hello everyone welcome back to my channel I hope that everyone is having an amazing day so I'm feeling very spring with this shirt and also because in spring you saw a recent video of mine I talk all about the law of attraction I'm just getting excited for spring you know the spring is all about the rebirth flowers are blooming and I feel like it's really inspiring the time especially for us because I was looking at one of our trees that just was a dead winter tree and now it's blooming and looks gorgeous and it's inspiring to be around and to work on you and your goals and health and all that stuff in this video I'm going to be doing a spring supplement haul and some new things that I'm trying I have my box right here so we're going to do that to show you some new things I think that we're gonna move my scissors or grizzly open the box but um I think my haul is from the store herb and this video is actually in collaboration with herb I've worked with them so many times on my channel and i also recommend them to you guys all the time chances are if you DM to me and said you know I can't get certain products in my country or I can't find certain things that you talk about I've recommended iron just because they are an online retail store a shipped out 160 countries they're very health focused that's where you can find things like collagen powder protein powder these hippies that I'm always eating these chickpea chips which you can't find these in some grocery stores but not all the flavors usually they'll have with one or two flavors whereas if you go on iron but you can find multiple flavors and the same thing kind of with different protein powders they carry a lot of interesting things like you can go and see what's new that's pretty much my favorite thing to do when I go on their website I'll see what's new and they have some sort of seaweed chip which I think I bought two or she has seen spirulina powder maca powder all the things that you see me add in smoothies a lot of those things and a lot of the brands I use you can find on Eire going on their website and trying new products too so a few of these things I've never tried before and then some things I have that I'm just a huge fan of that I really can't find in many places except iron so we're gonna do our fall we're gonna start with the haul everything is pretty healthy yeah you guys know how I eat just pretty healthy also if you are a new customer you can get a discount off your first order and we'll leave a link in my description box and all info about iron you can check them out so the first thing that I got I always get this when I place an iron order it's hippie so these are my favorite chips in the entire world so these are certified and gluten-free kosher vegan non-gmo no nuts and no soy so I wouldn't say I'm gluten free I just try not to eat gluten all the taya products will and I know there's so many skin things out now saying that the less food and you're eating it's better for your skin and I'm all about skin and gut health those are my two favorite things anything that's gonna help skynyrd got help I'm like they look like she's doodles like when you take them out of the bag which we're gonna open and do this is my favorite flavor this is the sriracha sunshine oh my god if you love a little bit of spice if you love sriracha then you need this flavor is the hardest labor to find that's why I recommend getting it on iron a lot of you guys have reached out to me and said that you've tried to hit these because I'm always talking about them but you couldn't find the sriracha flavor that's just a side note if you want to try that flavor they do have it um the flavor that is really popular though I don't know if I've ever tried it it's called the white cheddar how I've tried their other and obviously it's vegan we're gonna try it right now I don't know if I've tried the white cheddar or like a different cutter one you guys they look like this like cheese doodles wow that tastes the exact same as regular white cheese doodles like when I was looking to get pretty cheese doodles the white ones not chatter one is what that tastes like but better so the next thing I ordered I've never tried these before but I'm really excited to they're called sea snacks and the flavor is tasty toasty onion yeah toasty onion so I want to try these because there are only 25 calories so it's a low calories and a PA we're gonna open these these one I guess we're kind of doing a taste test too bad so let's pick seaweed which we've bought seaweed before and eat it like uh like wraps that's so weird it isn't sushi I'm fine I'm eating a sushi roll so good no artificial colors flavors preservatives they're paleo friendly vegan gluten free 25 calories they're delicious other things I like minimal ingredients so it's just organic seaweed organic virgin olive oil onion and sea salt so it doesn't contain a lot of things okay the next thing that I got really excited about jet raw macadamia butter this is also a product that I've never tried before so I've tried macadamia butter but not this brand we're just gonna stick my finger in because it's mine mm-hmm so what I like about this one my macadamia butter is very smooth this one is crunchy so if you like things with a little extra crunch this is by the brand wilderness poet so it says you can enjoy macadamia butter with apples bananas strawberries crackers celery sticks carrot and many raw desserts so I switched over to macadamia butter not for any particular reason but I just started liking the taste butter I'm a huge nut butter fan and lately I just have not been liking almond butter she's been very dry and I've just been wanting something new the next product is something that I do buy all the time it is still till this day my favorite protein powder I go through so much protein powder just because it's very I'm somebody that it's very easy for me to get low on protein protein powders are really important any time I'm making a fruit smoothie I usually do add a scoop of protein this is by the friend or gain and this is my favorite flavor peanut butter this is the best flavor that they have in my opinion it's actually tastes like a peanut butter smoothie when