Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

okay guys I want you to take a look at these two plates and tell me what you think about it which one do you think has more food why don't you start Alan me okay oh this one is ok but it's too much so i can add this one because this is pleasure control okay and what do you think this is so much this is someone far on this place I want to have that one no it's not a lot of fold okay well I'm glad I suppose you of this because I'm going to teach you a little trick actually they're both the exact same amount of food but this is a smaller plate so this looks like it has a lot of food on it and this is a good thing because when you're hungry you're going to think you're eating a lot of food but you're really eating your portion controlled but if you take a big plate like this you probably won't put the food out like this you'll probably want to put pile it up with food and fill it up so it's always good to try and take a smaller plate so that's a little trick I taught you today you can use it okay


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