Healthy Food Shopping Vlog


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  3. Just started watching your videos and I'm obsessed! I love how informational they are and unique. I feel most fitness channels don't talk about all the topics that you cover

  4. My boyfriend and I are considering going vegan. Videos like these are very helping while considering my shopping lists! Can you make more videos like these por-favor?!

  5. amazing vlog

  6. Chocolate milk and pop tarts? Seems a bit junk-foody.

  7. Nicely done! Dropping some knowledge here.

  8. Miss the pre vegan vlogs

  9. Nice video dude i subed 🙂 can you please checkout my channel?

  10. gosh I got scared of the fish

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  12. it was healthy until u bought milk

  13. I love Whole Foods! Usually my weekly groceries are $100 and over! 😳☺️😱

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  15. brett why are u so hot

  16. wow i never knew that Pop Tarts or dairy milk were healthy. well u learn something knew every day i guess.

  17. more vlogs please

  18. Too high. But to each his own.

  19. Prob be too long BUT it would be cool to see how you ate (whether in a recipe or by itself) all those items. The Whole Foods closest to us is about an hour. I'd totally buy those items. Why not show us how to shop in a regular grocery store!! I'd LOVE THAT!! Thanks Brett 👍

  20. better go to Costco or Target they are way cheaper and have tons of organic shit now.

  21. There is not much healthy food shopping here, i can get the same items at walmart or shoprite for half of the price, it just doesn't say organic on it.

  22. Hey Brett, when you're shopping how can you tell if fruit is realllyy organic or if they just switched stickers because they want to rip us off?

  23. Thanks

  24. OK eating dead animals ! You are not gain anything

  25. Youre so healthy its disgusting to watch

  26. Wow. Organic is pricey!!! However I wouldn't mind giving it a try

  27. I love watching you. please make more vlog videos…WE LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH

  28. Organic is Oxpensive lol thanks for the video trying some healthy foods I never tried before,that fish looked scary lol sorry I wont be eating that following 👍 take care

  29. So funny, the jaws music part! ^0^

  30. Quite an expensive trip

  31. EWWW! 3:32

  32. I love your videos Brett! So informative. Please do a budget shopping trip though, would be amazing!!

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