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real talk mom she's sometimes life gets tough I get overwhelmed and inspired disorganized and disconnected due to all the mummy duties relationship struggles career demands and all the other stress that comes from life this funk prompted me to do a lifestyle change not a drastic one Oman but I started doing things differently with the simple and easy healthy lifestyle habits note to self don't forget to take care of yourself Ruth and for you who is watching this you deserve it girl our first habit have an early start whenever I start to feel lost and drowning from all the deadlines at work and the demands of being a mom I know it's time to Center myself and find my inner peace but when you're a mom that seems impossible so the simple trick that I've learned is waking up at least 30 minutes before everyone else helped me gain myself back and give myself the much-needed me time to feel like human again no Marie zombie mode moments alumni and mommies I know how tempting it is to hit the snooze button and try to get some more snooze time before your day starts but with experience in a pattern I enjoy much less Knar at the home whenever I make a different choice now just get up and give myself an early start before my toddler wakes up habit number two freshen up this simple habit of washing my face and brushing my teeth first thing in the morning has been a deeply ingrained habit in me since I was a child now I just can't seem to function well before at least I make sure now I don't have bad breath and Morning Glory on my face habit number three hide raped lately I've been trying my best to hydrate I drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning to refresh and give my body what it needs you will have more energy better skin and help if you just drink more water it is the most basic and most important tip at all especially now that it's summertime when it's hot and you are out more you are probably getting dehydrated quicker for best practice it's a good idea to have water on your bedside table so you could drink it first thing in the morning habit number four supplements nana Nuala Jimena food is our medicine but on busy days I make sure I still get the vitamins that I need through supplements like vitamin C this is a non acidic vitamin C no padding padding in America Ethne on an empty stomach I am naturally acidic and I recently discovered that pollen and svet like allergies and cancer thrive in acidic environments ever since then I have been mindful of what food I take in I want to know if it is acidic or alkaline vitamin C has a pH level of 7.5 which is alkaline and helps keep our body away from sickness in fact I want to show you a little experiment imagine this glass of water is our body this iDEN solution has a pH level of 2.0 meaning it's really acidic imagine these are all the stressors in life your mother-in-law your work deadlines the baby is teething again problem is a pyrene problemas osawa just kidding so our bodies become really acidic when faced with all these stressors this is what why the green sea can do to our bodies if we take it regularly just a little bit of it put it on the water and viola just like magic it helps fight our acidity and stressors in life andaman this is the winner for me if you are interested you may check out their page advisor Green Scene Facebook and Instagram I will put their links down below our fifth Cabot stretch when I am not feeling myself whether I'm feeling down and stressed out I know that moving and stretching my body will help you Center myself and get back to the rhythm of things doing yoga or like stretching at home will encourage better circulation and revitalize your energy you get both physical and mental benefits from these two like releasing tension sleeping better and feeling inner peace it might be difficult or uncomfortable to get started but trust me it will feel so amazing afterwards habit number six journal I love to write but in the morning I would always give an excuse and I don't have the time to write on my journal or diary but I discovered a technique that is quick and as effective in giving myself mental clarity so instead of writing out everything that is in my mind I just answer these three simple questions at the beginning of my day these three simple questions are what am i grateful for what would make today great and I am dot dot dot fill in the blanks this sets a great tone to start my day whenever I get answers to these questions and the best part of it it only takes three minutes to do it our seven Habits avoid my phone in the morning I try my best to avoid the temptation of scrolling through my social media and emails because hey I find it really draining that was my chance Panna you will encounter negative posts that might affect your mood studies show that social media is one of the factors why people get depressed and they totally believe that even though I am guilty of it myself when I am in social media I mean I Atticus say I automatically start stalking strangers about their lives naeli gonna pop insane I lost so much time and energy doing it napela that time could have been used bonding with my baby or working on my business so as much as possible I tried to wait until I am at least fully awake before I check my notifications and drive into the social media world by doing this easy simple healthy lifestyle habits I find myself refreshed and energized to face what my day might bring hashtag bring it on the best part of it is it only takes 30 minutes per day to do all of these habits and it creates such a big M in my life so those were my tips for easy and simple healthy lifestyle habits let me know down the comments what is your favorite habit I love you guys so much and I hope you guys have an amazing day with these tips or pick your own habits subscribe to this channel and click on the notification bell for good vibes have a great day bye


  1. Mommy.. Been watching your vlogs the whole day. Nagmadali pa ako maligo kase tulog si baby at para makawatch vlogs mo ahahaha.. Sana may vlogs ka mommy about sa work mo at home.. And also where You buy your clothes.. I'm a stay at home mom and exclusively pumping mom.. My lo turned one in january..

  2. Mommy.. Gawa ka nmn ng video on jow to deal with mother in law

  3. Laking tulong ng content mo nashare ko sa wife ko ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  4. Wow galing naman nung experiment sis ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  5. i dont take supplements before but now, isa na sya sa habit ko. nice tips here, mommy Ruth. love it.

  6. Mamshie daily routine pls including what time k nag ooline for acadsoc and sini nag aalaga kay baby while youโ€™re working. Maraming salamat.

  7. The mother in law though hha ๐Ÿ˜… but it is the reality.

  8. Mamshie daily routine please.

  9. Ang galinggggg! Natawa ako sa mother in law. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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