what's up guys welcome back today I am in haste kitchens kitchen this is my brother Ian haste he's an incredible chef how are you today mate yeah really really good excited for this I'm glad he turns on the channel today because he's gonna he's going to show up my bad cooking skills but he's also going to teach you guys some awesome little tips today we are doing some healthy food hacks for food prep I'm gonna do boiled eggs I can see why what I have here what you doing buddy I think I've been conned erm Anoka the amount of ingredients I've got going on right who eats chicken rice and vegetables do find it boring generally yeah do light katsu curry he wants to make it 25 minutes yes there we go there's no first rock-paper-scissors don't that's free let's do it on three what would give them behind the back yeah well it is two three one two three yes me okay get ready for this hard-boiled eggs so eggs are an awesome source of protein they're also very cheap but they can be hard to kind of batch cook especially if you want to keep them on a rolling boil like your first egg will go in and your 12th egg will go in the water all be a different temperature so it can be hard to kind of keep track on it so by doing it in our oven it makes it super easy so you're gonna set your oven about 175 degrees and it's going to take roughly 30 minutes but try it out because everyone's oven is different we've got some muffin tins and we're going to pop the eggs in to stop and roll around let's get to it okay so the eggs are in the our ger and we're not really sure what he that is so we're going to check them in 15 minutes in the meantime let's do it katsu curry I'm all on this I'm I'm so up for this it's like one of my favorite things it's the best sauce in the world ramen is I love from wagon bombers but it's about 2,000 calories ago not mine mine's about 290 calories per serving winning let's do this big pan please do right so when you think about traditional curries you think about big heat elements don't you yeah yep for this it's very simple it's like a very very basic curry sauce if you think about chip shop curry sauce love that pretty much exactly the same as to what we would do but obviously a healthier version so for that going to create your stock your basis they use carrots are going to use Apple will use onion garlic then you're going to bring in the element of spice and it's just mild curry powder they did awesome so there's literally nothing nothing bad in it at all no just veg basically raising fruit so if I can ask you chop them in half get the seeds out and you can leave the skin on oh oh my god that knife that's a game-changer hands nice they are incredible so two whole apples we caught it just deseeded straight to the family's bloody and get that to heat then we go in there for whole carrots now it doesn't matter about leaving skin on reason being is you're cooking this stock element then you're going to drain it upwards so you can leave this as a chunky vegetable for a traditional katsu drain out the bed and leaves that lovely sauce behind so going to go in there with four carrots as I say rustic as you like garlic literally love garlic that's it all right just leave a spin on it yeah cuz we're gonna say this is the best way of cooking ever so simple you've got five cloves of garlic going in that's a quite strong you're gonna stink I love garlic one onion right down the center yeah so when you cut an onion you always cut away from that 20 times you can yeah go across once towards the roof again yeah and then we come over the top down okay you flip to the side who knew that cutting an onion could be so technical yet so satisfying that's your bleeder little bleeder it'll bleed that you'll got oil in there please mate yeah got that how much tablespoon a couple of glugs little little bit all right a norfolk phrase glug I think it's universal I thought those are good yeah right spices so we have got not traditional at anywhere till I'm gonna using the couple of teaspoons of garam masala and a couple of teaspoons of plain mild curry powder that is it can you care a masala here yeah I brought it back from India it's amazing yeah you get mostly um supermarkets here now nice so three to four tablespoons for photo curry powders yeah give that good stir around pie smells good already you know it's sweetness to the apple with that mild curry that you can smell it straightaway as cats are dying ya know it was a castle like you cannot you know you say that weird I do love curry I've got to say along with neck skin my favorite food John did ask to do massaman curry today takes about two in our three hours we can do another time do another time because everyone loves a bit massaman curry so how about you come up with your favorite curry comment down below and then we'll create that for you from one of our next videos I love curry and I'm all for that right so flour element before it starts burning we're going to put a little bit of corn flour in there you can use spelt flour whichever flour you want to use that's just gonna be your thickening agent for when you start adding your stock how much do we fit in there the flour do you know what it's really hard to say with this sort of dish but probably about five to