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in this video we'll be sharing some healthy habit hacks because you know we can all use a pleasant reminder what healthy means from one person to another can vary so these are just some habits that I've personally incorporated into my routine that helped me feel like I'm taking care of my mind my body my spirit you know all those feel good vibes now if you're interested we've also created a free pdf you can get it in the description box below and this is for anybody who feels that they might need some guidance because some of these habits might feel new to them there's also some tips in there that we aren't going to be exploring in this video so be sure to get your copy if you're interested all right let's dive in whether you're a morning person or not having a morning routine for whenever you do wake up can really help the sediment those healthy habits no right or wrong here just find what feels most natural and achievable to you my morning routine includes habits like drinking enough fluids having a wholesome and filling breakfast getting in some exercise or light stretching and then getting some fresh air we've already done a video on morning routines so I'll link that for you here to watch in case you're interested feeling down and frustrated about stuff can happen to the best of us but sometimes we can get caught in a cycle of self-defeating negativity that can really build a toxic environment in our minds in our relationships or maybe in the way that we view our self-worth so try to adopt a positive mindset whenever you can and I know that that's easier said than done so if you need a little bit of a trick or an exercise here's one that might help get an elastic band or bracelet and switch it from one wrist to the other each time you find yourself complaining criticizing gossiping or anything else that's creating a negative behind space by taking part in this exercise for a few days they'll snap yourself out of the cycle of negative thinking which you can then use as a prompt to switch your mindset to a positive one instead quite often when people want to create new habits they focus on the things that they want to no longer do but instead what we want to do is focus more of our attention to the things that we want to add more of into our lives so instead of thinking I need to stop eating junk food the thought might now become I'd like to start eating some more fruit or something to that effect no one likes being told that they're gonna be deprived of something but everybody likes knowing that they can have more of something so use this little hack to shift your mindset into making the desire change a welcoming activity instead so it's build on the previous point we're focusing more on those things that we want to add more of into our lives right but at the same time we want to make sure we're not restricting the things that might be deemed less healthy because health in my opinion is about balance so for example enjoying that bag of chips on movie night it's not something to feel guilty about we focus on eating well most of the time and we allow indulgences on occasion as well and most importantly we allow ourselves to enjoy them you probably knew this one was coming it's all about stocking up and preparing meals at home whenever you can for a video on pantry essentials I'll link it for you below but making sure that you have the right food on hand makes for more wholesome snack choices and healthier meal prep so enjoy that meal out every once in a while but nothing can beat the nutritional value of a wholesome home-cooked meal sometimes making healthy choices doesn't have to mean a huge overhaul in your habits it can just be a simple substitution of products that you're already using take for example cleaning products and make up for the last few months I've been using make up from 100% pure a company who's transitioning to becoming 100% vegan and I want to thank them for sponsoring this video because their product is something I truly believe in not only is this makeup made with only natural plant-based ingredients and pigmented using fruit dyes but it's also cruelty free which is part of making healthy choices for me as well I used to think that making the substitution to vegan makeup meant that I had to sacrifice on quality but that's just really not the case I mean I use this mascara eyeshadow and lipstick throughout our trip to Indonesia and it held up incredibly well despite the heat and now another way to use more natural products might be using simple castile soap and water as your go-to cleaning product instead of chemical cleaning solutions I'm also a fan of using microfiber cloths for efficient cleaning in place of using paper towels although these choices are better not only for our immediate health of course but also for the environment so I'll leave a link to each of them in a description box below in case you're interested in trying them out as well decluttering I view as being healthy in two different ways for one I feel that when I have a tidy home I also have a clear mind I feel that I can be more productive and I feel I can also give myself permission to relax and unwind in this little oasis I've created but another way I find it to be healthy is that it encourages me to buy less otherwise I'm just adding to the clutter all over again we can all feel anxious angry stressed or overwhelmed from time to time so let's use the power of our breath to help ground ourselves take just a moment to close your eyes put your hands on your belly and feel the rising and falling of the abdomen taking this moment for yourself can really help you to recollect which then allows you to enter the situation again with a fresh mind visualization is an extremely powerful tool Napoleon Hill once said whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve so create a vision board a Pinterest board or just lay down and close your eyes for five minutes and envision what it is you want now keep doing this and trust me you're gonna make it happen this is one of my favorites so instead of just having a list of to do's and crossing things off as you go along create an accomplishments list as well I do this all the time I mean recognizing all of the things that you've done that day or a week or month and displaying it somewhere it just really helps to keep you going it feels good to see all the stuff that you've achieved instead of just looking ahead at the neverending pile of to do so this little hack has helped me personally maintain my productivity and healthy habits I didn't finish being a student when I finished school I mean I'd like to think that we're all students of life continuously learning but I feel the most fulfilled when I'm actively learning so whether this is going to my Dutch classes listening to audiobooks or being a nutrition geek and reading up on the latest nutrition research whatever it is you'll continuously enrich your life by learning something that's new and of course something that's of interest to you seriously take a moment each day to do something that you love I mean life is too short to miss out on this one whether it's spending time with a loved one taking a walk in nature working on your creative outlet or watching an episode of Friends nothing is better for your health and those feel-good vibes and so maximize it whenever you can give something of yourself to others each day and this helps not only them to feel good but you too whether it's a kind deed sharing a compliment giving a smile to a total stranger I mean a small act of kindness can be huge to somebody who might have just really needed it that day now there are many more healthy tips and hacks that can be shared so if we've missed anything go ahead and share that in the comments section below or you can grab that PDF in the description box and there are sections there for you to add your own healthy habits as well before you leave if you enjoyed this video we welcome you to also give it a thumbs up and thanks a lot for watching pick up I'm signing off and we'll see you in the next video you


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