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hi guys so this is welcome back with another challenge with this channel I'm excited because lately I've been in the mood of being healthy and work it out and another thing you know weight can settle on you especially when you're eight to eight thirty and we don't want those problems so I believed in you know outstanding healthy and working out looking good before all you guys to take OT stay healthy and whatever good so and how I do that these are all the things that I use to stay healthy and continue to you know be stronger and get my energy and good going all those things every morning I don't start out with me licking in smoothie which I want to make one too and then I take my vitamins over here and I do like a detox I'll do body means I do green juice I do all kinds of stuff together and all these things that I've taken its make me happy let's be in the process of making a smoothie don't you guys how I make my things in a moment Carol food so when I'm making my smoothie I get some ice then I go with my banana like grow anything any give me a banana or whatever then I'm breaking it down or him down much the same then I add in some grapes it's a the green is the better and it's and rates then I add in some berries juice honey then I added some raspberries but I'm canvas honey you know I'm saying then I add in some strawberries honey you like them strong heavy no wasn't me okay and then I add in some mango which is mangoes always good for girl honey you didn't know then that I had in our Queens and you post the county but I'm just going to really like a sprinkle now you know you don't say so then after that I take this green which is really good I'm the best stuff ever so I'm going to sprinkle DAP in there and then I'm gonna take my palm in milk sprinkle it that in there never have all that I'm going to crush all this down look over here here we go okay now I have that all in there nigga blade works the day long now I have my cup I can't we share this with you guys now this is more like a yogurt ogre it smells me every day you could see the color I smell very good oh my god you have to try this so so we're gonna get back poorly so now we're just gonna poor girl yes so that's poor girl just mail the juice okay then I'm gonna take the top cover it up tight give it a shake ready there we go that is amazing Wow like oh my god mm-hmm the flavor oh my gosh it's so real like ooh I'll put the recipe below the caption and you have a gap to try this this is one-of-a-kind and for my other products I have you know maybe my vitamins and nutrients that I hate all of them my detox as well I'm just pretty much into getting this help like the guy trying to do the body together I get into this so I'll leave you with this I like in a comment and a subscribe girl and we'll go it on get in life and get helping me right stay tuned for more


  1. 4:25 me trying to sell lemonade when I was 5

  2. 4:11 when u drink the invisible tea at ur little cousins tea party

  3. twitter squad where you at

  4. 4:17 when a tear rolls down your face into your mouth

  5. Brazil loves you ❤️🇧🇷

  6. The flavour

  7. Fhe thlavor

  8. 4:20 that's what you came for

  9. 4:19 when your crush suddently fart and you just smelled it

  10. damn , lynn look like my ex boyfriend in 6th grade

  11. It’s just so real😋

  12. QUEEN

  13. the flaivour

  14. THe FlaVoR

  15. U don’t eat healthy. You’re so full of shit

  16. 4:08
    when your friend gave you water, but the glass smell like trash and onion

  17. No one:
    Lynn Spirit comment section: THE FLAVOR

  18. why was this legendary meme posted on my birthday? a damn gift from the lord

  19. umm the flavor iS SO REAL

  20. MhMmMm ThE FlAvOr

  21. I finally found the full video

  22. Go to 4:19

  23. the flavor it’s it’s just so real 💀

  24. 04:12 when his nut is on point

  25. U have become a meme

  26. Me after doing one pushup and drinking some lemon water


  28. Lynn you can’t be making no more of that good spaghetti!!! By the way you looking real cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. I’m boutta make this tho

  30. U look fucking good

  31. the flavour..

  32. Kris Jenner drop the gun

  33. Omg…the flavour.i-it is so real..omg

  34. 4:15 is what y’all are here for

  35. Lynn you are a blast 🔥💥!

  36. Like omaiga, de fleivor :v

  37. 4:10 is me when trade cums in my mouth

  38. Stan twitter did what they had to do with this!

  39. 4:18

  40. I love the part of the flavor Hahahaha

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