what's up everyone welcome back to my channel if you're new my name is Alex Costin make sure to hit the subscribe button below to become part of the YouTube family listen today's video is probably one of my most requested videos of all time so today I'm going to teach you how the goes from dull and dry to smooth soft and healthy hair keep in mind this will also help you grow your hair faster so if that's the look you're going for follow these 10 tips and you'll be one step closer to your goal tip number one don't shampoo your hair every day I've said this many times but I still get a lot of questions about washing your hair look you can wash your hair every single day if you need to but that doesn't mean you should always shampoo so this is what I suggest shampoo only when you need to because it can be really harsh on your hair and scalp and strip away all the natural oils that you need for that healthy shine especially if your shampoo is not sulfate free so I wash my hair four or five times a week but I only shampoo twice maybe three times a week every other time I just use water and conditioner trust me try that and your hair is going to feel so much healthier especially if you tend to have dry hair tip number two don't be aggressive after you get out of the shower don't be aggressive on the towel drying just pat dry or you're going to end up losing a lot of hair because hair is extremely fragile and prone to breakage when it's wet and for that same reason try not to brush your hair when it's wet because this right here will tug and pull and that would be bad instead if you really have to you can use a wide tooth comb and this will do the job tip number three don't go to bed when your hair is still wet because we end up moving a lot at night and rubbing our heads against the pillow and that could also cause breakage if you do want to minimize the damage I suggest getting a silk pillowcase it's a lot softer it won't pull as much when you're moving from side to side trying to find the best position to sleep in tip number four get some argan oil something that I've added to my routine and cannot live without is argan oil it makes my hair smell amazing it makes it soft shiny smooth so even when I travel I bring one of these with me and district guys are awesome I'm going to give away a bunch of these on my Instagram all you have to do is follow me and comment on my last picture I'm going to pick a bunch of winners and send some argan oil to you trust me you're going to get a dick distance product it really helps if you have a dry scalp split end and it helps with dandruff my Instagram is at Alex Kosta so don't forget to go check it out because I'm going to be picking the winners this coming weekend tip number five beware of heat styling tools and the reason I say that is because high temperature actually weakens the fibers of your hair argan oil is actually a really good heat protectant or you can get something like this one here from Tresemme or this one from Brazilian Blowout that I really like number six avoid dying or bleaching your hair and I say that because it contains chemicals like ammonia for example that can really damage your hair or even dry your scalp I've only dyed my hair once but I was so skeptical that I was going above and beyond what is needed to make sure my hair was healthy so if you're going to do it you can do it just be careful and follow all of these tips tip number seven be careful with sun damage you know when you go out and you stay under the Sun for a very long time and then your head gets really hot well guess what that is not good for your scalp so if you can try to stay under the shade for a little while if you know you're going to be out for a long time or if you can't find any shade or you're going to be out for a while you know just at least wear hat to protect your hair and your scalp tip number eight trim your hair look regardless of what you do your hair is going to take a lot of damage just from your day to day routine if your letting it grow I get it only trim if you have to every three months or so but if you're not remember to get a trim every few weeks because it gets rid of any damaged broken or split ends which you don't want tip number nine find a good hair mask this is something that I started doing a lot more recently and trust me my hair has never felt better alright there's a bunch of different masks you can try but the ones I recommend are the avocado masks because they're super natural and very healthy same for coconut oil masks which I do once a week because I tend to have really dry scalp and this really helps you basically just put it on your hair and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and then you can wash it off tip number 10 is the easiest one of them all let your hair breathe once in a while don't do anything to it no clay no gel no pomade that way your hair can breathe and you can relax remember that stress is actually not good for your hair so you don't want to get stressed out and lose all of it guys make sure to follow me on instagram at Alex Kostas so you can win some free products and you can click right here for that and then also subscribe right here because I think we're really really close to hitting 300 thousand subscribers which is insane thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you again soon peace


  1. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram @alexcosta so get some free products!

  2. Argan oil fine to use after washing with only conditioner?

  3. I treat my hair like shit and it is thick and luscious. I’ll probably be implementing these tips though because I already have argan oil.

  4. I normally not use shampoo i use only soap it's ok

  5. Hey guys might I ask . Is it normal to shed hair while applying conditioner?????

  6. If I don't comb wet hair then my dry hair doesn't get combed,,what to do?

  7. anyone who is watching for there younger brother

  8. Good work bro

  9. Your name Alex Costa is 2 giannis antetokoumnpo's brother

  10. Nice

  11. Hello, iam Asian, my hair is very hard, hard to get into, is there any way I can soften my hair at home?

  12. am from morroco and i have a lot of organ oil so am lucky

  13. Any suggestion for rough and curly hairs?….😢

  14. Tell us How to have Hair Actually 🙍

  15. What if i sweat every day?

    Can i shampoo every day?

  16. Thank you brother…to give suggestion……love u from india

  17. Who else saw a TIC TOK ad before the video🤦🏽‍♂️

  18. Does oil prevent hairfall

  19. Lmao, half of the tips is how not to go bald.

  20. I'm confused shampoo or conditioner is good for hair

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  24. I use Hair serum for making soft

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  27. My dry hair is the hair that looks good. When the oils kick in it looks bad.

  28. Dryness of hair. How to solved this problem.?plz tell me

  29. I made my hair better by taking biotin pills every day for 3 months, really game changer guys.

  30. if ur age below 20 try to eat curry leaves every day and intake must be 30 to 50 leaves . and do head bath 2 day in a week applying oil . dont mastrubate everday it must be in 1month 2 time

  31. I get it that cold countries shouldn’t wash their heads every day. But I live in a tropical country, sweating is unavoidable and so every head bath is a must.

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