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hey everybody welcome to the Kozak's kitchen it's coach Kozak but ya know the sound rooms gonna let her run off after she said hello so we're keeping it real today in the kitchen Claudia just got back from a Costco run and we thought what a great opportunity to just show you guys what we buy at Costco so we didn't really set up much for this we're just gonna go right through it as you can see my hair looking a hot mess but again this is real this is how we live every day I miss my Costco run last week so this one's a little bit bigger than usual so just bear with us yeah so we have oh and she's down and she wants to manage to wait okay so we're going to start on server side yeah because you're in this side so obviously um I got our fruit so I get a lot of blueberries for olisandra because she it's great for breakfast her smoothies um and I think in another one I have blackberries that I bought today yeah okay great so we have blueberries blackberries Oh blackberries blackberries I actually have a 12 how many that talk about the apples we get our apples Moscow is they're really great and then of course don't forget the rotisserie chicken I actually have a recipe video coming up that shows you how i repurpose this rotisserie chicken so you have a look out for that so it's great leftover chicken recipe video of course hit him with the salsa boom goes in everything as a pain I mean if you think about it I mean there's like 10 calories in this if you want to spice up something you know don't put cheap like you know piles of cheese on it right now or even ketchup salsa is a much better alternative great absolutely um and we go through a ton of eggs so I always get two dozen eggs I go there yeah from Claudia's baking to just for breakfast and they will use them for everything yeah pretty much exp marker brush yeah um we get our bread they're really awesome deal this is like $6.99 for two loaves of bread yeah for good quality dress we're talking about getting nutrition in your bread right nutrition in your bread show them what you have yeah come here that corner ah she's running away Fanning the opposite direction ha ha so high they ran off with the little baby Bell cheese's so just let a little individual like one serving maybe have one two of them cheese's it's like a white creamy cheese they're super portable we actually just I heard like we're bad whenever we have Park dates with a little bit of fruit it's a great way for her to get her calcium they're on the go a protein snack she actually had one on the way home actually man no they look super small maybe surprised it's actually like pretty freely going yeah yeah like this an apple we got 70 calories 5 grams of protein 6 grams of fat so it's yeah it's more Carolina looks I know you're like the heck am I gonna do with that little thing no actually I mean if I say it's filling I mean something don't knock it till you try it um okay I did say bread right your bread eggs right our quinoa and brown rice one of my favorite staples like whenever I just need like complex carbs in a meal like often with microwave so you want a rice mixture and they have 1 minute in the microwave there's nothing wrong with cheating nobody says to be healthy you have to stand in your kitchen for hours an hour thinking food if this helps you save time do it exactly um I'm super excited about this I am a sucker for quest bars I'm a cheapskate so I don't necessarily like pain form that's true and we don't these come in a 20 count they were $17.99 if you compare that to a box of 12 quest bars for $24.99 you get two flavors in one and actually on the way home I had the chocolate chip cookie dough I think I like it actually I know I like it better that means something cuz the I know like that's fun of your favorite it's my favorite quest bar your favorite and actually does taste more like you know so I can't wait to give these a try we had heard about these so this is our first time to find these but if they get the Claudia seal of approval and it's really good she's got a sweet tooth thanks with you um they're not at every Costco because my sister in Texas said that they weren't in hers I tried one location here didn't have it and I tried another one and a half in habit so just check at your local probably rolling them off slow slow but it's worth a lot else yeah um tuna cans of tuna quick protein we make tuna salad kind of self-explanatory but it's just staple to have in the house all the zombies favorite so Oh avocados yes we got our time no fats Omega threes what do you mean no she went through the baby bells she's you know what you crazy girl you may have to just grab it look at this this is what we deal with like it's a wrapper on it right like you seen this it's wax there's like a little wax come she just she's just you're crazy girl get your daddy gonna have our horse our buff we have our grape tomatoes sometimes I just don't the oven on top of chicken for a quick roasted tomato good and salads self-explanatory I love crunchy and salty stuff like most people do these are probably my favorite if you have a problem with portion sizing or binging probably not the best thing because these are evening yes especially a bag that size yeah so sometimes I have to remind my wife that um I'm gonna calm down in the yeah it's true all right okay what else we got okay I've got more more greens this is just like a kale mix again keeping it easy so that you know oh we don't have it excuse oh we don't go do the fast food thing you know having as many prepared who's ready to go that are healthy that we can just you know give it a head start on dinner like this isn't a whole dinner but the head start right and I'll actually do a recipe with this this is actually a good idea because there's I usually