six good tablespoons okay cool one tablespoon of soy sauce going in love then we've got a sweet element here so we're gonna go in with two tablespoons of fresh honey nice now before that starts caramelizing and burning I'm gonna start adding our element of stock it's like being at school I mean when they used to make you do this and all you want to do is tip it all in there like know if it's nice and doing muscle good and why's that like so otherwise you're gonna get all the lumps and you want to try and keep that as a thick sauce I like the fact that everyone's on the CS sweating profusely in here we've got our ger which is kicking off heap of fun it's basically it's a kiln I'm nothing more than a human onion right get the eggs out I've already got them already gong so 15 minutes let's find that bit done Ian's got a bowl with cold water it's really important to drop hard-boiled eggs into cold water why is that because you get a horrible yo can you get that Brown sort of like area around the yolk we're overcooks we don't want them so plop them in there why do I get a hot dog haha because your fingers are like asbestos this katsu curry is smelling amazing how long would you leave this to simmer for 25 minutes until the Apple starts to break down pretty much but if you taste that sauce now you can okay I'll still be a little bit like a powdery curry whereas once the Apple starts breaking down and renders into it you get that beautiful sort of like sweetness oh my god that's amazing I love katsu curry as well but I really have it because it is so many calories I know it's a brilliant chicken as well but it's not 2,000 calories and this isn't we're gonna do the breaded chicken anyway hello Tilly open doors at the back end darling dogs just walking around so eggs are cooling down nicely do want to cut one of these open just to show that yes yes let's castrate the little whisker we're like 15 minutes are they done we know they're done cuz we tested once never copied eggshell before it's quite scary I'm quite scared about you kinda Wow that is perfect pop your dick which camera I'm gonna show it to there you go sexy egg camera so that is literally when you turn your oven on at night you're going to be cooking foods you might as well just chuck some eggs in there and what's harder all the point where people fall off their diet is when they're they're stuck for healthy snacks and they go for crisp they go for chocolate because there's nothing ready if you've got some of these in the fridge you're laughing they're portable protein snacks I've got it fell trying to partisan rubbish on it yeah cutting arm of the worst idea ever – good idea whose idea was that my idea the middle that is hotter than some my face is hotter so my standard reporting pan for longer this and have a really hot are go behind the back that's my favorite thing to do on a hot summer's day do you know what else Oh me don't like sarcasm I'm counting the middle of eggs so Chuck them over your top how come a science mouse come from eggs look at me I came from an egg we'll just pan ate the chicken if you do want to see how to it's full recipe chicken included you can head over to Hayes kitchen because Ian has a whole recipe of it I'll put a card up so you can find it let's plate this bad boy up let's go for it right want to pass from that chicken breast over generally just let that drain on a bit kitchen roll back on here right on there so everybody so right mister this slice is a slight angle just fixed on rice yeah I did the rice guys I made it into a little dome yay wash bone little bit chilly on the top now isn't it eventually though I like you can for decorative no you did that to me before you're like John can you please chili top hot can you try it it's just a whole thing in just a mild one it Wow and you know what he did this was like not that funny but not that folded I mean I couldn't what was it was it ghost chili Thai chili yeah it was horrible so it's up to you with the sauce you can see it's nice and thickened now winning at life amazing so white rice a blast might arise people eat right all the time when they're kind of health-conscious just tends to be one of those foods also the same with chicken you don't even have to bread crumbing if you don't want to but just adding some kind of flavor to it just completely changes the meal and there we go it doesn't get much simpler that it's my 25 minute chicken katsu curry homemade sauce super healthy I'm all about that and let's not forget my beautifully well presented bowl of hard-boiled eggs but actually ingenious it's a bit of a game changer I'm going to do that absolutely and we're going to go over to your channel now and we're going to make some Asian fish tacos which will be amazing when you're there guys give Ian subscribe-button some love because you won't regret it the videos are shot so beautifully and for those of us that a little bit more health-conscious it really takes into account maybe things like gluten for people to have issues with that calories and just using real good healthy ingredients you won't regret it make sure you hit the subscribe button and we'll see you over on each channel see you later bye guys


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