Healthy food shopping after a heart attack

hello I'm dr. John Kenny consultant cardiologist and medical director of the category ability service at the bounce of course hospital Cork this DVD is intended for patients who've undergone a cardiac event and would like to know more about diet and heart health this session is supported by the Irish Heart Foundation by the Irish Association of cardig rehabilitation and involves a visit to a supermarket by a dietitian hello theis is my name and I'm a dietician based in the bonsecours Hospital in Cork today we're going to be talking about diet and heart health the information within this DVD is intended as general heart protection dietary advice you advise to contact a registered dietician if you have any specific dietary needs or if you've been given previous advice that conflicts with the contents of this DVD making the right food choices can help you manage your cholesterol your weight your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease the key to healthy eating is to eat a wide variety of foods based on the food pyramid this helps provide the vitamins minerals and goodness you need from your food to protect you from disease the Irish food pyramid is composed of five food groups each forming a layer or shelf the bottom shelf composed of breads cereals rice pasta and potatoes is for the group we should eat the greatest quantities of the narrowest depicts the group we should eat the least of such as oils fats and sugary foods above the bottom shelf are fruits and vegetables the middle shelf is milk cheese and yogurt and below the top layer is meat fish and alternatives advice to drink plenty of water is also given I'll be discussing these in more detail as we work our way around the supermarket the first group I'd like to talk about are the carbohydrate pasta rice cereals potatoes and breads fall into this group carbohydrates give us fuel or energy these foods don't contain a huge amount of fat it's once you add to these foods or the sources that you use that has an effect on your waist so what about portions the quantity of these foods can have an effect on your weight also if you take in a lot more energy than you need it can be stored as waste as a guide we're looking at getting between 6 and 11 portions in the day an example of a portion would be a small bowl of cereal a slice of bread one small potato or something like two tablespoons of pasta or cut rice these foods also give us fiber porridge is an excellent source of soluble fiber and helps to lower the amount of cholesterol your body absorbs insoluble fiber or roughage as is called would be things like your Weetabix your fruit fiber all bran and it helps to maintain a healthy digestive system whole grain cereals as well as whole grain breads are a good source of roughage or fiber in terms of breads were looking at wholemeal whole grain a whole fiber leaving your skins on your potatoes is another way of getting fiber into the diet mashing or boiling as opposed to say making potatoes into chips is a good low-fat option another proof that is high in fiber are fruits and vegetables they're also packed full of vitamins and minerals that can help define to these and infections the magic number is five portions of fruit and vege combined a day an example of this would be something like an orange a banana a small glass of juice a handful of berries or grapes or about two tablespoons of salad or vegetables if you're struggling to get up to your 5 a day a good way of incorporating fruit would be maybe a snacks or in desserts tins and canned fruit in its natural syrup counts as dis dried fruit if you're struggling with vegetables try incorporating things like frozen vegetables into soup and maybe stews if you're diabetic your advice is just spread out your intake of fruit through the day as fruit contains natural sugar so just aim for one piece at a time if you can your advice to avoid things like grapefruit and cranberry juice as these can interact with your cardiac medication let's move on to the next style we know that it's important to cut back on saturated or animal fat as this is what pushes of cholesterol and causes weight gain of taking an accent going for lower fat cheese's yogurt and milk overall ensures that you get the protein and calcium that you need but less of the fashion as a guide we're looking for going for three portions of dairy a day this would equate to low-fat milk in cereal something like a low-fat yogurt and a nice of low-fat cheese cheese it should be limited to about once or twice a week given that there are quite high and fat and salt soy and milk and yogurts are a good alternative to dairy as they don't contain saturated fat just make sure that you go for calcium fortified varieties so we've covered the carbohydrates the fruit and the vegetables and the dairy let's move on to the mean fish meat fish eggs are good source of protein which is important for growth repair within the body although meat contains saturation / it also contains iron which is essential for healthy flushes try going for lean cuts of meat and lean mince where possible less than three times a week when buying cuts of meat ask your butcher for a lean cut trim off the excess fat and try and grilled or baked as opposed to fry processed meats like your rashers or sausages or burgers are quite high in fat and salt and are therefore best limited how about oily fish your salmon your mackerel sardines are all good sources of omega-3 fat which have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease white fish is also a good source of protein and it's lower in fat try going for white fish a couple of times a week in terms of eggs the limit is 5 a week and again try and go for poached scrambled as opposed to fried thank you try to include a hundred grams or less than 4 ounces of the Lehman's lean meat or lean protein at your main meal and a couple things is that your smaller real everyday foods that fall into the top shelf of the food pyramid are sources of fat salt and sugar when we're looking at spreads we're aiming to go for either vegetable based either polyunsaturated or mono unsaturated spreads as opposed to saturated fats like your butter vegetable base spreads are generally lower in fat you may have seen cholesterol lowering spreads on the market these have been proven to lower cholesterol that are generally more expensive they're not encouraged if your cholesterol is adequately managed with medication and they're by no means a substitute to healthy dice rapeseed sunflower and olive oils are also a source of fat even though they're not animal-based or saturated they still have an effect on your weight of taken in excess and are therefore best limited in terms of sauces what we're looking for is tomato-based sauces as opposed to say white sauces or cream based sauces in terms of cakes biscuits and chocolates we're aiming to keep these as treats or as a minimum if we can if you're peckish in between meals try to go for things like fruit yogurt popcorn or even fruitcake how about alcohol alcohol can lead to weight gain can increase blood pressure and can damage heart muscles so it's best limited the weekly limit for men is 21 standard drinks and 14 standard drinks for women use diet low-calorie mixers and avoid adding sugary drinks and therefore extra calories some tips for healthier shopping include make a shopping list in advance do not go shopping when you're hungry use the food pyramid as your guide read food labels buy fresh as much as possible and avoid processed and salty foods today we've spoken about diet and heart health with emphasis being on moderation and balance I hope you enjoyed the tour you


  1. omega 3 is best gotten from flax and chia seeds…why are you promoting meat and fish? Have you read Esselstyn and Ornish?

  2. oil and animal foods should be avoided. Please check out Ornish and Esselstyn

  3. I'm going to eat as my grand parents did all the way into there 80s no health problems

  4. Dont cut off the fat that's the healthy part there are actual studies that show this because of the butter argument

  5. I grew up on this diet and most of the people I know that grew up on this has had the heart attack even me it's not healthy

  6. well i am a meateater

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  8. Good information, thank you…

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