you add this with like oat milk or flats milk or any non-dairy milk coconut milk anything oh my gosh add a banana in there too so good it like actually tastes like something you would get at an ice cream shop it is so delicious so this is plant-based protein it is soy free I know not a lot of plant paper not all plant-based protein powders are soy free so I like that this one is No the next thing that I got I have not tried yet but I got based on my subscribers you guys recommendation and it is the collagen coffee creamer so as you guys know I do put vital proteins collagen on the unflavored one I put that in my coffee every single morning and it's just been really helping me with gut help skin nails just so many different things I feel really great since I'm having it in two of my coffee so we actually ran out and instead of buying the vital protein powder again I decided to try the one that you guys have been drinking which is the vital proteins collagen creamer so this I do believe this is gonna be a powder right it is dairy free it's not vegan a lot of you guys have asked are the collagen powders that I use vegan unfortunately they are not keep that in mind if you are vegan but you guys know I love love love my coffee creamer it's one of those things that I cannot live without so really excited to try this yes I will update you guys how this one is because I do have to like make coffee and everything to try it but that's what spring is all about trying new products and introducing new snacks sometimes I will watch old videos and I'll be like oh my gosh that's like during Christmas time I was drinking a lot of you know peppermint things and peppermint creamers and even a peppermint protein shake and spring is all about I feel like vanilla everything fruity but not quite yet summer fruits that make sense I don't know the next three snacks I'm gonna actually show together as I actually eat them together so we have organic dried apricots apricots apricots everything tomato tomahto organic cashew nuts and a bar of soy free at dark chocolate this is current favorite snack I eat all three together I'll have like a handful of nuts some dried fruits that apricots are my favorite and then a little bit of dark chocolate and you can put that in a container like this just like a little tiny jar I have like these little lids and you could burn them on the go and make your own healthy trail mix so the reason why I thought that snack idea is actually for my job there's a while back I think in January or February I got my blood work done and I was significantly low on iron to be honest that's a whole nother conversation that I'm gonna have soon for me being low on iron was kind of a scary deficiency more than like protein or something just because I felt tired all the time and I'm just gonna be perfectly honest with you guys I'm still feeling tired I wouldn't say I'm out of the woods yet or anything but I have been being more mindful of different snack somehow so this was a snack that you recommended adding more nuts and dried fruits and I have to say when I'm eating it I just feel so good but also if you are watching your weight or trying to be extra healthy helps with sweet tooth craving so much so cashews are my favorite nuts so I kind of like to break up the chocolate I even break up the fruit and okay fruit cashew chocolate the bus stop and then the last of my graphs I also never had this before I just thought it was interesting I saw it on their website and I was like alright I kind of want to try this this in by the brand some food super foods and it is allergy tablets I know so we're actually gonna try this so it's spirulina and chlorella if you watch my channel then you know I love fairly and I love adding it to my smoothies and stuff not because of the taste I don't love the taste but if you add a little bit or follow the serving size and then add in other things like your protein powder and banana and almond milk you're not going to taste it now if you do taste it it has kind of a fishy taste it's not my favorite taste but I never he's saying my stuff cuz I don't eat it alone but the reason why I want to try this it does say that it has vitamin b1 b2 b6 and b12 magnesium iron and zinc and just a bunch of other stuff so all this is good whether you're plant-based or not I feel like this is just really good to have in your diet it says have three to four tablets either swallow with water blend into smoothies which is what I'll probably do or eat out of the bag we're gonna try getting it out of the bag other than drink just in case fingers are all agree now use like a dry like unflavored chip taste oh the face a little old fishing yeah just no good button it into smoothies okay guys that's actually the next morning and I want to update you guys on the creamer so quick little disclaimer I already had a cup of this and actually after my second cup it is delicious so the flavor I have is vanilla but it has like a coconut vanilla taste which I love I love coconut so what you're gonna do is you're gonna take a scoop like this it is powder form and you're gonna take a hand blender gonna blend that all up until it's rich and creamy what I like is it makes your coffee a little bit thicker and creamier so if you like the more latte kind of thing in the morning then I think you would definitely like that that's what me and Jared we're saying that it kind of comes out more like a latte but one thing I see in here that it has is a lysine that I don't know if you guys remember old videos I didn't even see that this happens this morning but it says that it has a typical amino acid profile which is really good I used to take Laci and vitamins to help with cold sores and skin and just makes my skin really nice I also just saw that it does have organic coconut milk powder in tears and that is why I taste the coconut and it has so vanilla flavor so this is really yummy actually I get better than the unflavored collagen just because it gives a little like something oh that is everything guys thank you so much for watching my haul comment down below if you're going to be trying any of the snack I love you all have a fabulous day and I will see you guys soon bye


