hey guys it's grace so basically I'm going to be doing a video today talking all about my fitness diet health and watch changed recently because I was going to do a video of like my fitness routine and some healthy snacks and which I've done similar already but then I realized like a lot has changed recently especially within the last six weeks and I wanted to talk to you about something that could really help you because I've basically took up like a program so I wanted to share it with you because I've got a lot of requests recently to do this kind of video but first of all I just want to put a little disclaimer out there to say I know that this topic can be like a really touchy one especially when I'm putting it out there online for other people to sort of judge and have their own opinion on it which is absolutely fine like I totally get that people are gonna have their own opinions on this kind of thing I just want to express what's worked for me and what hasn't if I can help anyone in any way then that is amazing so if you feel happy and you're confident already within your own skin then please feel free to not watch this video I will not be offended in the slightest I literally just want to put this up there and hopefully it can help some people that have been asking just want to start with my background because I've always been like a really active person I've done so many different kinds of sports hobbies light down to dance swimming a horse riding gymnastics martial arts that I've done so many different things so white has never really been an issue for me in that sense but obviously when you do hit a certain age you do as a female especially you do automatically notice a lot of different changes like with your body I just want to talk about that and how if you are feeling unhappy or you just want to sort of tone up and get rid of that stubbornness bit of whatever it is and I've done a lot of different classes at gym I used to go jogging like every single day I've always been slim but then I kind of hit a point where I didn't look how I used to and I've always been up for like a challenge so I want to kind of get that back and so recently I kept seeing all these kind of Body Transformation pictures as you do on Instagram and I was like how like how have they done that and to be honest you always think like you don't you don't believe it but there was a certain girl that I've followed for so long now and her name's Kayla it's science if you don't follow already and you are looking for some inspiration then you totally should because her pictures are pretty amazing I've never wanted to lose weight that is not what I want to do in the slightest I've literally just toned up and in the past six weeks so I took up a program I didn't follow the nutrition guide because I don't want my life to evolve around it too much I didn't want it to be too full-on so I literally just to cut the the training guide and that's exactly what I've done the actual program itself is like three days a week of power walking and then on the other three days you have like them what's it called a Fink grace it's like a circuit training of resistent training and it's like 28 minutes long which doesn't sound a lot at all so it doesn't take up a lot of time in your day you can literally do the workouts in the comfort of your own home which is great because not everyone wants to go to gym and they can find it quite intimidating so yes you can literally do it in the comfort of your own home it takes up 20 minutes 28 minutes of your time which is pretty much nothing you can do it like before work in the morning they are pretty intense but obviously to get the results that you want it is gonna be hard work I guess but yeah so I've been doing it for six weeks now and I can notice the changes within the first two weeks and I was literally like well because I've never come across something that's actually worked and before I carry on I just want to say this is by no means 100% a sponsored video I'm literally sharing with you guys how it changed me and not even to look at but just feeling more confident and yeah it really is like even mentally like it really does help you especially if you're like going for a hard time or you're just looking for something to sort of vent out a bit I definitely recommend it and I'll put all their links for that down below so that you can go and check that out if you like – I would say like my actual diet hasn't changed at all I just eat healthy in moderation I hate the word diet because I don't really ever stick to a diet I don't ever want to have a diet because I don't want my life to evolve around food and fitness that as much as I do love working out and staying in shape like that's just a small portion of my day so it kind of just you know want to get on with other things but yeah so I just help eat healthy with in moderation and I used to drink a lot of tea but now I've changed that so I don't drink tea I just drink green tea and and at first I wasn't too sure but now I'm actually obsessed with it I generally actually do really like it I've completely took normal TR and all the sugar and just have green tea now which is by far better I drink a lot of water in the days I just snack on like fruit nuts cereal bars and then over weekend I just bake cakes and eat pizza obviously but yes so I wouldn't say I have a diet at all I literally just like to eat healthy in moderation and I've took up the guide yeah so I will post a picture now so that you can see my transformation and how it's worked for me and literally every week I just take a picture and I can really see that a change within how my body's toning up I haven't lost no weight and I'm so happy about that because I don't want to lose weight like I said I just literally want to tone up and that is it but yeah so if you are interested like I said all the links for that will be down below and if you do try it out please let me know I would love to see your workout progress throughout the weeks and it'd just be really nice to sort of talk to you guys about it there's a great community of people that are also in the same boats that like I said make sure you follow the Instagram pages that I'll leave down below so that it can give you some inspiration and motivation and so yeah I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it inspires some of you and help some of you in any way shape or form that would be absolutely amazing and I'll catch you next time around so thank you so much for watching this video


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  5. your results are fantastic! I'm currently working on toning up as well, hopefully this'll work for me too!

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  11. I really want to do the workout but my parents don't think it's worth the money :/

  12. Just looked through some old clips and have to say this hair style looks good on u, u should have it again ^_^ <3 hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

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  20. Omg how did u have so muvh change in 2 weeks!? Im on week 4 Nd barely see any change ๐Ÿ™ and i never feel sore in my stomach! Hoe can i make it more effective?

  21. Hey you guys! I have a fitness channel that i'm sure that you would love if you would be so kind to check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Omg , i can so relate to you. Things you have mentioned are what i have been experiecing. ^^ thanks..

  23. Great video, thank you for your positive energy.

    Blessings and Love,

  24. Happy 1000!!!

  25. I have a question. I really want to try Kaylas BBG, I know all the parts to it and what to do with regards to exercise. I started the week with the leg workout, I only managed one circuit because I've had previous injuries. My legs still ache a lot 3 days after so I've not managed to do a run the next day. How do you keep going day after day, because I need to let my muscles recover or I'm in serious pain. Maybe I just need to spend a few weeks strengthening my muscles before I can start?

  26. Hi, Amazing transformation. I bought Kyla's Bikini body bundle and I started it on Monday, I would like to know if you started with the pre-trainning weeks, as I am doing, or straight away into week 1.
    Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

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