hi guys good morning or well was supposed to be a really good morning oh my god I had so many pets for today I told you guys in yesterday so long I was gonna take you guys to the thrift store today with me because I have a bunch of stuff to donate and I also have a bunch of packages that I just packed up from United wardrobe to send out but I woke up this morning and I'm not okay my head feels like it's exploding and this is weird because I never get headaches I rarely ever do and usually if I take aspirin they just blow over but this headache is here to stay I've taken a thousand milligrams of aspirin and it's just still here so and swollen hurts and just I'm just not having the greatest time so my mom is going to take me to this market because I want to get myself a ginger shot because those things just always save me and I just don't have any time and energy to be sick right now I have so many cool videos planned to film for you guys that was gonna feel I was gonna make so much content for you guys today and now I'm on my ass and it's just really really bothering me I just did my makeup my full face which took me a lot it took a lot of effort to put this on i was facetiming a friend while I was doing it to make it a bit easier and just like putting on makeup is the hardest thing when you're feeling really really shitty but I did and now I'm still not capable of going so I feel I it's just I hate it I I'm like I always feel like I need to be productive in a day and I'm just like I'm not annoying me so much but I'm going to get the packages sent one of them actually repackaged in this boohoo bag that I have from an order that I had myself which I want to do that more I'm I want to keep all packaging material that I get from other orders that I place myself and reuse that packaging material to send out my packages with so I don't have to use any new materials so recycling and stuff so yeah we're gonna go through supermarket I'm gonna try and find myself some food that's gonna save my life and then I'm gonna see this afternoon how much work I can get done so I'm going to be at least planning out some videos and maybe filming some if I can get myself to but it's just like I don't want to be like this like Debbie Downer behind a camera like it's like dying and filming a not being enthusiastic about things that I really like to talk about so I just have to see how far I get also I just placed an order with the hey Jem conscious collection oh my freaking God they have such an amazing collection I'm going to show you a little bit of it in a second but I saw this in when I was in Stockholm and in stories but they didn't have an in store so it's like what's happening why is it like outside in their windows but it's like not in their stores like and it turns out it was going online today everything is made out of recycled material so everything's very expensive because of that but the pieces are so freaking beautiful so I just placed an order of a bunch of them and look at this that is 850 euros so that's around like like $900 worth of clothes so I hope I send everything back but I got a few things in different sizes because if you order things online there's just no way of telling if it's gonna fit my mom ordered one as well but there's only five pieces it's like not we didn't order that much but they were just really expensive but I feel like I would much rather have a few really nice consciously made pieces that I wear for years then to buy a bunch of cheap stuff you know I love cheap stuffs well and look at that thing right mark but it just it feels good I feel like it's worth the money because it's conscious so yes getting to the supermarket right now also I'm probably gonna get some cool packages today so that's exciting so um yeah and as I've talked to you guys I feel slightly better now but still I have to take a bit of a rest because otherwise this is going to continue on and I just don't have time for that so I'm gonna try and be as chill as possible and I'll do too much but let me see if I can okay I've got stuff to nurture myself back to the person but I know I am inside so first how this thing's gonna be wait I need to put my seatbelt on I hate beeping cars it's very effective first off I got this juice which is apple juice ginger and lemon it's not as gingery shoddy as I wanted it to be but it's fine I have this one it's called the Green Goddess has a bunch of 75 grams of vegetables in there it's probably gonna taste like ass but it will work and then I have this Italian salad with 150 grams of vegetables in it too so we're good we're gonna eat this I have one of the mailers that I sell female I needed to find the mailbox right they didn't have it they send out packages but you cannot give them just regular mail so we need to fight that then we're going home and then laid out and not get up again so we're done we're over Rick handled okay I just got to my room I put on this sweater that my mom bought it for me when I was like sick or something I don't remember exactly what you bought this for me it's really fluffy nice and I kind of hate cuz it's cheesy that has polka dots but it's kind of also the best thing ever hurt at the same time I thought I would sit down chat with you guys while I eat my health food and then I thought wow this is like a healthy mukbang so that's very fitting you provide a channel now then I don't do any more unhealthy fast food move box because they ruin my relation with food um so posing for my mom I'm like yeah okay let's open this baby up there's a little pocket in here with some dressing which is pesto dressing I love pesto I'll just throw that on there and let's also have a sip of the juice the green goodness I thought it was called the Green Goddess could have been I repeat the green God is here probably oh it smells that's not good is this costume so bad oh my god I'm such a hater of health food so cuz it's it tastes bad but sometimes I do totally understand the whole idea of like mind over matter this is food that is gonna do good for your body it might not taste good but to eat like functionally just a few better look better I get that too but I sometimes when it comes to being vegan and stuff which I was in the past I've thought about it a lot I really honestly feel like for me food is such an enjoyable part of my life like I just really love all the moments experiences and memories that I have of food and how you know it's like a fun it's like a set it's like the taste you know it's like a it's like a experience in your life to like experience all kinds of food and try things and just you know have a good time eating and so I'm just not I I would honestly sacrifice a few years of my life to have all these experiences and you know eat a little bit more unhealthy and just you know enjoy that just as some people want to smoke because they feel like it makes their life better it's still your own choice like I guess it's not the same it's it's like a lot more healthy to smoke than to just like eat I guess not vegan maybe that's not even true I have no idea but it's just like a toys that I make that I enjoy having cool food so much or like Italian parmesan pastas are just so freakin amazing to me that I just I would gladly sacrifice two years of my life do have that however these kinds of things do actually work so much when you're like saying okay let's try him out at this I actually brought a fork upstairs already he disappeared on me so I have to go I'm sorry I got another Fork yesterday same thing happened to eat with a brooch and then another