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hey what's up ladies and gentleman is david benjamin from today I want to talk about health coaching and coaching in life in general and over the past few years I spend a lot of time producing content for whether the articles podcasts interviews video interviews you know me obviously on video as well and over that time I've developed and learned different frameworks that have benefited my life my health my business my financial success different elements of my life that I have spent countless hours lots of time money and energy not just at home but traveling all over the world to connect with like-minded people and to benefit from different knowledge and education and things so I've decided recently in my life I want to get back into one-on-one coaching and the reason why I want to do that is because I've spent so much time learning and growing and educating myself and mainly three areas and I have them on the whiteboard here as you can see I have a whiteboard which is quite exciting the whiteboard share is essentially the breakdown of what I'm going to call healthy lifestyle coaching so healthy lifestyle coaching is essentially life coaching with health as the forefront with health being the sort of valuable factor that preconditions each area of life so if you break down the quality of your life and you break down the quality of the experience you want to have in life it breaks down into what I believe is three key distinct areas and those three key distinct areas are qualitative sort of categories that when you break down have other components within them but those key areas are what you want to work on and what you want to invest your time money and energy into in order to increase and improve the quality of your life so as you can see I broke those down here and the categories health the second category as well and the third category is love so if you break these categories down health is your physical health your you know how much energy do you have how much vitality do you have how do you sleep how is your diet how is your exercise routine are you moving your body are you feeling good do you feel good do you have any weird sort of abnormalities and maybe in your gutter digestive system or your cardiovascular system or your joints do you have pain stiffness inflammation what is the state of your physical health that is the question what is the state of your physical health and health coaching is really this category right here so it's only a third of what we're going to talk about today the second category is wealth so I have a little bit coin logo and a currency sign for some reason on the way off anyway so that breaks down into your career your finances your savings your investments and ultimately your dreams you know where what are you doing right now and what are you doing moving forward and what is that leading to and what is that that long-term vision and your wealth is very important because if you don't have the financial wherewithal if you don't have the financial wealth and the capital that you need to have your dream you know job or dream business or drink career or just the money you want to travel and experience different things in life maybe you want to you know travel more or you know there just be a cultural traveler you know food traveler or whatever it may be wealth is sort of the category that unlocks the potentiality of those experiences in life and those are tremendously enriching and rewarding experiences that I believe all of us you know would like to have more of and then last but not least love relationships that has a new relationships trust how often or how prison you are in your heart space as opposed to your head space and just how open you are in general to relationships and and love and and connection whether that be you know in a romantic relationship friendships that turn into you know really great friendships life going lifelong ongoing friendships whatever it may be but these three categories really break things down so taking a step back for those of you that don't know my story in my history fully I've been in the health and wellness world since I was 19 years old I'm 29 now and I started out by teaching people how to clear up acne their skin and I had a coaching program I coached people one-on-one and I helped thousands of people get clear skin and clear the acne up and in the process I learned that because clear skin and having healthy skin has to do with gut health I learned a lot about gut health in the microbiome and really just healthy living and healthy diet in general and it was funny because I'd have people that came to me to get rid of acne and they could rid it rid of their acne but they'd also lose weight in the process as a byproduct of just improving the health in their life so that's kind of how I started I've been in health and wellness opposed to custom wellness for like I said ten years now full-time and in one way or another you know teaching training coaching and educating and in learning a lot in the health space and because of that experience I've really gained a lot of value and in my network I've you know friends with some people that are you know really the biggest icons in health and wellness some type of people that you know introduced superfoods or introduced herbs or mushrooms or things and I've made some amazing connections and friends along the way because I've been in this you know kind of health space for so long and that leads us into wealth and and you know career finances savings investments and dreams in my career you know in health and wellness I have worked with like I said I've worked in the health alone space but this led me to different opportunities where I have worked some of the top health and wellness names and businesses and companies and brands