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who's ready for some good news whoa I'm if every tip location nope let's do it again every table kitchen you guys ready for some good news bearing good news makes me feel happy and I know it will make you happy to Who I am with Sam the CEO and founder of every table thanks for letting me infiltrate your space tell me about every table what is it what he does yeah every table is a healthy grab-and-go restaurant chain that makes healthy food affordable and accessible for everyone so we've got eight locations around Los Angeles some in more affluent communities and some in underserved communities and we bury our prices based on what each community can afford so kale chicken Caesar salad in Brentwood will cost 795 and the same thing in watts will cost five bucks I feel like that's a steal for Brentwood though because I honestly obtained and so you are making healthy food available for people that wouldn't traditionally be able to afford it we've got a food system that basically left huge swaths of communities out right and we think that healthy food is a human right and if we all wanted to figure out this problem how to make it available and affordable we could but we just haven't been and so everything will stepping into the void and saying you know if fast food costs five bucks we'll can you make a salad compact by the bugs and you can just take some mortgage how do you guys keep the prices so low so your standard restaurant is like two thousand square feet it costs a million dollars to build because you got to build a kitchen and everyone and it takes a lot of people to operate for us we have a single central kitchen where every day we make from scratch or meals and then package them in grab-and-go containers and what that means that we can open grab-and-go restaurants that are 700 square feet and only require two people to operate them and can be built for less than $200,000 and because of that cost structure we still have amazing quality ingredients but it's a more efficient structure so you can get meals faster fresher and more affordable oh I like it okay so I'm really into like sharing good news and fun stats shows like we opened our first store in South Los Angeles where per capita income is $13,000 a year and life expectancy is a year's levels and places like bel-air and there's a lot of reasons for that but one of them is food and the lack of healthy food as we were proud to say that we're almost on the verge of selling our millionth meal fun setting these are new I mean 2016 people everywhere want healthy fresh food history so I I knew you guys have a program called pay it forward can you tell me about that yeah so basically every people is about making healthy food accessible for everyone and even though our prices are sometimes as low as five dollars there's people experiencing homelessness that can't afford it and so we have a pay it forward wall in every location where any customer or even fans New York City can buy a meal for someone and we basically put a post-it note on the wall then somebody can come in and grab that post a note and basically use it as cash whatever they got Wow all that gives me chills and how I imagine that's a pretty popular thing I mean we have businesses in New York who buy pay afford meals we have a grandmother in Ohio a meal a day for everybody for years our most generous customers are the customers incompetent that is really really really greatness so I hear I get to go hang out with Chef Zac and see something new think he's working on hey the head chef of every table and you are gonna make a brand new sound great yes we're gonna be making the Thai noodle salad today first you want to cut up these mushrooms so now shards drop this oil for that palate and leave it for about a minute we're going to add our ginger and garlic to it let it go for about a minute so now the glaze is a mix of water sambal a little bit of lime juice some sesame oil and a little bit of salt season these mushrooms through I'm going to let this go on high for about 10-15 minutes until they're nice and tender let's dig in it's not good everybody deserves delicious delicious and healthy and fresh right all away this color like yeah [Laughter] thank you so much chef Zack you're so welcome you think thank you for everything you do I'm happy and now you guys know cuz I got I'm told people where they can find you guys where they can connect you can get all the information you've ever want or need at every table calm okay you guys are intense rounds that's where all the things okay cool all right well thank you very much [Applause]


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