enough because the rabbits won't grow back and we populate themselves if their population decimated so the body damages its own genes so your offspring from multiple generations get their lifespan shortened so the rabbits can come back and prompt and propagate thee and not become extinct so we have a whole myth a whole process of science going on where we're damaging the future generations by us eating unhealthy thank you dr. Furman if you're just joining us I'm talking to dr. joel Fuhrman author of the soon-to-be-released fast food genocide which you can pre-order on Amazon right now that will really help them to get this important message out and have this book also become a New York Times best seller like e to live and speaking of you to live so many are people are saying that it was that book that started them on their health journey so I believe you a lot of people are going to believe you in this book so the question I'm getting from the parent says okay so now that we know this what do we do our kids are already addicted you know some of them are older and resistant to change you know it's different if the kid hasn't been born or is 2 or 3 but when they're you know when they drive or it's delivered you how do we get our families to be on board with this especially if we have a spouse that isn't eating this way that seems to come up a lot there the lady's conflicts right well you know that's why I spent so much time writing books as well no because the because we have to because we have to street and study it has to be we have to become students of health and we have to become experts in health so I think that people I want people to be articulate to be able to articulate the exact these concepts and explain them to others and then become the role model for other people and their family and their but in their environment so nobody can change their child unless they change first when a parent brings their child to see me when they're not eating right I have some problem I say to the child I need to enlist your help to get your parents to eat healthier healthier because they're addicted to these foods and you won't believe it in the schools the kids they absorb this information when they're taught if they love it they or it get excited by it it's the parents that complain and are resistant not the kids so the question isn't really how to get the kids to do it the question is how do you get the parents to do it how do you get the parents to love it to end because you can make great tasting desserts that you could have a sister kids love that kids love to cook they love to grow foods and they love to see things growing they love to be part of making they looked at they understand the concept that you are what you eat and not as I did as the parents are so it's really not a child problem it's really a societal problem so it has to be addressed in all these different levels of society simultaneously right well so I agree it's usually it is the parents because if the parents get healthfully like Sharon McCray who's watching this broadcast right now the kids eat healthfully too so it comes from from the top down so does feeding children in your opinion these fast and processed foods from an early age set them up for a struggle with processed food addiction and cravings later in life and if so how right so the book it took is a lot about that the book talks about how how food these foods are designed to create addictive addiction and cravings for them so you create addictions and cravings for them but also it affects the primitive part of the brain and and which decreases your how should I say it decreases your intelligence and increases your ability to logically and put the effort in to get out of your addiction so it makes it harder to quit smoke when you eat junk food it's harder to quit smoking it's harder to quit alcohol it's harder to get off drugs when you're addicted to drugs and it's harder to quit eating the junk food as well because you get the dry to eat those foods but then it takes away your ability to fight against the addiction so the yoke so that means you have to cold-turkey these two junk food because when you within a few weeks you start to gain back the ability to fight the addiction and it's painful for people the first week after they stop sweets is very addicting many people have said that was harder to get off sleeps and was harder than it was quitting smoking was harder to get off sweets and was to get off opiates it's very hard for people to get off their sugar in there or and they're fried oils and fried foods yeah and yet so many I know you said doctors aren't supposed to really be the ones we go to for nutrition but so many doctors and even those in the plant-based movement that we're both a part of think that that there's no such thing as food addiction or sugar prediction that it's you know when you have it you know it's real and I had it for sure well well one of the one of my strongest contributions to the field of nutritional science is knowing that as people improve the nutritional density of their diet and a diet with a higher nutritional quality their cravings were diminished their addictions lessened and their desire to overeat went down so what I'm saying is that I've published a study in nutrition journal in a medical journal showing that as the people improve the quality of their diet they were able to better control the quantity and have a level in their diction's weakened and have a chance to beat the addiction without a focus on nutritional quality it's very hard to cut back willy-nilly on calories because you've got an overwhelming desire to eat more food and you feel too fatigued and weight and weak and