Healthy life ??🤔🤔

like it nothing too much major hope y'all like the process can't just do it overnight you gotta try and get yourself together like you want to be but as you can see you got your greens you got the fried fish you guys are shrimp and we're working on it we getting it together in healthy 2019 going into 2020 guys see it I'm trying man it's all I can do is try never judge a book by the cover you never read it you never read my book so don't judge I'm getting it together though yeah obviously check out the item details you already know yeah I already see got some detail right there yeah the one-on-one vlog too yeah I'll see you


  1. Hey, really like ur channel, but i'm on vacation in Canada now with my parents, but i wìll come back 2 u when i have WiFi, i have a limited WiFi data bundle, so but i really like ur channel.😁

  2. hi friend new here✔️sucess

  3. I love the intro very nice and yes good looks great looking forward to more content ! Let’s keep the love flowing!

  4. You have to start somewhere kel. I’m here for the healthy lifestyle

  5. Love it. Looks so healthy. Cant get enough shrimp.

  6. That plate looked awesome. New friend here from Farmall

  7. I c u bro. Aint nothing wrong wit tryin to improve your life. Keep it up, get ripped like bruce lee!!!!

  8. The food looks good and healthy 🥰

  9. New from Farmalls live stream and wanted to come over and say hello. This looks amazing…now I'm hungry again! Cheers!

  10. Food looks yummy and delicious. Enjoyed watching your video. Stay connected

  11. Yumm! Helthy or not! Thumbs up!

  12. Aww Looks amazing and healthy !! Keep being amazing .. Smashing the Like button~

  13. It looks yummy, gotta make healthier choices, new friends here, thanks for sharing

  14. Hiii

  15. Food look's good

  16. Keep on doing what your doing. Looks delicious

  17. 🤣🍽

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