mix this with some ground turkey meat and mix kind of an Asian flavor show you exactly how I do that but it's gonna have to come up with them so mark your calendars about market I don't know where I have to get three of these three contests for Coach Kozak sour cream sour cream kind of sugar low fat cottage cheese not sour cream literally three times were these never know three pounds apiece that's nine pounds of cottage cheese I mean because that's the way that I easily add extra protein to every meal so we also use it in smoothies I usually just eat them by itself with some salsa mixed in it it's actually really so y'all turn you're trying to gain weight you just can't eat enough and because most of the time when you can't gain weight or you can't gain muscle you're not eating enough so that's a good trick here go oh she's crawling out of like she's okay she's good she got some scraped up knees right now she just took a spill concrete I'm probably going to blanch these and do something with them that is just broccoli broccoli chocolates snacks again easy freezer meals those individual bags individual bags so it's quinoa kale with garlic olive oil and sea salt even had this boy this we have we have this new packaging it threw me off your packaging same thing in fact it's great to add with any side right so you know if you think you know well what do i you know k we have the chicken but I know I'm not supposed to do white potatoes like what do i what do I add you know for the car okay here's a good option that we do the the quinoa brown rice another option right so there are other starches out there that are low glycemic starches that aren't going to get your raise your blood sugar through the roof so something to think about when you're choosing your your car for your meal um getting to the nutrition yeah oh well one more Greek yogurt self-explanatory um you can eat it by itself you can mix in some sweetener mix that through breast smoothies or gonna make a smoothie for Olli with more about eating something a little Middle Eastern inspired I'll make a cucumber yogurt sauce oh yeah um deal so it's just plain and I can do a lot with it and I think nibble we're back over there we do my good I thought we were done oh we had the proteins here we go oh let's see coach huh gak's breakfast Canadian bacon so I don't do normal bacon I do the Canadian bacon yeah I'm much more of fat lower in fat and actually higher protein so three slices 70 calories 11 grams per two girls back there we have looks like some clean roasted turkey breasts no antibiotics hormones Luddite rides I'm a sandwich I love sandwiches yeah so she's this more than I do because the UA doesn't fill me up I feel like pretty much eat like one of these whole containers and it's not cost-effective but full time doubt for this one defeat her husband oh man we've got a classical ones week just so and famous so everyone knows I'm an ER webs you know no bananas another one my staples more protein more protein uh chicken and a three pack here uh yeah oh this is dripping all right yeah so it's just chicken breast organic certified chicken brownie Alison prison do it trying to go fast we're moving rappin what do we got help we got a piece of tube one and a half pounds brown turkey breasts yes oh we don't do a lot of ground beef we do sometimes most of the time to surround turkey mess house even our you know if we're going to make burgers like brown turkey burgers you made ground pork burgers over did 93% and lastly that watermelon it's the summer we're treating ourselves with the delicious watermelon hey thank you so much for hanging out with us in our kitchen today come on up there Eileen so give me your pretty little face better end up needs means this was our Costco trip if you liked this video make sure you give it a big ol thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you did like this video make sure you check out has to town where we have hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and complete workout programs follow us on whatever social media platform you're on we are there we are where you are trust me up two full-time jobs hanging out there all day long in it including our snap app has fit all right thank you so much I'm coach Cosette yeah and here is Islay and we'll see you at your next workout


  1. I'm so glad I recently found you all on here! You make my home workouts so great! I'm a mom of 3 and work full time so can't always make the gym but hasfit videos have been so awesome and challenging!! I had a huge feeling you all had something modest and special from watching my first hasfit vid and what a pleasant surprise to find out about your faith!

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  10. Great video, very healthy but anyone who can buy their fruits and veggies from Costco is doing pretty well financially!! They’re way more expensive than the other grocery stores and it’s the same product! For example a package of dole fresh pineapple spears were $7 about 5 years ago— they had to stop selling it because very few were buying it. Some things are overpriced and their fruit and vegetables are 1 example!

  11. I appreciate your workouts and advice and style but please consider how much plastic waste you are presenting on this video. These products maybe cheap but in the long run the plastic is clogging up the oceans and destroying wildlife, The best way to stop food processors and supermarkets is to vote with your feet buy refusing to buy all that plastic. At least talk about waste and what to do with all that plastic.

  12. I just love you guys!!! You are real people in my world that I can relate to!! Thank you for being yourselves for all of us to see! It’s confirmation that I’m doing things right! ❤️

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