Healthy Food Recipes (Super Tasty) | Rasoi Recipe Ep – 6


  1. ये सब अमीरों के चोचले हैं गरीब को कहां मिलेगा ये सब वो तो गेंहू की रोटी में ही खुश है ।

  2. रोहन भाई आज तो फंस गए आंटी बचे हुए बासी खाने चिपका दी । आंटी के बच्चे भी सोचते होंगे कहाँ पैदा हो गए । 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. It’s looking very dry. I don’t know how u were able to eat?

  4. plz subscribe my chanal aacha lage to karo varna mat karna I am farmer boy

  5. My crush😍😍😍🤪🤪🤪🤪🤩😘

  6. One of the best food ever u explore.. I really like very much to eat health food I reset try this recipe… Good luck 😊god bless u

  7. V nyc👌👌,
    Chatore ko gulab jamun to mile nhi😀😀

  8. Bhai intro ka sound itni tez tha ki kaan dard hogye fir saala normal sound low lagna laga. Improve this in the next video.

  9. Wow it really looks delicious… Thank you mam for sharing this recipe… Good job rohan

  10. Hi Rohan bhai 🤗

  11. Aww host is v sweet 2thumbs Dr for yummilious food n great hospitality awesome video bro sab apki pasand ka tha but bohat different n yummy lagraha hai i also love cheese alot 😄 koi potatoes n breadcrumbs use nahi huway phir b yum lagrahay hain keep up the good work bro..

  12. Thank u …now I have an idea 4r my gluten free food

  13. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  14. awesome

  15. 🤩Hey Rohan…I ❤️love ur effort which u have made for the healthy eating people…and also love the recipes of dr.pallavi…..but believe me I was 90 kg 4 years ago…and I have lost 25 kg weight just by doing regular exercise… I started with aerobics 3 yrs ago and I broke my weight from aerobics upto 20 kg then done yoga for 1 yr and now joined gym since 7 months…it's all about being regular to exercise….and I m also a vegetarian…I m not against diet food but it's just that no one can make diet food sply for one person while living a family

  16. Maja aagay Bai yummy very very tasty food

  17. Aaj bahut din Baad aaye bhai

  18. Ohh ohh ohh yes very healthy and active recipes 👌👍😍😘 healthy like video 👍🎥😎

  19. Bhai thoda next time sound better karna

  20. bhai ji ossam paaji love from haryana

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  22. Bhai ko jo pyaar karta hai -1 like

  23. Hi rohan

  24. Bhaii bhot zaandaar video hai

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