shaky if you don't keep putting a few extra calories in your mouth if you have to eat a higher quality diet so you don't feel shaky and weak and fatigued when you're not eating food all the time so people don't feel comfortable and then when they're not suggesting and if they're forced to overeat so there's a lot of factors going on and I think that by putting all these pieces of the puzzle together and having people understand all these various pieces of the puzzle it removes the obstacle to change and it makes it easier for them to get rid of their addictions and to stay with a healthy diet and Miam achieve permanent benefits they can live with for the rest of their life so Martine who's watching the feed wants to know what you're gonna hand out at your house at Halloween well for years and years at Halloween we've always been handing out you know on one of these things these light-up necklaces like most necklaces you know bouncy balls yo-yos some kind of small toy that we buy it I think it's Oriental Trading we buy something that we give out some gifts we give out to the door we never give up would never give out food or candy or anything like that you know they come to the door imma give him the toy that really comes to my house they love that because I love getting what they're getting I always tell them about the bad effects of what they have in their bag when they come and I tell them you know that the link between candy and it makes you less intelligent and it makes you depressed and it causes cancer just want you to know that with the boy you eat all that candy I would love to trick-or-treat at your house you know it would be great to give everybody that comes to your house this year this-this-this if there was a way to do that I think this would be the perfect thing to go into the Halloween I don't know people come to my house it wouldn't that so what some of the parents are asking you know they can control their houses you know what they do if they're good parents I think they would and they would also eat this way but extracurricular activities like you say you know that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts it's soccer games and and a lot of parents feel that well they don't want their children to feel different or deprived and that's a good a good way of thinking you don't want your kids to feel deprived they're different so just let them all smoke cigarette so it's no cooking or ladies don't mind if everybody else is snorting cocaine they don't wanna feel the pride they should snort cocaine that's a great way for parents and kids right no one to feel deprived so they just should give everything that they want that's bad that's the most ridiculous concept I've ever heard of my life no matter when my daughter Cara was four years old she said to me because she was at a health club you know with it's called the boot camp and she called it a boo boo camp today he said don't these parents love their children and I said what do you mean Cara she said they're all eating junk food and like chips and stuff and I said yeah but they don't know that the damage is the body in the brain and she said you know they don't know that what you eat makes you body how could they be so stupid I said they're not that stupid everybody does it so it's just like normal my kids could never figure out why parents didn't care about their kids who didn't love their kids so it's the opposite it's a parent that loves their children spends time with their children you and your children wants your time they want your love they want you to have fun with them they want you to play with them and they want you to teach them and they want to learn from you if you give them the time and you give them that love and you give them that attention and you play with them if you don't play with them if you don't have fun with them if you don't do things with them you can't just order them around tell them what to do that's not gonna work my kids saw this as a gift of love they become little shining rays of light to spread a message of good health to other people because they saw this because they see it as love for their friends and they spread it to their friends there I mean so they see this as a source of love and goodwill for others it's not something you feel bad about you feel good about it you know it's funny your story is very similar to one that dr. Ellen Goldhammer tells about his son gar when he got called into the principal's office because one of his classmates was eating a bologna sandwich and he said your parents don't love you and he got called to the principal's office you know I this just a little aside is it true that you were one of the first or the first interns at the True North health center many years ago when they opened I have no idea no they were open for year three for years and they had interns before me I don't know if I no no I don't think I was one of the first it's been going on a long time you know and then but fasting has been going on in this country since the nineteen twenties and so but no I wasn't when the first interns but I of course I was at True North health center when I was still a medical student as part of my medical rotations got credit from my medical school for being there yes perhaps certain electives you could choose so I was able to choose to do an elective at the bare which is great and now you know and subsequently in years to come I've had many medical students do their electives studying under me you know and many medical so that's a good thing is that medicals does at least have the option of taking some elective things like that where did you acquire this intense passion for for this because you really are in