  1. My husband and I are starting a plant based diet after watching the documentaries Fork over Knife and Cowspiracy. Weโ€™re going to make sure we get spirullina and Iโ€™m going to hunt down those Hippeas snacks! X

  2. you could actually make some bars out of that apricot/chocolate/nut mix. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think I will definitely try some of those products! Especially the coffee thing lol I can't remember what it's called

  4. Okay so I've seen a lot of your vidoes. I can't remember if you ever made one that talks about different kind of smoothies. Could you make a video on what kind of smoothies you make?

  5. Love these types of videos!! I'm vegan and have been looking for something with collagen that is 100% vegan. I haven't found one yet but I'll let you know when I do. I liked the idea of it in the creamer though. If I drink coffee, it's always a latte!

  6. To order at a discount you can use the code ARO9502. This is a cumulative code. The more people order goods using this code, the higher the discount.

  7. I've been taking those spirulina tablets for over a year now & they work wonders! Boosts your energy & full of iron. Once I went Vegan my Hemoglobin dropped to 8 & I was tired all of the time. Now it's up to 14 thanks to my multivitamin & those tablets! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. โ€œIโ€™m gonna stick my finger in it…. cause itโ€™s mine ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ crack me up

  9. Iโ€™m gonna order the creamer and the regular collagen powder, the protein powder, the algae tablets and the hippeas!

  10. what camera do you use for your videos! Love your channel so much!

  11. where is this shirt from!??!

  12. Does anyone know if that protein powder is safe for pregnancy and breast-feeding?

  13. Hi Sam, love you and your videos xoxo
    I wish I could order from iHerb, but the shipping costs to Europe are insane…. I ordered a protein powder from them last summer and the shipping ended up costing 50 euros…. that is insane considering that the protein powder was only 20 euros

  14. OMG the white cheddar hippeas…. i've been vegan for almost a year and rarely miss cheese but trying these was like… wow. how have i lived without these for so long

  15. What is the tastiest vegan protein powder??

  16. I wonder if you can blend the collagen into iced coffee…

  17. Hi Sam I have a question! So if I wanted to have an ice coffee at home I would make reg brewed coffee and then add that collagen creamer ? That would act as like my โ€œmilkโ€?

  18. I hadn't heard of cheese doodles, all these snacks look so good and healthy I will be trying. I for sure think seaweed taste like sushi. Loved this

  19. its iherb not ierb

  20. Just wanted to say you look beautiful in your top!! Iโ€™m in U.K. but where is it from? Itโ€™s looks so beautiful ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ xxxxx

  21. Omg where is the top from

  22. Cutie lady ๐Ÿ˜‡

  23. So Iโ€™m watching your video at work ,on my break of course lol
    And my coworker came over to chat, I sat my phone down on the desk and she says OMG IS THAT SAM! Girrrrrrl we just talked about how much we love you for like 20 minutes๐Ÿ˜‚
    I just wanted to let you know how much you have changed lives! I am in my 20s and she is a beautiful grandma but we have both benefited from you and your videos even at these different stages of our lives , thank you so much for your hard work and positive energy! You are appreciated girl๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿงš๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  24. The hippeas are my favvv! Iโ€™ve only tried the white cheddar and ate a whole bag in a day lmao but I went out after watching this and got the sriracha ones! Yummy

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