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what's up guys I was really thinking about this I'm like what lately and my life has been really helping me stay healthy feel good and just overall live a healthy lifestyle and I just feel like these tips are very applicable we're gonna jump right in so something that's been really helpful for me is having actually a green drink in maybe the mid-afternoon it makes me think so much more clearly and nothing else works like that it's my favorite green drink recipe is called gorilla milk and it is so simple to make and if you don't like healthy tasting foods and stuff like that maybe you're not like a big juice person maybe you just don't like green drinks this gorilla milk is gonna be your best friend because it's very mild and it's very alkalinizing for your body it really helps to just keep you hydrated I noticed that my skin glows when I drink it I just feel so much more energized so I found that like great afternoon pick-me-up is the green drink so try it out let me know what you think this is hands-down my favorite way to drink green juice and that's making gorilla milk I've talked about this before but seriously this is such a great afternoon pick-me-up you just juice some celery spinach and cucumber and then mix it with a little bit of homemade almond milk and it is so good the celery juice and the cucumber juice are really high in B vitamins antioxidants magnesium potassium this is gonna leave you feeling amazing and super glowy another little healthy lifestyle tip that's been really helpful for me especially as of lately is incorporating more protein into my diet I'm not talking about over giving yourself protein you know some crazy diet or anything like that that's not what I believe and I believe in listening to your body and for me I feel better when I make sure that I'm getting enough protein and so for me that means sneaking in protein into little snacks or meals or whatever it depends on the way that you feel and listen to your body so for me it's protein maybe for you at something else but just listen to your body and like see how you feel and a lot of times people say I don't really know how to listen to my body what does that mean when you feel maybe kind of tired and you have a snack whatever that is maybe it's higher in sugar and beans higher in healthy fats maybe it's higher whatever it is notice how you feel and for awhile I did a food journal and I was really able to see wow I really felt tired after eating this specific food or I really felt really great after having more of this or whatever and that's a really good way to get in tune with your body I don't count calories I don't have a strict diet or anything like that I listen to my body and you intuitive eating actually want to do on intuitive eating anyway I'll save that for another time find what works for you listen to your body and incorporate that for Nia's protein for you find what it is for you and you're gonna feel so much better so I wanted to share with you some of the recipes that I've been sneaking my protein into and one of those recipes is this grain and gluten-free bagel recipe it's so yummy so you start out with four eggs and then one cup of cassava root flour 1 cup of arrowroot flour and then a little bit of sea salt and then one tablespoon of water one tablespoon of maple syrup and then 1/4 of a cup of palm oil which is what gives it that bright color it's really high in vitamin A and then last but not least we have vital proteins collagen peptides this is the protein that I add into it and this is awesome because it's unflavored so you can't taste it I can add it into whatever I'm making and what's really awesome about it is that it's collagen protein which is amazing because it's actually gonna help support your joints and your bones and your muscles and recovery from your workouts I mean there's just so many benefits to this so I go ahead and add that into my bagels and then I form my bagels and I boil them in hot water for like one to two minutes and then I sprinkle with some bagel seasoning and bake him at 350 for about 20 minutes until they're golden brown and they are so good and delicious high and healthy fats and protein and collagen and just amazingness and I always top it with avocado oh my it is so so good this has been one of my go-to snacks of lately and it is so delicious it's chia seed pudding and I always keep chia seed pudding in the fridge you just do about 1/4 of a cup of chia seeds to about 2 cups of almond milk and let it soak overnight and when I take it out of the fridge you're just adding a scoop of my vital proteins mix it up and this is a high-protein high fiber high healthy fat snack and then you can top it with fruits and whatever else you like obviously getting enough sleep is very important to living a healthy lifestyle I know that the struggle is real when it comes to going to bed on time maybe you feel like your mind is racing or you feel just like you can't go to sleep because you're stuck on your phone or you're overthinking something or whatever I have found and this is just from personal experience that's why I'm sharing it I want you to try it out see what you think when I wake up in the morning the first thing that I do the very first thing I do is throw in a sweater and get out the door and go for a walk I walk her a little dog yes we got a little dog he's in the video his name is me sir it's a long funny story I call him me Smith we take me spaced out on the walk and I get out in the fresh morning light in the morning getting some light first thing and getting outside helps my body to recognize it's time to wake up like the sun's coming out basically and then before I go to bed or after dinner going out for a final walk of the day and honestly these walks can literally take like five minutes they don't have to be long walks at all sometimes they're five minutes sometimes it's 30 minutes I find that I do it more when I don't have like a strict like okay I have to go for a 30-minute walk because there's some nights I'm too tired and I don't want to do that or even the morning maybe I don't have really a lot of time to go for a long walk like again make healthy living simple and easy on yourself and you're gonna live healthy walking helps clear my mind I I don't feel Restless anymore I feel like I literally can just like peacefully fall asleep and I feel like being in the sunlight and in the evening light helps my body know okay it's time to go to bed because when you're staring at artificial light your hormones can get messed up like if you wake up the first thing you do is look at your phone and then you go to bed and