and icons and influencers people that are doing amazing things that are sure many of you have heard of and are more familiar more familiar with in my work for sure because these people reach millions of people you know daily and you know that has led me and and benefit in my life in a huge way because it's allowed me to have an abundance of opportunities at all time I mean I there's literally no point in my life now and moving forward where I see a lack or scarcity of opportunities financial opportunities business opportunities investment opportunities the list goes on and on and on I mean there's literally so much potential within that that it just it's exciting and it's cool and it's it means that I have more growth than more opportunity and I can do more and be more of my life and what's cool about that too is I'm a very investment minded person so in my own life I you know I'm invested in crypto I'm and invested in stocks and I'm also invested in several startups that are kind of innovative in the health and wellness or kind of technology spaces and I also you know work with a few one in particular tech company that's a partnered with a certified Google partner and they utilize artificial intelligence AI and I've just been blessed I've been very fortunate that you know my hard work and my networking and my smart work has really sort of paid off and allowed me opportunities to grow financially and also to get a healthy return on my money and I've learned a lot about investing over the years and the past year just in my stock portfolio alone a month like I think it's like 33 percent so higher than the average which is like something like 12 percent and that's just because I spent a lot of time energy and money and I lost money and you have an energy but I I've become more seasoned in that area so well so that's another area of healthy lifestyle coaching that is incredibly valuable last but not least love in relationships I'm currently single but I have learned a lot about relationships in love and connection and being open and healing from from trauma from pain from from all different types of things and in life relationships I believe are you know one of the most fulfilling rewards that we get from this experience you know we we spend our time you know in our careers and in our you know spending time and energy you know building this career and building you know our success and they spend time and energy improving our health working out going to the gym eating healthy making healthy meals doing awesome and stuff but we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor and our investment into our health with our relationships and our lives you know whether that's like a romantic love kind of relationship or friendships or you know all the above so when I look at my life you know from a qualitative perspective not a quantitative perspective from a qualitative perspective what I want to know and what I want to be fully invested in is my health my wealth and my relationships my love and the more time and energy and money I invest into my health wealth in love in a smart and efficient way the more returns I get so I look at each of these is sort of ROI our reliance for return on investment look at my health as an ROI I look at my wealth isn't horrible look at the relationships oh my love is an ROI the smarter and more wisdom that I gain in these areas from experience from time energy and money invested the more output I can get from my investment into each of these three categories into the third third third the 33% of each so long story short the reason I'm recording this video is to sort of share this philosophy with you to share that you know you can invest a lot of time energy into whatever you want to in life but until you really break it down and see the clear picture see the vision of your life see the vision for your your health and your energy see the vision for your wealth your career you know where you give where you share and then the vision for your relationships your love your your your companionships your network your your human tangible human value in your life until you bring it down like this and or in any other way that it suits you but this works for me and I think this is kind of somewhat universal at least a starting point it's hard to grow and progress in life it's hard to you know whether you want to improve your health and you know improve you know your body your physique and have more energy and sleep better you know that's the first step so the reason I have them laid out like this at least with health in the sort of beginning quadrant it's because health is a great place to start health is a great place to start I speak from firsthand experience when I say that I did not have success in my career and I did not have financial success in my business and I've been a full-time entrepreneur for 10 years now since I've you know I'm 29 years old oh I was started being on or nas 19 full-time with you know no job and everything was you know just hustle and grind – the first full few years and then from there I kind of got my bearings but for me starting with my health and wellness was such an a huge aha moment for me and it woke me up in a lot of ways because I was having problems I couldn't sleep I had insomnia I didn't have energy I didn't feel creative I didn't feel cognitively engaged my memory was weak my my brain just didn't perform my brain and my body did not perform at a level that was necessary for it to perform at in order for my career my wealth my finances my my material success that I desired at the time to actually manifest so I needed to start here in order to sort of graduate in my career and into my purpose and to my passion into my calling and into a space where I had the – internal fortitude and energetic resource to elevate my game if you will