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hello everybody how are you doing I feel like it's been a while that I've done some sort of haul video or like you know grocery haul collected quite a few things over the past week or two so I thought that I would share these things with you a lot of these are kind of like pantry finds if you haven't noticed I'm in a new location and that's because I've moved we've moved actually my boyfriend and I and so it has been so hectic and so crazy especially like a couple weeks ago so I apologize if my uploading has been a little bit more delayed but it's just been really really really busy but everything's starting to slowly settle in which is nice I'm just gonna get on to all of the foods that I have here and that's that one of the first things that I have here is organic red quinoa which is really quite nice I'm a big big fan of quinoa salads so I've got a couple of these this is by the company true roots organic red quinoa it's quite nice I hadn't actually tried red quinoa before because usually I just buy kind of that standard white quinoa but it's not hugely different really in the way of flavor it gives a really nice burgundy color to your salads so versatile I love having quinoa on hand mostly because I will make a big batch of quinoa stored in the fridge and I can add it to salads of chickpeas which is the next item that I got I got some chickpeas this is by Eden Eden organic and I love this company for canned beans and that because they are the lining of the cans bpa-free you know how a lot of canned beans they'll add salt Eden they add kombu seaweed as a way to have that sort of salty way to preserve it instead of being like salt most recently with the chickpeas I have been sauteing them and kind of simmering them down with like a cur huh no to wring them down with a curry spices of some cumin I did some ground mustard seed and like onion and garlic oh so good and just simmer down until the chickpeas nice and soft takes a nice little side for lunch or for dinner love that I also um picked up a box of some crackers and these are Mary's organic crackers or not wheat based this is the Italian herb and they're delicious I also picked up another bottle of my favorite olive oil on the planet this is by Acropolis organics and this is their extra-virgin olive oil very very very good quality company for olive oil they also make balsamic vinegars as well I'd always have olive oil on hand for making up salad dressings and whatever else so I'd also gone I'm really excited about this actually I've got some bread crumbs now these are gluten free bread crumbs by the company weakest wonder and very very simple looks like here so there's rice chickpea fava beans sorghum tapioca and potato starches and there's some sunflower oil some cider vinegar it's pretty simple on this little mixture here but I got them because I want to make my own homemade breading for some roasted chicken so I got I got these and along with that I picked up a bunch of different spices I got this is by celebration herbals and this is just their onion powder I also got some garlic like granules like the garlic powder basically but it's like granules I already put them into a little container but they are organic garlic granules and it's by the company I think splendor garden is the name of the company that makes these herbs here and I also got some paprika which I also put into the little container I love paprika all my freakin goodness you guys I basically been oh my god this is magnetic huh I have been absolutely out of my mind obsessed with potato salad lately just I just can't stop making homemade potato salad it's just so delicious a couple of the things that I add to my potato salad is this peppery can but also these pickles here and these pickles are by bubbies kosher dill pickles non-gmo verified best pickle in America that's what it says they some into little pieces a little bit of pickle juice just love pickles I got some brioche Brent this we sell at the health food store that I work at it's so soft it's like that's a really subtle sweetness to it but it's just so nice with butter so good but it's nice toasted it makes a really delicious french toast I've made that many times it's almond milk in that they smoked kamut is that it's a lot lower in gluten and then like your standard wheat so mousse very similar to eat and that it still does contain gluten but it's not it's just a nice green switch to switch up and kind of try on the topic of bread and butter I picked up I already opened this but this is just some organic butter and a big fan of just good quality grass-fed or you know organic butters I also got some rice noodles by Thai Kitchen and I just really love making homemade Pad Thai so that's what I got these for I also picked up some organic cornstarch never in my life before have I been so in love with cornstarch I made the most delicious gravy the other night I need a pudding the other night like I just this is useful this is a pantry staple he just reminded me that I picked up some baking soda as well and some chocolate chips there by the Camino brand they're Fairtrade already open them because I made some delicious chocolate chip cookies oh they were just delicious these are nice they're organic they're Fairtrade they're also dairy-free which is nice because a lot of chocolate products or chocolate chip products you'll find dairy the sugar that I used for my cookies coz the recipe that I use is one that I used to cook years ago and it just calls for brown sugar but my favorite one of my favorite sweeteners next to raw honey or maple syrup is coconut sugar so this is also what I bought just the other day as well cuz I was out of it and I like it just because uh it just has a really nice flavor kind of a nice caramel sort of rich flavor and it's also more rich in minerals and obviously your standard white refined sugar it's also lower on the glycemic index so it doesn't spike your blood sugar as much as like a regular sugar would I also actually got some raw like unrefined raw cane sugar sugar cubes I got this dish here from the thrift store I'm all about this or I just love thrifty items it was $2.00 I also picked up Wow I picked up way more things and I realized I grabbed a couple bottles of kombucha this is synergy gt's brand and this is the Mackey mojito I really love kombucha it's so refreshing it's nice to have in the afternoon and for those of you may not know kombucha is basically a fermented tea product so it's fizzy it's bubbly it's it's almost like you're drinking like a soda because it has kind of has that carbonated essence to it but it's really rich in good bacteria so that's what I love about kombucha so it's good for the gut and so got a couple of these nice and of the summer but I love the fall they have also basically been on a chocolate milk frenzy so I have here some Jax cocoa this is coconut water with chocolate they add coconut cream into it as well so it's just oh it's so nice just keep them in the fridge they make a nice little chocolaty snack so that's it those are all the things that I got before I go I also did get some avocados recently this is frozen that's why it's all being weird looking and okay I just wanted to tell you guys so I got some avocados and someone had told me once that you can freeze avocados and I remember thinking to myself like oh really like okay like I'll give it a try even though it seemed weird because like it's like so avocados are so fatty so I can't imagine what they would be like if they're frozen and then defrosted whatever it's long story so I had a package of five avocados a couple of them I'm like and what it freeze these ones before they get too soft and ripe froze them thawed went out yesterday it was the worst thing I could have ever done to an avocado it just turned to like Oh meal it was gross did any of you guys freeze your avocados ever like maybe was it too ripe when I had frozen I don't know I've never before frozen avocados I was a little disappointed about it and I love avocado I just love avocado okay so I feel like I'm rambling on a little bit but I am going to go now hope you guys enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up if you did and leave me a comment below and I will see you guys later bye ginger is my favorite way to take it you can just peel it you can grate it juice it of course like I'm going to be showing you in the end of the video


