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my name is Daniel today I'm going to explain more about what is healthy life that it's a properties around the world so the person who started with all of this was John Harvey Kellogg he was an American doctor as well he worked with nutrition and also with physical exercise that today we know very well well not at all also he implied in our society the term of paternalism that these people who only vegetables and fruits without meat because well they didn't want to eat a part of an animal also he is recognized for his most famous invention that is called serial foreign plates so healthy life today is really important in our lives so if you have a balanced lifestyle well please listen to me Jimmy it's really important that you change it so if you eat fast food if you have fun habits like a small food and alcohol a lot if you promise to tell it well and also it videos along well so please changing into a good one that it is yeah well healthy food shall we keep train all the days your brain and also witness that today really it is a pretty scepter that we listen in all the parts also apply to a sleep well and have a good lifestyle so well and get out of your house and going to run go to well ride your bicycle and well in that way you can start with all of this topic that is really important here we have to in foreign ways to start in this topic first it is the game and then we have color stats so Jim in the place that you can go in order to gain more muscle mass but the difference these constant is here again there is McNally and also a weight in order cure well if you want to increase it you can work with how your way I'm here in Palestine see the difference because Boston exists there is with the weight of your body only with that and also let out a lot of exercises that well is men's fun that are based on what makes us like footballs yeah well first of all you have to know what is the type of your body first we have to have to work placement where our personalities believe them then we thought that Messimer that you see the middle because it's not too thin and also it's not too fun admissible is well it is a kind of fat but is not well fat arrow so it is only the body okay the well that the mass of the body so in order that you will understand better to me so when you go to a gym first of all you have to know where what is the perfect working for you you cannot start well work working in your body with well a higher weight because in that way you are going to suffer an injury or in the most of the cases you are going to will never never am trying again okay so with calisthenics is well it is the easiest way to a star because today gyms are expensive but in calisthenics you can go to a park and you start with your exercises with only the weight of your body and also weight the bars then well it is an important question today that it is what is the best gym or callus tanks so my answer for you today it is it doesn't matter if only Mario's the passion and also the energy that you in order to a start to change your life in order to start to well I don't know change everything because everything starts here and then goes here and then you are going to see the results for well themselves so goodbye and also I hope that you will enjoy all a lot of this video so goodbye

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