to grow my wealth and grow my business and it worked and it grew and it led to other things and other opportunities and that's what that's what allowed me to grow in my career my wealth in my finances and then in love and relationships you know that's just something that comes from time and experience that's just something come that comes from being in relationships you know being in business agreements or Arrangements you know that just comes with time and space but to be completely honest and to be completely forthcoming with you I would say my value in terms of what I can do for you as a coach is the health and wealth categories relationships that love of honestly Maldini yeah I don't have a ton of experience I'm still you know fairly young but I have learned a lot from one relationship in particular and I have also read learned and researched and gleaned a lot of wisdom from my mother in particular in that one and gotten some interesting valuable resources and books and things that I've learned from her so there may be some reshaping that I made people to offer in the sort of love and relationship category but in terms of health and wealth I've learned a lot in these areas and the reason I'm including all of this within the healthy lifestyle coaching is because if I were to just teach you health and say you put you know some say you're like I want to invest in my house I want more energy I want to sleep better I'm gonna get rid of this body fat I want to get my body and my being in my vessel on track and be able to take myself my energy my ideas my life my mission my path my passion of my purpose all that kind of stuff to the level where I feel I can bring it well you need to start with your health you need to start with your energy and that is something I have I feel like I've mastered in a huge way and I'm still mastering to this day and I will still continue to master and improve over time – optimizations mastery doesn't mean you're the end-all be-all mastery simply means that you are the highest expression of yourself at any given point in time and you are still a student and but you are also a teacher so the reason I feel like I've sort of you know created a mastery relationship with health in my life is because I'm in shape I have energy I sleep good I feel good I feel creative my brain works I'm firing on all cylinders now I'm just optimizing on those cylinders and continuing to its healthy wellness technology and superfoods and that kind of stuff the reason I'm including wealth in this healthy lifestyle coaching is simply because if I were to give you the tools that you needed for health it's going to take time energy and money to invest in your health so if you're if say for example this health category is you know elevated let's say for example this health category you know you have most of what you need and that bucket is full let's say but your wealth categor and your finances in your career is lower well you're going to need this category you're going to need to elevate your wealth and you're gonna need to elevate your income in your financial situation in order to invest in your health in order to invest in that energy and maybe even your your relationships and your and your love and the way how open you are with the world you know I've been hurt in personal relationships and I've also been hurt in business relationships I've been you know backstabbed betrayed and you know I've had ideas stolen from me I've literally had idea stolen from me and people ran with them and sold them and made money in the market I've had you know people that have done me wrong and in business and in personal relationships and you have to learn for the heal from those things you have to learn to grow through those things you have to learn to find the wisdom and the nuggets and the value of those experiences so that you can heal from that trauma and then utilize your ability to connect with humans to benefit your health and your wealth and your love and that's why I'm here I'm a coach I'm not you know the the end-all be-all guru no one is but I'm a coach I'm someone that walks with you side by side and gives you ideas and guides and points you in a direction that you may not not have seen before so the reason I have these three categories think of them as three pillars health wealth love think of them as pillars these three pillars are incredibly valuable to the qualitative value of your life I'm talking your health your happiness your fulfillment when you go to sleep at the end of each day when you lay your head down on that pillow how happy are you with your life how satisfied are you are you as healthy as you want to be are you as successful as you want to be do you have the relationships in your life that you want and desire I can honestly say in my life each of these three categories I have fulfillment in ways and they are growing as well so I have fulfilment in each of these areas but these are also investments in my life health wealth and love that are growing so I have my health that I have my routine and my habits and my things that feed my energy and my sleep and in my entire existence right so I have that category I had wealth I have my career finances I have my savings I have my investments and I have my long term goals visions and dreams for what I want to do where I wanna be etc and I have those things in play same with my relationships and my love and my trust and just being open to growth and being open to love being open to business being open to working with people because I've been a solo entrepreneur for so long I'm getting to a place in my life now where I can honestly say for the first time in my life I'm having quality opportunities with quality entrepreneurs and quality people I show up in business that I've never had before to work with teams and work with companies and