  1. Hi Meghan i’ve been watching your videos this past few weeks.I really like you a lot and love all of your video.😊😊😊

  2. I have a turkish friend who said to me that they use quinoa as bird food in Turkey 😂 He thinks its such a ripoff that they sell it know like an expensive health food. I think you can eat couscous instead better.

  3. love your haul…

  4. I think you need to make videos of all these dishes you're raving about ;P <3

  5. Can we be friends? You are adorable! Love your videos 🙂

  6. what's with the fan fly getting you scared?. Don't start that crap!, Those are your neighbors saying hi, expect flies and moths and birds and all the other inhabitants, including rats to be around soon, checking you two up, so please leave the sides of bread for them outside, add a healthy dose of bird seeds for the birds as well, and if you see a spider or pigeon together, well, consider yourselves truly blessed. beautiful place Meg, best wishes always. no rat poisons ever, if they are a problem, just get rat traps, and drop them off somewhere where they can survive. in your quest for self-awareness, please don't forget humans aren't the only connections that you have to handle, you have to handle the little ones and the bigs to..thank you for the video.

  7. I love your videos, you have such a warm and relaxing personality and it's just great to watch. 🙂
    I'd love to see a recipe video for that potato salad! And the choc chip cookies. 😀

  8. So cute how you discovered the magnets on your spice jars…i think its so you can put them on your fridge. Haha 😉

  9. I'm so proud of you for not consuming said avocado. #salmonellagains
    Great video! Xoxox

  10. you need to make some cooking videos lady! evrrything you mentioned sounded awesome

  11. I'm curious as to where you shop for groceries. I'd like to find more stuff similar to what you buy but I don't know what stores are good.

  12. I am absolutely crazy obsessed with making HUMMUS right now lol I love it so much and so does my toddler! I love adding paprika to it as well 😉 I use arrowroot for gravy instead of cornstarch but arrowroot makes it slightly more "sticky" that cornstarch.

    peel, pit, and dice avocados before freezing!

  13. I always enjoy your videos Meaghan! I cut an avacado in half and scoop the flesh out and put them in little containers to freeze . I have only used them for smoothies! I also have only cut and frozen them when thr avacado is very ripe. , 🙂

  14. post some more recipes! i love them ♥

  15. Thanks for this! I need to try that Kamut bread. My husband is obsessed with French toast, but gluten free bread is a definite no for him. Hoping he will like this!

    I haven't ever tried freezing avocados either, (seems weird to me too lol) but anything I've ever heard/read always mentioned mashing or pureeing first. Maybe that's why you had issues?

  16. yay! love these videos meghan! can you make a video on alleviating pms cramps naturally?

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