oh hey guys welcome back to my channel I have missed you so much I know I've been a my a here on YouTube for about a month or so when things pick up with my coaching and my clients and the different offers that I have and the different experiences that I have YouTube is usually the first to kind of get put on the back burner just because it is definitely the hardest and something that takes a lot of creative energy for me so I really appreciate you guys being patient and coming back with this new video and just hanging out with us today Olly says thank you I say thank you Rosie says thank you and I'm gonna do a grocery haul for you because it's been a while and I usually shop at Trader Joe's and they have some new goodies to show you so I figured I would take you through everything that I got and kind of explain like what each thing is for and give you guys some new meal ideas so what I have is big bag here and a bay here and so I always like to go with a insulated like freezer bag for all my cold stuff so we will start it there and also if you watched my haul videos before then you definitely know that I always like to have egg grocery unpacking snack and lately I've been loving the barbecue pop-tart ridges these are rich potato and corn snack seasoned with tangy barbecue they're kind of like pop chips like the ridge ones and they are really good and really macro friendly we'll start with cold stuff I have organic cage-free eggs pretty self-explanatory I like to always stock up on berries they're not right now at all so they're pretty expensive and I try to limit result but I end up saying like $15 every time on berries cuz I just love that more than my favorite snack my other favorite snacks are apples these are organic autumn glory apples and they're supposed to taste like sweet cinnamon caramel I would say these tastes they smell kind of like apple cider like they really do smell like fall flavors and they taste a little bit like fall flavors it's not like cotton candy grapes where it's really strong but it's a little something-something and it makes them kind of fun and interesting fun and fresh and then other scents that I always go to are baby carrots cucumber slices and with those I always like to do krumitz this time I got the roasted garlic and then other snacks are like our baby Bell baby Bell cheese and for those I got the savory thing and gluten-free crackers to snap on my favorite salad right now is the shawarma chicken thighs over top of the butter lettuce with cherry tomatoes and feta and cucumber and olive oil and salt and pepper and lemon and it's like the perfect Greek salad and these chicken thighs are super flavorful and easy I'm eating meat currently maybe like once a day which is a lot less than I used to and I'm really proud of making like those changes so really the only meat that I got is for my chicken thighs and one thing of uncured dry rub bacon feel like that's pretty self-explanatory but one thing I want to use the bacon for is making like a what is it called you just watched youtube video for this this morning what is that called the pasta dish with like bacon and parmesan I literally just watched a recipe video for this morning I'm so mad right now I don't know why I can't think of what it's called I watched a video for this morning Bon Appetit has the best YouTube videos and I love our recipes yes carbonara okay so I watched Molly from Bon Appetit make mushroom carbonara this morning and so I like watching random YouTube videos while I won't make a barn in the morning and I watched her make that so I got the ingredient I thought you know kita try it with this mystical flower no key and sorry Amy okey and I love this I always keep the stock to my fridge but I also have to chickpea pasta to try it with I'm gluten free it's a new year but that doesn't mean I can eat pasta so I got the Kamini mushrooms I already have now I have eggs and I already have Parmesan cheese so I thought I thought that I can make her version but then also still put bacon in it because I feel like carbonara is really carbonara without bacon or pancetta more cool things I got the for some vegetable medley and this is like an organic blend of peas corn carrots and green beans and I used to eat like probably a whole bag of this growing up like it's my favorite thing ever and my parents never had problems to make me vegetables because this is like vegetable candy so I'll usually eat like half a bag of that at a time and it's super easy there's absolutely nothing wrong with frozen veggies in fact they can actually be better for you because they're usually like picked and frozen at peak freshness so they maintain a lot of the nutrients so don't be afraid of your organic veggies I always stay stocked as far as more protein sources I got a couple of the Icelandic style of non-fat yogurt this is basically like Greek yogurt but less sour and a little more like rich tasting even though it's nonfat so highly recommend this or if you're not at Trader Joe's like any sort of secure I think it's called any sort of icelandic style yogurt is so good and I think way better than Greek yogurt and then last but not least from the cold section