Healthy Foods for Eating After 50

hi this is Deborah Atkinson voice for fitness and the author of navigating Fitness after 50 your GPS for choosing programs and professionals that you can trust so it's not in this book although I do talk about nutrition and I talk about 10 common mistakes that we make that I've noticed over the last 28 years self included in some of those but I'm here to talk to you and you clicked here because you're interested in healthy foods for over 50 eating so that you can reach your goals which are probably really did a fitness related to health related to making the most of your nutrition your exercise and not to leave out having it taste good is really important so I have great news for you and in this short tip I'm going to give you I can't completely give you all the information that I'd love to share so if you click here it will take you to a newsletter for active aging tips so you'll get articles videos and current information that will help you with your exercise your nutrition your lifestyle choices so you've been actively aged and enjoy it so healthy fat is what we're going to talk about today so if you grew up in the last 30 years listening to and observing parents aunts uncles people dieting some where you may have taken in the fact that fat makes you fat that's just false so fat actually we know now can help stave off the lows and the highs that happen with sugar levels in the bloodstream they can keep you full of more energy that you can actually use for exercising to your benefit and it shows that a lot of people who include more fat in their diet truly a more balanced diet that's about a third of that about a third of protein and about a third of carbohydrate actually do better then traditionally what we were brought up to think of as a balanced diet or what that would look like so taking into me that into account that you should have healthy fat what is a healthy fat so there are a lot of theories on that and I'm gonna give you what I can within my scope of practice so that said I'm not a registered dietician and not a nutritionist and if you have any conditions or special issues like high blood pressure cholesterol heart disease you need to check with one on your very specific diet needs but healthy fats include olive oil avocados Salmons nuts and seeds and those types of things that carry a lot of omega threes so some of the recent popular diets were Paleo diet and you know there's a lot right about that diet but one of the things that's coming out about it now is that because it was so rich in omega-6 and not an omega-3 that it caused actually potentially a lot of inflammation and inflammation is something we know now to be a source of the beginnings of risk for more disease including heart disease and even cancer and so decreasing the amount of inflammation throughout your body with the right balance of fats carbohydrates and healthy proteins and making sure that you are keeping those at bay with omega-3s as well as omega sixes so not an overabundance of omega-6 that's the important thing those things will help you olive oil nuts seeds avocados Salmons Orlick dishes those types of things are things you should include in your diet on a regular basis and it's not that you need to shy away from that so much even saturated fat is not as as we once thought it to be so eating foods with cholesterol in them less and less that belief that eating high cholesterol foods elevated the cholesterol in your body it's not as true as we used to think what we're hearing now is that trans fat is the evil of all evils so that manufactured processed partially a hydrogenated oil that was in so many foods you buy with the barcode on it so boxed crackers and cereals you really need to check your labels anymore for things that have trans fat in it and they're required to label it and place it on the label so that you will know and more and more manufacturers now have been forced to get creative to take it out because they know we're looking trans fat you want to keep it to a minimum and some will say under 10 grams a day but it's not as bad as it was once thought so ease up on that and don't be afraid of something with fat in it that's got a lot of nutrient density like eggs mono fats and poly fats are always going to be your best friend so if you're looking for specifically kinds of fats to use in cooking or stir frying so in small bits those are perfectly fine the only thing with olive oil you want to be aware of is the pure extra-virgin olive oil at high heat actually can be worse for you so if you're cooking at high heat you're not using it for the oil and a salad dressing for instance or you're not cooking at a very low heat maybe some heating something up oil in the pan but you're really baking or you're cooking a high heat stir fry you need to go with just a regular olive oil not an extra virgin olive oil and there it is your healthy fats healthy foods for after 50 for more information just like that click 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