Healthy Food for $1! | Dollar Tree, 99 cent Only Store and H-E-B Haul | #CookieMiller

hey what's up guys welcome back to my channel so I went into Dollar Tree and also the 99 cents only store and I found some really really great healthy items that I want to share with you guys I know one of the number one concerns that I get whenever someone's going to start off on their journey is that eating healthy is too expensive and that is just not true if there's will there's a way so I went to three different stores and I'm going to tell you guys where I got each of these items from all right so let's start off with produce I did find all of my produce at the 99 cents only store so I did get bananas and these were $1.99 whatever you want to call it so yeah I was able to get bananas I also got some really huge huge peppers and these were actually two for a dollar so I got both of these peppers and I mean they're pretty big size peppers so I got these also the cucumbers were two for a dollar or two for 99 cents again this is at the 99 cent only store okay another find there were strawberries and this one was like I was so shocked at this but yeah I got a carton of strawberries for 99 cents and as you can see by that label I hope this is focusing but these are the same exactly the same exact brand that I in the regular store where I go here in Texas something else that I found at $0.99 only store were seasonings I found so many seasonings I will never pay like four or five dollars for seasoning again okay one of the major things that I found was the Himalayan pink salt I was so surprised to find this I hope it's focusing at the 99-cent only store this is something that you would have to usually go to a specialty food store like Whole Foods or sprouts or Trader Joe's so I was super surprised that they have this the other thing I found was paprika and basil leaves so I got both of those $0.99 Egypt and these are really big they're actually seven ounce little containers so that is it for the seasonings now I'm going to show you guys some of the packaged stuff that I got alright starting off I got grits if you know me you know I love to have reached in the morning and so yeah these are the Quaker brand of just a quick little of five-minute instant grits or whatever and these were from the 99 cents only store I also got some mustard which I kind of figured out that this isn't really such a great find I got this one at a 99 cents only store but the Dollar Tree has much larger bottles and so I wish that I would have gotten it there so just a tip if you do have the option to go to either one that I would say go to Dollar Tree for your package stuff and then go to 99 cents only store for like your produce and stuff like that I could not say this Wurster sire worship whatever okay look I got this sauce and again I found out after the fact that this wasn't such a great find because at h-e-b they have the h-e-b brand also for a dollar and it's this size or maybe even a little bit bigger so this wasn't really a great fine but it's still you know what what in case you don't wanna make multiple runs to the store like I did alright one thing I forgot to mention in produce was lemon juice I got this really big container of lemon juice and this one is from the 99 cents only store and back to packaged goods I got chicken broth so these are both butterball they're reduced sodium chicken broth I usually like to get the chicken broth that comes in the resealable container it's like a little a little box because it's just I would never use this much and so it's just a pain to have this sort I also got some banana peppers these are from 99 cents no these were actually from Dollar Tree so these are just a little pickled of banana peppers and I like to put these on my salads or sometimes on sandwiches or really anything I just I love these okay I'm going to move on to my biggest 99 cents only store find and this is so huge for me but it is my beloved topo Chico you guys know especially if you're following me on snapchat on Instagram stories I am like always always after the gym I go to Whole Foods I get my bottle to Pacheco these were 99 cents each this thing is humongous this is a leader this is humongous the one that I usually get from Whole Foods I don't even know how big it is is a tiny little glass bottle and it's like two something a dollar so I actually got three I have another one I have three of these and I won't drink them all at once see like I had a little bit with my dinner last night out of this one so this is going to last me a long time I'm actually going to go back to 99 only store and get some more bottles just in case like this whole thing goes away I need to make sure I have bottles on deck okay also both at Dollar Tree and at the 99-cent only store I found coconut oil cooking spray and olive oil cooking spray so I went ahead and got these if you guys watch my last haul I showed you guys the pan cooking spray that I got that I usually get the coconut oil kind so I went to Dollar Tree and they had the olive oil and they didn't have the coconut oil and then when I ended up at 99 cents only they had the coconut so now I have both and I used one of them last night so yeah now I know you guys are wondering about this stuff over here so let me just say before hand I did not find this stuff at Dollar Tree or $0.99 only store so I just want to kind of show you guys what else I got so I did have to go out of my way to get egg white so I went to h-e-b and I got egg whites and then I also have to get my sugar free ketchup from h-e-b and this is just the Heinz brand or reduced sugar ketchup and then of course my oatmeal so these are the sugar sugar free or reduced sugar no sugar free oatmeal packets and I like to have these in the morning sometimes with my breakfast and so I have to go to the store to get those and I also have to go to the store to get my fat free cheese and you guys saw this in the last haul so um that is it guys I hope that you have enjoyed this video leave a comment below let me know if you shop at either one of these stores or if you plan to go and pick up some healthy items this week and I will see you guys in the next video bye


