Healthy Food vs Junk Food Challenge

hey guys welcome back to my channel and today I'm here with my two friends and my little brother and today we're gonna be doing the heavy dude was this junk food challenge so let's get started okay I wonder what is in it yeah let's rock paper scissors rock paper scissors shoot I went like that this one guys delicious so let's go to the next round so guys now the score is 1 to 0 so now that it's the next round now I've got my food so now let's do rock paper scissors rock paper scissor shoot I got dairy milk seems to I got Tomatoes oh yeah yeah my god wait dr. Zia my good man goes we have a mind three two one so juicy it's three two no sorry sorry it's – do what – two one – I guess you have to finish the whole thing next time oh good good it's awesome okay I guess let's go to the next round now let's do rock-paper-scissors rock-paper-scissors shoot yeah good I think I'm going to switch I guess both of us get a point I don't know yeah we that point because we take a risk we eat so much bad stuff okay so for two three no three two – oh okay but thanks for next up this round let's go to the next one now the food is here very nice okay Wow I need a piece of tissue paper to throw it I love it so who gets the points with this stuff I guess so guys this is the end for this video and don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and you're doing a notification yeah and by my next video


  1. The video camera kept shaking. My eyes are hurting

  2. Luckily no gross food 😂

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