work with I mean brilliant entrepreneurs and brilliant people so to break these down this is what matters to me this is what my heart and life work revolves around every single day when you don't see me on YouTube when you don't see me on Instagram when you don't see me on Facebook when you don't see me on Twitter I am working in my life you know reading these books behind and this is one of my book rooms the other one is out there I am working to improve these areas I'm working to grow and and become who I want to be to become who I want to be and to do what I want to do in my life you know and next phase is the next step for me is building an eco-friendly home in Costa Rica the land is already there and there's so many opportunities in my life I'm so grateful for that if I didn't embark on this journey if I didn't find a coach if I didn't find someone that could teach train and guide me and if I didn't spend literally tens of thousands of dollars on my education my health my wellness and my in guiding me in each of these categories I would not be aware I am today but it takes that investment in order to have a return you can't you can't you can't get the results you want in life by being cheap you can't get the results you want in life by bargaining your way to the end result you can't bargain your way to greatness you can't bargain your way to having a healthy fit body you can't bargain your way to being wealthy you can't bargain your way to being and how healthy and happy relationships you simply cannot bargain your way to getting what it is you desire you have to pay full price but one of the biggest lessons I've learned in my life is that when you pay full price when you invest in each of these areas you are committing to each of these areas growing and being more fulfilled category in your life so here I am today recording this video to share with you that I am for the first time and probably six or seven years offering not just health coaching services but an entire sort of plethora what I call and what I'm going to call healthy lifestyle coaching so if you feel like you can grow and your health your wealth and your relationships and you feel like you're stuck you feel like there's something holding you back you feel like there's more for you you feel like you have a passion a purpose a dream a vision a mission that you are not living fully up to in your potential I am here for you on that journey and I want to be your coach as long as you qualify so and I'm not joking about that so what I've done is this is you know the healthy lifestyle coaching you know practice I guess you call it that I am starting it's just something the reason I'm starting this is to develop a an ongoing coaching program so what I'm doing now is I'm going to work with some of you those of you like I said that qualify and apply and I feel like I can really help I'm going to work with some of you to improve and optimize these areas of your life so that you can see tangible results I want to give you and coach you in a way where you see tangible results and you feel like you're improving your life you feel like your health wealth and relationships are improving and optimizing and becoming more of what you want them to be in your life now with that being said the reason I'm doing this one-on-one coaching because I normally wouldn't do this is for a few reasons number one I miss it number one I miss working with people one-on-one I feel like I'm an incredibly impactful coach in that manner and number two I am doing this to develop a healthy lifestyle coaching program that encompasses each of these areas and I feel like based on my experience in working with technology companies that if I want to have a successful healthy lifestyle coaching practice the one-on-one coaching is going to provide me one-on-one feedback in one-on-one wisdom and and knowledge and experience that will allow me to better shape and craft the healthy lifestyle coaching program that I'm developing that will encompass each of these areas in one way or another but mainly health and energy is what a focusing on but it will allow me to increase the quality of my healthy lifestyle coaching program so that's why I'm starting out one-on-one that's why my hourly cost is and my time is more advantageous to you now because I'm allowing people to work with me one-on-one and optimize their life in these areas and I may not offer that in the future at all once I develop in long to the healthy lifestyle coaching program which will be a downloadable ongoing coaching program within you know a members area environment and have a community around it so if this interests you if something in your your head your heart your spirit your energy is like yes I want to work with David I want to understand you know and improve and optimize my health my wellness my relationships and I feel as if I need a coach at this point in my life I am here for you and and you know it's not even about the money at this point to be honest to be completely honest and to be completely Frank I could go for a while not working and I could live very comfortably I could just sit around drink tea read books and and do yoga and eat healthy organic food all day but honestly I feel like right now I need to serve and there's so much value and this framework and these sort of ideas and if I'm not actively engaged in this in this coaching practice if I'm not actively engaged in helping people grow in health wealth and love I feel like my purpose as a human being diminishes over time so one of the things I will and if this is something that those of you you know need help or guidance or support and one of the things we can talk about too and in our first healthy lifestyle coaching call is your health wealth and relationships like where do you gravitate gravitate towards most where do you feel