day it was back at the place where I left it again so like it's my room haunted wait tell me hmm is actually good jeweler's what's wrong I don't get food a lot of time like calorie wise I don't understand because this is 215 then I was his other one that I thought was gonna be so much healthier I got a falafel home is when everyone's like 315 like how do I not understand this how do I look at this and feel like that one's probably so much more skinny and it's not understand hmm I've tried a lot of different diets in 5000 whatever but most of time I do feel like for me the whole counting calories thing is just simpler you know a lot of people think it's like obsessive for whatever to be just like basic math and it makes my life so much easier like I don't really have to think about food just of just how much about it okay I have basically mm-hmm and it just kind of gives me more peace of mind and I guess the best lifestyle would use whatever lifestyle keeps you healthy but also gives you like peace of mind hmm is amazing also I do really feel like in my element making mug books to like but the big issue is that which is just the whole usually when it comes to fast food and having that it's just like you crave it so much you're like I need this right now this actually you get from it it's just like no you wanted it you had it but once it starts to become your income and like you know that if you have fast food now you'll make a bunch of money then you start to have fast food but you kind of don't really crave any fast food but you're just forcing yourself to eat it because it makes you money so there's like a whole different type of satisfaction with it so then I ended up just eating fast food way more often than I wanted to and it just became a habit to eat fast food so my entire just like outlook on food and health and everything just got aft up hmm so but I guess if I can make a few of like healthy food hmm my name is better you guys let me know in the comments if you think this is just as enjoyable or maybe as I can on dog this is so good there's like a little pieces of zucchini in it that are so bomb some paprika and then the most relabel just title together so good let me have another drink of actual ass so gross what's the grossest vegetable to you guys my least favorite vegetable ever is celery we call it Lake shell right celery I don't I don't frickin understand celery why do does anyone voluntarily put salary through anything that they eat it's salty it's gross it tastes like murky salty water I don't understand it at all same where it goes for there's just or I don't remember the English name for it oh yeah there's not my first language but to some people it tastes like soap into some people it tastes all wrong to me it tastes like soap I need to take it off all of my food it spoils all my food I hate it so pretty much by the remember it's called you guys will probably let me know in the comments but I don't understand those I'm a big fan of spinach broccoli avocados if that's factual I'm not sure um salads I like vegetables I promise vegetables I'm cool is that you Wilson – my favorite thing with vegetables is hummus hummus is so good hummus gets a lot of credit but I feel like hummus gets a lot of credit from people who are like healthy people but I feel like it should get more credits from people who are not like health people but like because it's just so freakin good like it's like mayo or something it's like so then things have changed in my life that are a small little change but I feel like makes a lot of impact when it comes to being healthier you're losing a bit of weight I don't want to be like triggering or anything but a few changes that I've made is one I drink my coffee black now I put no sugar or creamer in it I get a americano everywhere instead of cappuccinos and I feel like it just because I drink a lot of coffee so it cups use like 250 calories and then americano is zero so if I have two copies a day that saves me 500 calories in drinks and I feel like drinks are such a waste of calories so that's my number one tip get your coffees black start learning to drink your coffees black and number two is my sauces I choose the non fatty sauces for everything so I don't really use Mayo instead I would use like sweet chili because it doesn't have as much fat and now I know there's a lot of debate on it but I personally feel like eating less fat really helps my skin as well it just helps me because it's less tolerant Lee like dense if there's less fat in it there's like a stain on my oh there's not there's a stain on my camera so yeah mmm now what's the limit wait I can really tell it in my face so that's nice no it's actually starting to grow on me it starting to taste better things like this you just have to get through just like throw them in there it's functional food its food to just heal you and not to be good mmm I'm also a big fan of buying juices I'm it's hungry oh this is terrible because making them very expensive hinson was like two gyros if I would have gotten all the ingredients for this apart like loose it would have been more expensive so hmm I also realized that I look a lot better than I feel that is a because I have a lot of makeup on I'm B because my skincare routine how does it on freakin point mmm so I'm going to record a video I was planning on doing that today but probably tomorrow tell you all about it because my skin is glowing the bags under my eyes aren't you in the bad even though I feel like actual death and that's what we need I did tell you a little bit about already and yesterday's long heard of real oh geez this is so good and it's like so much of it as well house is only 250 I don't go it's this stuff this makes it so good so I know that you guys I'm talking about Mayo don't use Mayo as much Dutch people would put me on everything grilled cheese fries what do you guys use your Mayo for I feel like those are good things that you should put that one we just kind of put it on like all the snacks I guess oh my god I had mister watch out was it Tabasco I feel like red bottle was a green cap for the first time a few days ago in a burger place in Stockholm and I I love spicy food I I don't know what happened I don't know what changed in me I used to not like spicy food at all I'm obsessed with spicy food now I put chilli flakes on my avocado toast because otherwise I don't like it anymore like I need spice so I thought Tabasco yeah it's work I'm gonna have this so I just dipped a Friday and ate it and I literally almost died oh my god that stuff is crazy and it's a painful like it hurts your tongue mmm so I feel like I didn't eat it properly you're probably supposed to do it differently but you guys tell me what did I do wrong I need to know okay final bite yes that was so good I actually feel better I'm just gonna wait for all these vegetables to get in my system to work and then hopefully I feel better I'm sorry I wasn't able to take you guys starting today I will do it next in the next one I promise I'm just like choking on vegetables it's like kicking me back in the face already um but I will probably tomorrow or something so um it's still coming I promise I love you guys so much thank you for two also for me atleast if you not already I just posted a new video my feet I've been working on it I'm so proud of it wait I need to actually show you guys how my feet looks right now look at this how cute is that I love it so if you would give me a follow in there that'd be really really nice I love you I'll see you next video bye


