Healthy Living Basics: Eating Well

a general healthy diet consists of fruits and vegetables variety of fruits and vegetables watching your fat lean protein but also incorporating exercise as well as a healthy diet most of the population should consume between five to eight fruits and vegetables a day that sometimes can be a little scary when you hear the number-8 vegetables a day but you do need to look at those serving sizes for example most bananas in a grocery store is actually two servings apples more than likely are one and a half to two servings so typically we as consumers are eating more than we really realize eating more fruits vegetables than you may realize with portion control is actually a good thing would be a negative thing with certain high-fat foods high carbohydrates that we're eating two cups worth when we may need only a half a cup some tips to start and maintain a healthy diet would be first to develop measurable but small goals don't get ahead of yourself also incorporate your friends and family as a support to kind of help go along with that diet and maybe incorporate good eating habits one thing that's important is eating less processed food not eating out as often because those portion sizes tend to be very big make grocery list make a list on Sunday and follow that list make a list of recipes of your meals from Sunday through Sunday and then use that list at the grocery store for what you want to purchase try a new recipe each week recipes can be very simple eight ingredients or less look around the grocery store and find a new produce a new vegetable that you may want to incorporate is a good idea also

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