  1. We have Dollar Trees here in New Orleans, but no 99 cent food stores☹️

  2. We dont have a 99 cent store that sells fresh food we only have dollar tree

  3. Try a non GMO $20 CHALLENGE

  4. I will blow $20 on spices maybe every 6 months when I stock up. But it still doesn't beet the bulk spices sold at the small tiny Indian shops that you will usually find in the little hidden corners of strip malls and small shopping centers. There's one on Flamingo in Vegas worth going to. But the $1 Tree takes coupons so take your pic

  5. I always buy my strawberries and blueberries and asparagus at 99 cents and dollar tree I love dollar tree so obsessed lol tfs have a great weekend

  6. You have really good shopping tips to find things cheaper.. Thank you

  7. We need a 99 cent store here in Florida

  8. WHAT!!! that 99 cent store must been sent down by a higher power,i would love such cheap fruits and vegetables got a dollar tree but no 99 cent only store

  9. Dam you sexy I'm vegan to baby

  10. Do you think they put expired stuff in packages and reseal them and sell as new and fresh?

  11. I wish we have a 99cent store that has produce it be great

  12. Damn! Thanks woman you took the time to post this video

  13. Goodness I need a 99¢ only store in Virginia

  14. Everything which didnt contain animal products was a really good find and really healthy. Chicken Is NOT healthy.

  15. I miss shopping at H.E.B–I am from Temple, Texas…I now live in Norfolk, VA…I'm missimg home right now!

  16. Everything is getting more expensive and 99 cent items are easily accessible and healthier? Smh
    Something doesn't add up.
    These folks are banking on black people and other poor people eating 99 cent fish sandwiches, burgers and candy to shut down their intellect, problem solving skills , reproductive skills and melanin.
    The walking dead will never see it coming. They're too busy as consumers not even understanding the "Soy" is flooded in 90% of the ingredients. The "Soy" of today is not what the Soy that genius, George Washington Carver created 200 yrs ago.

    You are what you eat literally.

    Food for thought

  17. So helpful

  18. freeze the chicken broth in ice cube trays and then bag them

  19. Look for the heinz at Dollar Tree, it doesn't say on the front but if you read the ingredients they also sell the sugar free Heinz.

  20. heb ! I just found your videos. you're in Texas?!

  21. just wondering why the topo Chico? is it a better drink alternative? 🙂

  22. I shop 99 only and Dollar tree. I am very particular about dollar store items. Read the ingredients because a lot of the seasonings have MSG that is horrible for us. I always get that Pink Himalayan Salt love it. I found really awesome Organic Brown Rice Flour at 99 only! They have tons of Annie's organic snacks/cereals for the kiddos at 99 only.

  23. geez i live in a farmland area and some bell peppers are…we have a DT so that will help

  24. man I wish we had a 99 store in Springfield Missouri

  25. lol! I'm in UK – don't live anywhere near Worcestershire but . . . I've seen a few US videos where people try to pronounce Worcestershire. . . it's so funny cos it's actually pronounced 'Wuster'!!! that's how everyone says it here anyway – great video- wish we had dollar try stores over here – we have pound shops but not the same. 😎

  26. I hope the 99 cent only store in Dallas has good stuff like that too I think they are only in California,Arizona,Texas and maybe a couple more States.

  27. We don't have a 99 cent only store or H E B.

  28. Ugh, wish they had a 99cent only store in Central Arkansas!

  29. Dollar Tree is my store wish it was a .99 cent store here n GA

  30. yes thank you

  31. that's great for people that live outside of the NY area. we don't have 99 cents only stores and our Dollar trees isn't that stocked

  32. we dont have that first store in florida

  33. hey cookie, im new. happy new year but i curious, what is toco chico? thx

  34. We need a 99 cent store here!!! Wow Tfs!

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