Healthy food when you're in a hurry 2019

although health food fans back once again I wanted to talk to you guys about would say you're out of time you're trying to figure out how food why you guys you're going down the road a lot of stores are closing let's say you drive a lot I'd have the answers for you eight greens in one so you guys need help getting your vegetables this stuff is incredible eight greens in one you know you take two scoops of this all you guys do is add water to it now I see a lot of people don't want to take the whole shake idea now I'll tell you this is a really awesome thing you can do is you can make a huge shake they don't cover you for dinner you tended from protein so you can add your protein your vegetables from even more from a turmeric powder you can mix in there too you know blenders are really cheap now like I said you know this is a really good way if you're always on the run there's a lot of stuff like this stuff is really good for you guys this is really good the protein superfood really good company I highly recommend this stuff and I think it you know really could benefit a lot of people so really healthy so this stuff is really good the this stuff is really good this is they have a lot of different flavors of this this is the energy one which is really good and not to mention this will definitely make you feel better take enough of this uten detox as well but let's just say that there's energy one they died chocolate flavor they got all sorts of flavors on the stuff pre-dice so you don't got to worry about you know all the one who I get well this is just a shortcut to help yeah like I said the tumeric really good it can help kill pain it can do a lot of stuff and like I said it's just a little powder as you can see not that hard to work with so these are all powders it's really handy staying healthy and these are just some shortcuts II you know UT news I really meant recommend it greens of one actually tell you guys one of the things is when you're in a hurry you want something quick as you can see it's just green powder you know something say when it tastes the best but you don't hey when you're in a hurry you know once you're drinking the shake you know you mix some of these different ones that or it doesn't really taste bad it tastes actually really good and you can mix a lot of different stuff together and you know make sure you know you guys are getting good healthy products like from the vegan and just the different stuff there's no Gary you ten Halle cute nice it is you don't need milk you to mix it with water so another thing I wanted to recommend what I got you guys here is green tea all you need is some hot water tend it that almost heat some water up almost anywhere you go but yeah it greens in one from the amazing grass super greens really good healthy stuff and I guess I they also like chocolate flavor so your drink will taste like chocolate from chocolate peanut butter and tumeric if you guys you know as well so these are all healthy things to keep you healthy feeling well you guys like the video don't forget to ascribe hit that Bell for modifications and I'll be back with more health food on this channel almost every single day thank you for watching everybody


  1. Hey man what's up man how are you doing today???

  2. Great that we have this kind of channel and info, turmeric is always a must- have..πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜

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