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old and most of the bad food I called it bad because some of the things I still can't have that's in here like that sound the dressing but he's gonna need that for his salad that's his vitamins my husband I'm talking about and that's just basically watering Meister that's coconut milk I kept it in that jar ketchup look at this weight anyway so that's pretty much it for the refrigerated side now over here's a little different story now you see this thing blocking I can't push it open anymore because the couch thing I can't open it um but as you can see back there I have my frozen bananas for my smoothies this level right here is just like oh that big old bag back there that's the top tier to our wedding cake so we're gonna be busting that open December and yeah I'll show you guys this door I'm tired that's why I'm sitting now this is what it looks like before I take it out the bag okay guys so I finally got them out so on this side of the counter I decided to get some spinach first of all disclaimer I know you guys are gonna be like where's all the vegetables well I need to go get vegetables at least twice a week they don't last long in the fridge and so I get them and small them out so I bought some baby kale spinach mix I have cucumbers of course my first time I'm never leaving the store without that I have some scallions some organic carrots because you know I'm gonna use it for my smoothies in the morning our ginger ciliary cilantro peppers I'm gonna be jerking some with semi-homemade so I got this and liquid smoke because I do not have any outside grill so I got some liquid smoke I have my mint tea that I drink throughout the day organic maple syrup almond butter that's awesome in a gold mine ciliary that I have over here so race for everything snack juice and smoothies and meals the coconut water is for smoothies the almond milk is for a video up have coming up which is gonna be pretty fun I can't wait to show y'all vinegar of course to wash the meat I got some sambal from the Hong Kong supermarket I have my coconut milk chicken broth ziploc bags because now I have to separate the what I'm about to show y'all I have tons of Anaheim peppers here because I'm I'm not giving my husband sandwiches for work anymore he's gonna I'm gonna make him healthy meals so I'm gonna stuff those and send them off now this is like heaven I love my fruits this is gonna be for eating as well as my smoothies I know fruit has sugar but listen I'm gonna work for me I love fruit I can't have the actual sugar candy cookies so yeah so I have blackberries blueberries smoothies of course ciliary with the apple and the Kiwi that's gonna be like a green smoothie with the spinach I have mango lemon in every single smoothie for better absorption like I said in my other videos on my doctor this is a papaya oranges strawberries so you know I got some good ones you know I got berries all right now I finally to the meat and poultry section over here I have two big salmon fillets that I got from the Hong Kong supermarket I'm gonna separate those out that's why I have these ziplock bag I have to slice those up I have my eggs at four inch cage-free I have chicken my home I had my chicken tenders bonus endless and I had brown turkey which it's gonna go with those peppers I had over there so yeah that's pretty much it and um what I didn't buy was quinoa because I already have quinoa in the house and that's what's gonna go inside of the peppers with the ground turkey are you guys so this is my salmon cleaned up and sliced up so I separate them in serving sub two in each bag so that I'll just melt one bag and you know we both get a steak so yeah and I said this fish alone was like $30 so oh my total bill was $100 about 101 on one or two but basically $100 for every single thing that I bought what I'm gonna do is enjoy but even when I enjoy it I'm gonna use the same damp paper towel to wrap like a week and I'll even eat when I'm I um back to the with my almond butter and some of the awesome gonna go into my uh morning smoothies I'm sorry stretching out his video y'all but I'm at the door now


  1. Great haul

  2. Healthy eating great haul ♥️

  3. Great haul!! Thumbs up!!

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