you have the most value to give to the world and help others you know other humans grow and other humans retain and contain and grow in their value in these sort of categories so I feel like in my life my Persian my my passion my purpose and my heart needs to be engaged in helping people grow in these areas and if I'm not doing that I'm not fulfilling my purpose so that's the biggest reason I'm recording this video it's because I feel like I need to engage in my purpose and I know that the value that I can transfer and be a conduit conduit of energy and be a conduit of inspiration be a conduit of resources and value whatever that may be and it doesn't matter your back whether you work for yourself as an entrepreneur or whether you have a job as an employee I mean I've had friends and people that have helped to go from you know working full-time in a job to being a full-time entrepreneur or people go from working a job to being a part-time entrepreneur but working still you know within you know their job as well but also having an entrepreneurial endeavor so whatever it is that you're looking to do I want to be your coach potentially like I said as long as I believe I can help you as long as I believe you're a qualified individual and you're serious I want to help you grow so anyways long story short I hope you enjoyed this video I'm going to provide a link right below this video where you can apply to be a coaching student of mine and that is just a simple questionnaire process it doesn't cost anything to apply if you apply and it doesn't work out okay that's fine if you apply and it costs too much that's fine too at least you have an idea and you have something to shoot towards so yeah so you guys click that link below check it out and apply and if you want to focus on health wealth or relationships you want to focus on anything individually that's fine like I said my two biggest value areas are health and wealth I'm still learning the relationship love category it's very complex but health and wealth I can add a lot of value and help you grow in those areas and the thing I love about this whole concept and this idea and I've thought a lot about it is that with wealth if I can help you grow your money simply by investing wisely and and not taking a high amount of risk but allowing you to grow your wealth and your money and seeing you grow your wealth through in safe secure smart investments you will then have more money to invest in your health and wellness and to invest in your energy which will reciprocate itself and be something that allows your health and relationships and wealth to grow even more because you have more resources to put into those so whatever you're you know lacking there is a solution and there is a way through the way out I have been in a place in my life when I first kind of quit my job there was a point in time where I had no money was to whatever my car broke down my computer broke down I was trying to work online this is the funny thing about it I was trying to start an online business and my car broke down so I could drive anywhere my computer broke down so I couldn't do what it what it is that I actually wanted to do and I started spending I had some savings and I started going through my savings really quickly got to a point where I had no money my bank account went negative at least once probably a few times and I mean I was literally at a point where I would get like a little check for like 50 60 70 bucks from you know affiliate marketing and it liked it like get my account back above negative and pay for the negative bank balance fees and so I've been at the you know bottom of the bottom if you will not sense of everything I've done I build myself I've never had investors I've never you know everything I've done how I build myself and I've built from the ground up and I just want people to be able to build their dream lives from the ground up and have the tools their resources the the mental capital the belief in themselves the energy the health the vitality the willpower of the environmental support everything they need to move towards move into and to thrive in their dream life so if you are ready if you are ready to finally take the first step to investing in your dream life and stop learning stop educating stop getting ideas the finally implement these ideas and create action and create frameworks that steer your life into the direction that you want it to go in please contact me click the link right below this video apply to be a coaching student and I look forward to working with you thank you so much for you time and energy if you join this video and you join this content please leave a like a lot of a comment let me know your thoughts if there's something you think I should add if there's something you have a question about if you just want to learn it it fits with you leave your questions comments concerns any of that kind of stuff below and I look forward to hearing from you thanks so much for your time once again to stay a bedroom from healthy balance recom blessings and blessings into your life and I will see you hopefully in a coaching call or in the next video take a no good day but


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  3. 200 an hour you are loco my friend

  4. I'm happy this coaching program exists now! Energy is something that many people struggle with and it is the key to every other success in life. David, you are the perfect person to do that – enlighten others about energy levels and overall health, and what can clients do to increase both and live a better, more fulfilling lives as a result.

  5. David has got to be the most energetic person I have ever met! He definitely has a lot of tips to help you boost that area of your life if you're feeling lethargic.

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