sauerkraut Trader Joe's makes their own and it's super yummy sauerkraut is great for probiotics for that gut health you know I'm all about it so I like to add sauerkraut to kind of just like on the side of my meals and yeah and I have a huge pile of stuff in from me but why don't we just keep going let's just keep this rolling because I'm not really a teddy worse than anyone so it's fine like I said cherry tomatoes perfect for sellers and snapping I got another bag of these barbecue top chips because really there's only like three servings in the whole day pretty quick more pantry staples at the almond cashew macadamia nut milk I like to keep this as a backup for the almond milk that I already have in my fridge then more essentials peanut butter this is the creamy Noster one I would say this is equivalent to like Skippy natural where it's not necessarily truly natural peanut butter which is like peanuts and salt personally I think that natural like truly natural peanut butter does not taste good like I don't like it that is the Petty Hill that I'm willing to die on I don't like it I would rather have a little sustainably sourced palm oil a little sugar in there and then it tastes like absolutely amazing but I'm willing to not do the healthy thing in this case because I just I can't do like normal natural peanut butter I don't like it I don't like it I've been without this for a couple weeks and I was eating almond butter and again like nothing cuts it so I got one and I also got backup because I never want that to happen like ever again more staples avocados of course you get one that's like more ripe and one that's not right so that you can kind of switch through them and then we got a lemon I don't know what I'm gonna use it for but I always I was leaving it I got some fans and chips these are really they're yummy I don't know if they're really worth it to me but I thought it'd be fun to mix it up and then my little like treat that I got myself the dark chocolate PB&J minis these are like PB&J at truffles basically and they're so good they're like a perfect little sweet bite for after the meals like you know but can't financial internet without having a little something-something at the end so I love those and then all the little spray and some spindrift raspberry lime sparkling water for some sip seas I love sipping up something carbonated while I work or while I watch Netflix or well I do chores or really well I do anything I just I love the bubbles oh and then how could I forget it burn the fern we already named him his name is Vern and he's a really cute fern we picked him up Trader Joe's has the best plans especially right now they have such a big variety and I mean I'm not very good at keeping them alive so thank goodness Trader Joe's has cheap ones I think he was five dollars so I have to find a bright in direct sunlight location in my house somewhere which is really hard we only have windows on one side of our apartment but I'll try my best and this is everything this should last me about a week in addition to like the pantry staples I already have I always have things like gluten free oats few science if you can select protein I always have like we have chocolate I always have a lot of staples on hand so that's not absolutely everything that I eat but this is kind of my usual rotation I can get in and out of Trader Joe's in like 15 minutes flat at this point because I have such a routine there and I like to know where everything is so I feel pretty simple I go to eat maybe once or twice a week but this is kind of what my balanced diet looks like I hope that this gave you guys some meal ideas and just inspired you for your next trip to the grocery store I would love to hear what sort of videos you guys want to see next so please leave a comment down below and I will pick one video suggestion to win it your own tub of PE science protein whether it's the regular protein that's way in casein or the vegan protein that's a pea and brown rice blend I'll pick one comment to win a free tub and be sure to also like the video and subscribe to my channel because I'm super excited to make more videos for you and be here on a consistent basis once again and again thank you for just being patient and kind of giving me some time to get my filming mojo back because I definitely didn't want to come back and give you guys anything less than my best but you can always find me on instagram and my podcast we do a new episode every single Tuesday so you can find us at the granny be gratefull podcast on the apple podcast app itunes google play music stitcher and a friendly great.full so I'm all over the place even if I'm not on YouTube I would love to see you around and I'd love to have you to subscribe to my channel yeah I think that's it I'm gonna let you guys go I am literally the worst outros and I'm also the worst I like saying bye to my friends or like getting off the phone with my clients just not a strength of mine and a opportunity for growth so I'm gonna go now I love you guys so much and I'll see you in the next one but until then and grind and be grateful my friends you


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