  1. It would be nice if you could throw in a fast food mukbang every now and then because I like those videos as well ❤️

  2. Honestly healthy food mukbangs are so much better! When we know that you enjoy the food you’re eating, it makes us as the viewer enjoy the video more!

  3. I love your maukgang talks

  4. veganism is evil. You can have vegan foods (salad pasta etc etc) from time to time, but to ONLY insist on herbs is not balanced. Veganism will kill you physically and mentally.

  5. Als je bij de Starbucks je Americano haalt; probeer een keer een normale zwarte filterkoffie 🙂 het is goedkoper en de smaak is stukken rijker en beter. Een americano is letterlijk twee shots espresso aangevuld met veel heet water. Plus het is goedkoper 🙂

  6. I always wanted you to make these!! I know how you feel about the idea of making mukbang videos on the regular and I totally agree with you on it. But most of your viewers are here for you and not for the McDonald’s burgers, so I totally support the healthy food mukbangs.👌🏻✨

  7. @16:23, Yes stuff ur face like that, deeper and wide

  8. Sounds like you had a migraine!! I have chronic migarines and it is horrible. I get up 4 a day and can have them each day for an entire week. Over the counter meds NEVER work and it sucks. I take the max of ibuprofen and it does nothing. Which is why, I went to my doctor and take meds for it now. I stopped eating meat 14 years ago and honestly, it was the best decision for me. I can't eat high fat foods anymore, since I had gallbladder surgery at 16. Too much unhealthy eating, caused my gallstones. Unhealthy eating will catch up to you! My diet works for me and it makes me happy. I know, it's not for everyone and that's okay with me. Do WHAT is best for you! Do what makes you feel the best and what makes you happy! Because your happiness is important, don't ever forget that!! Don't lose sight of what is important and don't take life too seriously. Treat yourself once and a while. Because that is what life is all about!💜💜💜

  9. Sis your hair is looking so fucking good. Love from California

  10. Cilantro!! There is as genetic disposition to dislike it and I have it too, for the soapy taste.

  11. You're so cute and sweet! Stay true to yourself. I love your evolved content.

  12. I only like your healthy mukbang , it inspires me to eat healthy 🤩

  13. Yes!!!! Healthy mukbangs are awesome! In the US, beautiful salads like that are expensive, so it's just as enjoyable because that kind of meal would be a splurge for me. Salads with green goddess dressing or avocado toast would be awesome too.

  14. Je hoofdpijn kan te maken hebben met je pil die je doorslikt. Als je dan in je stopweek zit kun je migraine krijgen. Dat is tenminste wat ik altijd heb, daarom ben ik gestopt met doorslikken vd pil. Als je die migraine hebt kan je asprine slikken wat je wil maar het gaat niet weg

  15. When I watch mukbangs I don’t care too much what the food is cause I’m mainly watching for the person so I’d love some healthy mukbangs if that is something you want to do

  16. 1 gram of fat has 9 kcal, 1 gram of carbs has 4 kcal and 1 gram of protein also has 4 kcal. A salad could look skinny but has ‘ a lot’ of kcalories because of the fact that there’s more fat in it in comparison with protein and carbs. It actually can be healthier cause simple carbs like a tbs of white sugar might have way less kcalories than a avocado, but the avocado is definitely more nutritious and so healthier

  17. Would love more healthy mukbangs! This was great!

  18. What you were saying about the calories in the different salads – I think it's because some foods are more nutrient dense than others. So the one you thought looked healthier but was more calories was probably a wider variety of nutrients and things. I've heard the term "empty calories" – so fast food is a lot of empty calories with not much nutritional value 🙂

  19. Maybe get some help for an eating disorder? Just a thought

  20. Wow I used to watch you all the time hope you upload more ❤️✌️

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