a way a lone warrior out there you know in a lot of ways I think so and you know so many people are so confused about nutrition and have like belief systems and rigid ways of thinking in both the paleo community and the vegan community they all have the little gurus and they're you know they really are not how should I say well-versed with the science that's out there and what the dad what the cumulative and preponderance of evidence shows and they make the decisions based on you know bad information so you know so I'm very passionate about this because I I really know the potential of where we could go with this and I think that the nutritional science community has been nudged in the correct direction and they and 90% of nutritional sciences have moved closer much closer and are almost all the way there I know that we're going over that hump and when that happens look at what the world happened with the World Health Organization the declaration that the World Health Organization's made in the years about eating more plant food I need more fruits and vegetables and classifying barbecued and processed meats as a class 1 carcinogen and and also the same as asbestos and cigarette smoking so so progress has been made and it will continue to be made well I love that you give the message that both not eating processed food and not eating animal products if like you said we have so many of these Paleo doctors that just say well sugars the problem but eat as much oil and animal products and even dairy as you want then we have some of the doctors saying well no no just just don't eat animals but you know if you want to have a little sugar oil salt flour my flour weight rice that's all ok food you know and they put in and if they could put maple syrup and honey and salt and wait and still people feel junk food and then they're shocked when people get depressed or have problems develop no so it's really really and that's what I see all the time it's like one extreme or the other I'm trying to you have to be a equal opportunity employer and negativity and that's not like you said earlier about the unfair advantage with with minorities processed food is an equal opportunity destroyer you know so Carroll mentions that the preview chapter will knock your socks off in at will and what we're talking about the preview chapter on the brain is this book is coming out next week but if you pre-order it right now on Amazon you'll not only help dr. Fuhrman get this book to hopefully be a New York Times best seller like e to live was but you will get the chapter that she's talking about so this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and so we'll switch a little bit from the the destruction that's going to happen to our children and our children's children from eating processed food but what role do you believe that process and fast foods play in the promotion of breast and prostate cancers and can someone who has been newly diagnosed with breast cancer significantly increase her chances of remission and survival by eliminating processed foods with or without conventional medical treatment well thank you for that question and and I gives me an opportunity to state that as president and the nutritional Research Foundation lead one raised four and began a study called the nutrit Aryan women's health study um that's whose headquarters is at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff Arizona we have over 2,000 women already enrolled in this study we're hoping to enroll more than 5,000 women who are pledging to eat a breast-cancer preventative diet and then we teach them what that is there they're monitored with special blood tests when they they're kept on track with the information and the bottom line is this is that we're enrolling not just all women of all ages were also women women who have early stage breast cancer will have breast cancer showing that breast cancer can be reversed that can be prevented and reversed in the data shows that the same diet style that prevents breast cancer makes women live longer and prevent recurrence women who have breast cancer just give you an example a study on women who have breast cancer filed for ten years who were and they tracked how many lignans they ate now lignans are in pineapple stem and broccoli stems and sesame seeds and flax seeds and chia seeds and the women who ate the third of a milligram of lignin a day on the average had a 71% decreased risk of dying of breast cancer over that 10-year period that's incredible and they only 1/3 of a milligram of lignin now flax seeds have the most ligands and a tablespoon has 21 milligrams of lignin and these women only add a third of the milligrams matters they a 10 milligram 10 milligrams of lignin or judges 5 milligrams of lignin just a teaspoon a day they only have third little bit but what if they started before they got cancer it'll be even more effective we're saying the same thing with cruciferous green vegetables when you give cruciferous vegetables to women who have cancer the risk of developing recurrence or death from cancer goes down to more than 50% so we're talking about looking at every one of these G bombs or every one of these individual features greens beans onions mushrooms berries seeds flax seeds cooked mushrooms raw cruciferous vegetables right cook cook beans all these things individually have been shown to decrease the recurrence rate and depth of breast cancer look what have we put together a portfolio a diet with a full portfolio of all these foods that have been shown to protect against breast cancer death and to prevent recurrence of breast cancer we put it all into one program and we keep that program so it's mildly so it we prevent