the last thing you do is look at your phone it's just not good for your hormones and I don't know everything I've got a doctor or anything like that all I know is that this has worked for me and I feel like that's all I know it's my testimony that it's work for me okay you are gonna love this recipe for this new healthy drink that I'm obsessed with and it's just this amazing tonic for your body it helps immunity digestion it helps your body to stay hydrated so you've probably heard of ginger shots before and they can be a little intimidating and very intense so I came up with this tonic that's very good and delicious so you just start out with one juice lemon and then you're gonna juice however much ginger and turmeric that you want you can just do the ginger you don't have to do turmeric as well but you just juice it add it in with the lemon and then pour in some coconut water add a little bit of salt and pepper the pepper pepper pepper helps with the absorption of the turmeric and so it is amazing very hydrating super good for your digestion and immunity it's just incredible and you're gonna stay hydrated because of the coconut water so yeah super delicious and this is something that's amazing to drink every morning this is my favorite way to drink green juice I woke up this morning and I forgot that we used all the spinach so I just used the homemade almond milk the celery and the cucumber and it's still really really good and I just feel like don't have the mindset like if I don't have everything that I can't do it it's okay if you don't have everything if you don't have all the equipment and if you don't have one hour if you you know all these different things that we place on ourselves just do it if you can workout for 15 minutes great if you can make the juice and you forget the spinach great if you can workout without a ton of fancy equipment great it doesn't matter it's just doing what works for you so cheers again to a healthy morning and a healthy start to day right now we're about to go for our evening walk and I have honestly found that this is so relaxing at the end of the day going for an evening walk or an after-dinner walk is such a great way to get your body back in rhythm okay it's nighttime now so literally being in the dark there's obviously artificial lights in your house and staring at your phone I really found that it helps my body to be in sync with the time of day that is so the walking really helps to clear my mind and the just the evening sky helps my body to know in my mind – no kids it's dark it's late it's time for me to wind down and go to bed as simple as that chip is waking up and going for a walk first thing and then before you go to bed or a post in her walk is so helpful helps digestion helps you to relax unwind helps set your mine in tune with like what's going on outside so you're not staring at a screen and artificial light all the times that really can confuse your body and your hormones let's go for a walk and I really realized after moving I just feel like ever since moving and this is part of the tip we wake up in the morning I do our little walk and then we this is personally we take time and we go to church in the morning and we just have a morning of like quiet time of quietness and I feel like I've never felt better I'm not sucked into social media first thing in the morning and I'm not comparing my wife myself and I feel so much better I feel so much healthier and I know that maybe you feel like such maybe you just feel stuck right now maybe you just feel like you're comparing yourself to everybody you don't feel happy you don't feel content and you're just struggling maybe you want to reach your healthy goals but you just feel discouraged like everybody else is doing well and you're not I've been there ever since moving waking up and doing that every day has made me more excited to work out and more excited to eat healthy and I think the reason why is because it's not the most important thing and so I hope you can hear what I'm saying when I mean that healthy living is so important and I think that we are the healthiest when we care for ourselves on the inside and I remember when I was writing my little mini book it's called look inside I was writing it I was thinking what's the root issue here why can't we reach our health and fitness goals why can't we stop comparing ourselves to one another what's the issue here and I just remember one day when I was writing for look inside I just remember thinking you know what changed when I got out of my eating disorder like what was the thing that really changed for me and it was taking my eyes off of the mirror and I think that we're never gonna be satisfied with our physical appearance fully and completely and that's why we have to accept ourselves right we're out right now and so when you can care for your soul when you can take care of yourself take care of your heart that's gonna be what's the most important thing and I think that when we neglect to do that we can really get our eyes on our physical appearance and how we're performing and what we're doing and we can maybe sometimes fail to measure up even to our own standards and that can be pretty defeating and so my encouragement for you is to keep your eyes on what really matters take your eyes off of the mirror and focus them on the inside and that's where you're gonna see the most change the most progress I remember when I gave up dieting I saw the most progress in my physical appearance when I stopped focusing on my physical appearance it's just funny how that works and I don't think that's a coincidence and that was just for me in my personal life just know that you're so capable of reaching your goals of doing all these amazing things of being healthy of living a healthy lifestyle and you don't have to wait you don't have to wait till Monday don't wait til tomorrow you can literally start right now we fail forward if that makes sense failure doesn't have to hold you back you can let it pull you back or you can use it to move forward and say you know what I'm messed up but I don't want to mess up and I'm gonna keep moving forward and I'm gonna take one day at a time and I think that that's truly when we grow the most when we realize that our failures are not permanent but they are a setup for a comeback in our life and so that's what I learned at least in my life and I hope you found these healthy lifestyle tips helpful so if you did give it a thumbs up and I love you so much and I will see you in the next video bye love you sigh every now love you bye he's sleeping look at get it dog [Applause]


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