Healthy Food, Healthy Child

cooking al fresco just part of the daily routine and rural Cambodia things have been this way for years there aren't many homes with an indoor kitchen but some culinary traditions have been causing problems so villages like this being encouraged to change their ways cooking in or outdoors isn't the point that's what goes in the pot and get served up that's the issue these villagers don't need to be taught how to cook but they can learn how to put more nutritious meals on the table for their families there's nothing special about the ingredients over there on the table they're all things which are readily available to rural Cambodians their young more than a million don't a young mother any money this is really a lesson in nutrition and it's particularly relevant to parents of young and children what they ain't between the ages of six months and two years can make an enormous difference to their long-term health and development big belly marketing yarder it's up tonight this men son's name and send me a long time and then men look group admin and 08 12 and one stop to 90 vancouver barber barber that he can learn hi Gordon got soccer give a pump up the main issue in Cambodia is not a lack of food overall diversity of food supply is critical and that's why the increasing the vegetable supply and providing aquaculture input will really help in sense of diversifying the diet and providing the right range of nutrition that will or video a nutritious porridge like this can help a child grow and stay healthy villages were in the habit of feeding their infants watery rice soup which didn't contain the variety of ingredients they needed to thrive vegetables oil and a little protein from fish milk nuts or eggs make the bigger stronger children this little girl used to get sick easily wasn't putting on weight now she's the picture of health all it took was a few tweaks to the family's recipes which go down a treat we've got they've been granted or more some deal from Hampton number ma my mother body and hope my my the bahama port yo buddy it's a gold fountain valley looking bad film up and being them soaking up man per family political am so give our yeah that's don't hear well you're up bag anything that ball p.m. cobalt changing eating habits takes a co-ordinated effort from national government to the smallest villages the nutrition element of the FAO speed security project relies on the cooperation of three different ministries and funding from the European Union from Narvik nahuatl young man young with a young man ha also click on quad quondam a famine financially bankrupt quad not pay me in a casa santa maria UTP up 19 min prior year uncle and buddhism Rebney for Ali to la petite ian bruce okapi blind you from cornell methyl alcohol tobacco and cotton mid-cap repre will they be cooler providing follow-up support and advice is the key to make sure the lesson has learned the cooking classes are put into action the community nutrition promoters are volunteers from the villages taking part in the project and they can advise families on a personal level like just thousands of people seek remand upon mahan reported before en mi tia mannequin our inner core union-tribune roam in under could not working in ketchup Aram cha ma but I didna Peter quat plan could train coming it's all about making the most of what the villagers have already got no special ingredients no food supplements the emphasis is squarely on sustainability and the early signs are very encouraging these children can get a good start from what they eat when they're young they stand the best chance of reaching their mental and physical potential a little extra in the pot could mean a brighter future for the whole country

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