caloric excess and we keep it high in nutrients and we make sure we have all the participants have a broad spectrum of all the nutrients humans need without being deficient anyone nutrients then we have the opportunity to give people the full opportunity to get well and we're seeing breast cancer reverse itself and we sing women who are told they but no I got plenty of obviously I've been in practice for almost twenty seven twenty eight years now a long time and what I'm saying right now is over those years I've had many patients with breast cancer and prostate cancer and lymphoma and leukemia who reversed their diseases and come back to normal and it's just it's whether it's my sister-in-law or whether it's a woman with lymphoma who's reversed or cancer whether it's a man with no level with prostate cancer whether it's a woman who had metastatic breast cancer to our bones that we saw was another woman who had ovarian cancer metastasized to those with fluid or no lung who got whose but now alive doing well seventeen years later no I'm not making any of these I'm not making claims but I'm saying that the the facts are you you can't take away people's hope and you never know the effects of nutritional excellence could have on the body even my even when a person is sick all right well I think one of the very first things I've ever heard of yours was you actually have a CD called nutritional excellence and that's where I learned so much of what I teach now because you're really one of the only ones other than maybe dr. Goldhamer and maybe dr. Esselstyn that really is promoting eating a lot of vegetables especially grains for health and I appreciate that because I teach the same thing so LaVonda is asking what about coconut syrup and I know what you're going to say because sugar is sugar because I'm page 47 of your book you say that excess sugar impairs both our cognitive our cognitive skills and our self-control that is having a little sugar stimulates a heart to resist craving for more the mixture of sugar salt and oil to rales the ability of the body to control calories or be satisfied with normal amounts of food fast foods create human eating machines that is individuals with no caloric turn off switch so does that mean if we eat these short SOS Lane foods that it literally turns off our hunger and satiety signals we never get full you always want to eat more food so let me just say one more thing here and that when we're saying sugar you know the only sweets we should eat is fresh fruit and unlimited amount of dried fruit so we're talking here you know if I'm making a special I might put one date per serving or something or a tablespoon of raisins in my oatmeal in the morning but the point I'm making is fret that our sweet tooth is there because we're designed as humans and primates to want to eat fresh fruit it's not there for us to eat in cotton and our desire for fat and our desire to eat have more clarity concentrate should be limited to eating nuts and seeds not oils oils or processed food and sugar is not the same thing as eating a mango or a pair of berry and here's the spheres the one important feature is when you eat cooked beans and cooked mushrooms to cook foods took Queens and supers and you eat to raw foods raw greens and raw onion or scallion that's four foods to cooked to raw when you eat those four foods in your regular diets you thicken the biofilm that's adherent to the lining of the villi and it makes it harder for glucose to pass through the biofilms lower than the glycemic effect of everything else you eat what I'm saying right now is when you have that mango for breakfast the the glycemic effect of that mango has been reduced because you regularly beans and greens and mushrooms and onions and you're biofilm is thickened so when you is so now the glycemic factor the fruit you're eating is much lower because you're regulating the right vegetables and beans and mushrooms and things like that so the overall glycemic effect is less what we eat in our life from even pre-birth matters and guess what if you want to know more about it you're gonna have to just get this wonderful book fasting genocide at Amazon pre-order it you get a chapter so dr. Fuhrman's my feet my sound seems to be okay so what I'd like to end with is my favorite quote from your book if you don't mind it's on page 62 and here's what you say the amount of scientific evidence is irrefutable the junk food candy soft drinks fast food and commercial baked goods damaged the brain unfortunately well-meaning parents and grandparents are the biggest culprits poisoning the health and future intellect of the nation's children don't shop and buy their own food adults reward children with donuts and chips for playing well in sports adults support their children's Halloween candy collections adults make holiday cookies and cakes adults take their children on fast food excursions lots of traditional American practices and social norms damage the brains of our precious children it is time to change this especially because the right food choices lead to higher intelligence emotional stability and happiness this is a great book you guys please order it now if you're gonna get it why not help dr. Fuhrman's book become a best-seller by pre-ordering it on Amazon right now you'll get an advanced chapter and please share this broadcast with everyone dr. Fuhrman I love your work I love this book I think it is my favorite of all yours fast food on the side thank you guys so much for watching I think the sound go dr. Fuhrman calm okay fantastic and thanks all of you for watching healthy living I'm chef AJ and I make healthy tastes delicious


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